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Ford F-150 2011
Really great trip. Picking up and dropping the truck off was very easy! Getting to rent a ford raptor is just plain cool as well
Heath T. - April 28, 2019
Ford Ranger 2008
Jesus and his Ranger are awesome. Would Highly recommend to anyone looking to rent a truck!
Will F. - January 7, 2018
Ford F-150 2012
Great work truck rental and never fails to do exactly what we needed to do. It's a reliable truck and very comfortable. The owner has great communication and the ease of pick up and drop off in my area is excellent. It's my go-to truck rental whatever I need it. Not my first time to read with him and it won't be my last either. Looking forward to the next time I need it.
DANIEL O. - March 18, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
Would rent a car from Olivia again. Great price and very flexible.
Jose P. - May 20, 2019
Ford F-150 2012
Great truck rental and convenient location to my home. It also has a side tool chest and easy to access. Great communication by the owner very convenient pick-up and drop-off highly recommended
DANIEL O. - February 4, 2019
Ford Ranger 2010
Again, amazing truck, awesome MPG and best person to deal with to rent a car! Don’t hesitate!
Peter A. - March 21, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
Moe's truck is fantastic. We come to LA often and always rent a truck. This has been our favourite so far. He was flexible on adding days and and pick up location. Will definitely rent again, thanks! Logan
Logan K. - February 12, 2019
Ford F-150 2012
Bikram was great, and so was his truck! Great rental experience!
Justin K. - October 11, 2018
Ford F-250 Super Duty 2013
Really appreciated the flexibility of hours for car rental and quick communication
Jose P. - May 14, 2019
Ford F-150 2006
Kick a** truck. If you're looking to rent a truck, this is it. Performed flawlessly. Very clean. It was easy communicating with Jonathan. He was very professional. Will definitely rent from him again.
Joseph E. - August 19, 2018
Ford F-150 2016
One of the best car rental service out there
Hussam A. - October 16, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Ken was very professional about the whole renting process and I reccomend him to anyone wanting too rent a car
Zion M. - April 27, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
This is the second time I rent a car from Gavi, and both were great experiences. Gavi is very responsive and helpful and the cars are always well-maintained and in great condition. Wouldn’t rent from anywhere else!
Chadi M. - May 21, 2019
Ford F-150 2016
We highly recommend going too Rick for all your truck rental needs he responds back within 5 too 10 mins tops communication was absolutely amazing Rick gave us great service we will rent from Rick again thank you Rick highly appreciated it
Teejay K. - January 27, 2019
Ford F-150 2015
Will deff be using again! Never again will I use a car rental place
Steve B. - August 28, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Great truck! This rental was perfect for the same haul that I needed. If I need another pick-up, I know where to go! Thanks Michael! 👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻
Roger R. - May 1, 2018
Ford F-150 2015
Very quick and easy process. Picked up and drop off at airport. Definitely would rent a car again. Unfortunately we didn’t get to use the truck as much as we wanted but still was convenient having one.
Dani B. - January 29, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
What a great truck! I normally wouldn’t think to rent a truck but in Hawaii it’s perfect! Would totally recommend! Such a spacious car and the back seats are almost larger than the front row! The entire family of 6 had no problem fitting in. And with the bed of the truck the truck didn’t get dirty as all our beach gear we threw in the bed. Grabbed some blankets and some pillows, huddled in the bed of the truck at the top of Mauna Kea for the best stars I have seen! John was so great to work with! Would absolutely rent this truck again!
Caitlyn S. - February 5, 2019
Ford F-150 2007
This was my first time ever to rent a car and since I was traveling alone I was extremely worried about how to get to a car rental agency to rent a car. I have a bad knee and was also concerned about walking very far. David made this so easy......he was right there as I walked out of the airport and on the return.......right there again! The pickup drove extremely well, was very clean, and well taken care of! Thanks, David, for making it so easy!
Diana B. - March 27, 2018
Ford F-150 2011
Awsemome rental. This was better than any other car rental experience I had. No lines of course, Shay was waiting for me by the truck, welcomed me and took me through everything I had to do. The truck itself doesn’t need any intro as it is a Raptor after all ;-) Shay gets a 6 stars out of five for me.
Edoardo M. - January 7, 2019
Ford F-150 2014
Sean has possibly the nicest truck I've ever driven. Our international flight was a bit delayed and he was totally accommodating through the entire process. First time I've not used a major car rental company and I can say after this experience I will never use those companies again!
Nathan M. - February 2, 2019
Ford Ranger 2009
This truck rental went flawlessly from start to finish. I had never rented a vehicle from Turo before, but the process was so simple and quick. When I saw Paul's pickup, I knew it would be perfect for the minor shifting of things from my home to my storage facility and vice-vera. Paul was very clear with were to get the truck how to get in and find the keys, etc. We live just a few blocks from one another, so finding the truck in the morning was easy. Got in, started it up and off I went to do the errands and box shifting that I had wanted to do today. I was great being able to request the specific times I need it tool It meant that I never felt rushed through the entire day, even though I was attending to some other things that had nothing to do with whether I had a truck. And the truck itself is perfect, it's not some hulking monster that is impossible to park or maneuver where you need it to be, it's maybe the size of a full-sized station wagon (do they even make those any more?). But it's plenty big enough to handle five years of my ex-husbands collected cr*p out of my house. Perfect!
Michael U. - May 20, 2019
Ford F-150 2015
I was in Canada for a ski trip and needed the right wheels, Ravi's truck offered ample space for a family of fours luggage and gear. A similar ride was not available from traditional rent a car companies. I was able to pick-up curbside and drop off with the valet at my airport hotel making logistics a breeze. Thanks mate.
Ian S. - February 25, 2019
Ford F-150 2013
Rick is one of the best hosts to rent a car from through Turo! He is very good with communicating and cares very much for all of his cars. Went to Tahoe in his raptor with no problems. Great, big and spacious truck. Would definently recommend Rick to anybody!
Charlie G. - February 8, 2019
Ford Ranger 2006
Trey has his business down to a science. For a fraction of the cost and hassle of renting a pickup from uhaul ($19.95/day? Ha! I don't think so... ) i was able to rent trey's pickup. I picked up a hot tub in Santa Rosa and had it back in city in about 1/2 a day. A couple of quick texts was all it took. Easy breezy. Trey was quick to respond and truck met all my needs. If you're looking for a car for a black tie dinner, find another. If your moving and need a pick up? Text trey. You have enough other things to worry about. At least the truck rental will be easy.
Coach P. - December 17, 2018
Ford F-150 2011
Best rental experience ever. Kraig's truck was well equipped. Kraig put 5-6 bottle of water, iPhone charging cableI and even included a pack of chewing gum. I love the cold vent seat from his truck, this made my trip stay cool all the time. If you want to rent a truck, this is right guy for you. I will look for Kraig if I need to rent the truck again. 👍👍👍
Cheuki A. - July 18, 2018
Ford Ranger 2006
Jose lemus did amazing job at working with me on short notice of need rent a car but he was very nice and very understanding
Jennifer N. - February 27, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Jeff, who is my friend now is real example why Turo is better then renting car from rental companies, he was super friendly, everything went smooth, I would highly recommend to rent a car from him. And driving his F-150 was great experience! I'm looking forward to rent the car from him again or just visit him to say hi :)
Lukáš D. - December 4, 2018
Ford F-150 2017
Even though I am employed by a major car rental company that owns rental car companies, I have found my first experience has been most gratifying, thanks John... #repeatcustomer
MONROE M. - February 24, 2019
Ford F-150 2010
Truck was parked in the closest spot to the exit. Any closer and it would've been on the baggage carousel. Truck drives beautifully and got 3 guys and all our gear to the mountain. We only got a tiny bit of snow, but no problem for this beast. Really comfortable and easy experience. Better service than any so-called car rental company. Bravo.
Andres C. - January 29, 2018
Ford F-150 2008
First time using Turo and I have to say this was the best car rental experience I have ever had. Becca was a great host. Truck was perfect for our vacation. Ran great and lockable bed cover made suitcase storage easy. Highly recommend...
Marc H. - August 28, 2018
Ford F-150 2010
Luigi was an amazing host, he is very nice and his truck was amazing. Great ride. Truck was clean and ran great. If you want to rent a car or truck go to Luigi, he is a great guy and deserves more than 5 stars. Thanks again Luigi will definitely rent from you again. Take care.
Italo D. - June 29, 2018
Ford F-150 2015
Yesterday I rented out a truck Ford F-150 from Calixto. I needed to tow my car from one place to another. From the first sight I liked my choice. Truck has all the necessary features you will need to tow or transport something. I wanted to make sure it had a hitch and a 2" ball and 2" drop with it, so I texted the owner, who turned out to be a very pleasant and knowledgeable person who explained everything and made sure I had what I need. Upon picking up the vehicle I hit the traffic and was late for the pick up, but Calixto was very flexible and assured me it was no problem. Furthermore, he met me at the truck and showed me all of his awesome tools he had in the cabin of his Ford. The car itself had some upgrades and plus the box of tools made me certain Calixto knows what he's doing. He explained everything in a very nice manner and overall made me think very high of him. The trip was successful, the truck has no problems at all, runs and handles the turns like new. Engine is sufficient enough to tow a couple of thousand pound vehicle. In the metal tool box you can find everything you need for pretty much any trip you will make. The owner and the vehicle totally deserve 5 stars on Turo, and to be honest, I would give them all 10 stars if that was the option. So far, it was the best experience I had with any type of car rentals and I'm very satisfied and definitely use Calixto's F-150 if I have to in the future.
Vitalii C. - April 19, 2019
Ford F-150 2013
Fantastic service. Jim and the truck were waiting for us as we exited the airport. We hopped right in tool care of business and then picked Jim up on the way to the airport. He dropped us off at the front door. Could not have been easier. No lines to stand in, no waiting or rushing. I would highly recommend renting from him again. Jim is a great guy, very personable. We couldn't have been happier. Also it cost less than renting from Avis. so.
Adam P. - May 16, 2019
Ford F-150 2012
Ken's truck was in excellent shape and clearly, very well taken care of. His instructions for pickup and drop-off, while lengthy, are the most organized I've seen and I was actually very impressed by the process he created! He has everything automated and as convenient as possible. Also, for a great rate. I appreciate the truck, bud! I'm sure I'll be renting from you again.
David P. - May 17, 2019
Ford F-150 2012
Ken is truly fantastic, and clearly has an exceptional understanding of all the ins-and-outs of car-share rentals from both ends of the spectrum. His instructions for both implementing and ending your trip are very thorough and direct - perfect for first timers. Very grateful to have found his trucks, and at an incredible price. I'm already in my second one as I'm writing this review for the first
Vini D. - May 17, 2019
Ford F-150 2011
Wow I just rented the raptor and I'm going to tell you what an unbelievable experience I have never been in a truck that had this type of horsepower! thanks I appreciate it, now I just picked up the boxster so I have that for a few days I use every car he has LOL he's the only one you want to deal with I'm telling you that right now.
Timothy S. - May 30, 2019
Ford F-150 2007
Fantastic car to rent from a great host. David was friendly and easy to work with. Truck ran very smooth, would definitely recommend.
Linda X. - June 9, 2019
Ford F-150 2008
Had a fantastic and solid rental experience with Carlos. He communicated quickly and the truck was easy to pick-up and drop-off. The F-150 was very clean and great to use for us to haul some furniture. Nice touch that he provides a few supplies to help with hauls (we brought our own gear so did not need to use). Would highly recommend.
Laura C. - June 2, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
Kayla was super flexible and helpful while renting me her F150 with me making the booking very last minute (8pm the night before). The truck was brand new (literally!) and so much fun to drive while making my life SO MUCH easier (I needed to move some stuff that would otherwise took multiple trips with a car). Thank you again for trusting me with it!
Jiri P. - June 2, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
Reign’s F-150 was exactly what we needed for our trip to Phoenix. The truck was clean and super nice, it fit our family of 4 perfectly! Moses was awesome, he met us right at the door to sky harbor airport and left us the truck because he knew we would want to just get right out of the airport with our young children. He was awesome and easy to contact whenever needed. The return process was easy and rich was super nice. I would definitely rent through Reign again! Wonderful experience, better than any “big” rental car agency we’ve ever used!
Logan C. - June 2, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
Absolutely perfect experience. So flexible and customer oriented. Way above my expectations. I flew in LAX and asked for pick up curbside which they normally don't offer. Understood my situation and made an exception for me coming with 10 luggage cases. Then my flight was delayed - no problem for them. At last I missed seeing the car after it passed the gate twice. So sorry for that. But still so professional and absolutely great doing business with. Looking forward to renting the truck for our family road trip in 2 weeks. Thank You! You were such a great help to us. Couldn't make it without you.
C.E.Kurt H. - June 7, 2019
Ford F-150 2013
Jeremy’s truck was perfect for our family of 5. All three car seats fit perfectly in the back seat and there was plenty of room to spare. The bed topper was also critical in the rainy weather. We had a fantastic experience. Will definitely rent again from Jeremy!!
Richie C. - June 8, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
My first turo experience, carlo an his wife made it awesome so convenient, the Ford raptor was great man it looks great!!!!!!!! Sick truck!! Clean an easy to use, This a Must book truck!!! 🤘🏾
Shaneil S. - May 21, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
Hasmik is amazing! This was the most hassle free rental I have ever dealt with! Hasmik was extremely professional and punctual and his truck has motivated us so much during our trip! Mr.Hasmik was flexible and very polite at all times. :) Thank you for the amazing service! Easy 5/5 stars! Anytime I’m in need of a super awesome rental car, (specially this beautiful Raptor), will contact Hasmik 100%! Thank you!
Stefanie G. - May 23, 2019
Ford F-150 2007
Truck worked great and was enjoyable to drive. Pickup and drop off was quick and easy and Jon was easy to communicate with. The camper shell was very convenient for me to lock cargo in and I thought it was nice touch to have phone chargers and an Aux cord supplied. Would defiantly rent again.
Austin W. - June 2, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
Ramy was easy to communicate with and has best manners - he even helped with the luggage. He explained some need-to-know things about the car and also had important forms printed out and ready in the glove department. Thus check-in and return of the car went very smoothly. The truck is in excellent condition, well maintained and it was a pleasure to drive it. I recommend Ramy and his F-150 to anyone and would rent from him again anytime.
Frank Z. - June 11, 2019
Ford F-150 2016
As a first time Turo user, was a little nervous about using it. But couldn't have been easier. Melvin was easy to reach and communicated all the details to me. Car was left across from Terminal in easy to find location. Beautiful truck, drove great, just what we were looking for. Clearly he cares about it as it was really clean. We wound up leaving a day early so had to drop the truck off before the scheduled time. Reached out to Melvin to make sure that was okay (we paid for the entire time as it was our change, not his) and he handled the change no problem. Couldn't have been easier, and so much better than renting a car from one of the big company's. Will definitely use Turo again (and recommend Melvin to anyone wanting to rent a truck on Kauai.)
Brock M. - October 24, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Great communication, easy pickup and drop off. Absolutely no problem at all, I will never use a generic car rental company again I will always use Turo and michael was a great first impression!
Donovan N. - June 29, 2018
Ford F-150 2015
This was my first time using Turo and if this experience is any indication, I will do it every time I need a car rental. Tony was perfect. Truck was clean and fueled up. He met us exactly where we needed him to and was on time and flexible. The only reason I’d tell you not to rent from him is because I don’t want his truck to be booked when I come back to town. I plan to use him every time I need a truck to go up the mountain for a ski trip.
Matt L. - December 26, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Nathan met me at the airport on short notice when I was in a bind and needed a car. The car rental company that I had a reservation with was oversold and didn’t have any cars left when I arrIved. I am very thankful for his services without them my trip would have been very difficult.
Michela C. - January 23, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
I was on a layover in Kona with my airline and all rental cars were sold out. The hotel van driver told me about Turo so I tried it. It worked out great. John had the truck cleaned and ready at the time promised and everything went perfect. John helped us out by picking us up and dropping us off at the hotel, as well. That saved us time and Uber money! I drive an F-150 back home so it was like driving my own truck. I’d recommend John’s F-150 to anyone who’s in town. It’s a sweet ride! Mahalo John!
Jim A. - February 11, 2019
Ford F-150 2007
I wanted a truck instead of a car because I like seeing farther ahead in traffic. As a bonus I was able to use the trailer hitch to move a boat a few hundred feet to work on it in the shade. Everything was great. It was delivered to me at the airport and on time. I had an early departure and was able to drop it off at a large parking structure which I rather liked. Overall I will use this system in the future for auto rental when needed over the traditional rent a car systems now in place. It was great working with Nicholas.
John C. - July 7, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
John was great and the car was a dream. Perfect for our needs, and John made everything extremely easy and user friendly. Couldn't have been a better experience and so much more friendly and pleasant and faster than normal car rental. Highly recommend!
Aaron K. - April 9, 2018
Ford F-150 2016
Wow! It feels great to support our deployed military!!! What an amazing idea, and kudos to the guys at LUSO for providing this amazing service. Not only was this truck IMMACULATE, but it belongs to a member of our military that is currently deployed. Who knew I could give back to our country by simply renting a vehicle! I will never rent from any other car rental company. Once you experience LUSO's customer service with easy pick-up and drop-off (right at the San Diego airport) and realize that the money you spend on on of their rentals is going directly to support the car payment or financial well being of a deployed member of our U.S. military - you will never rent from anyone else again. Five Stars! Way to go guys!
Sarah R. - January 22, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Rick's Ford Raptor SVT is one of the best trucks you will drive! And Rick has been the best person to work with on Turo! He communicates fast, will show you how to use all the features the truck comes with, and overall great customer service. He also has 2 new Raptors, I got a sneak peak of his 2018 white Raptor and it is crazy! With carbon fiber throughout the cabin, panoramic roof, paddle shifters and a ton more features. I'm definitely renting that one soon as well!
Edgar A. - May 25, 2018
Ford F-150 2005
Working with Henry and driving his Ford F-150 was a pleasure! From the start, Henry was attentive and flexible when it came to picking up the truck, he even went out of his way to start the car before I got there so that the cabin would be nice and toasty versus Massachusetts' freezing negative degree weather. The car's handling was ideal for the icy roads and the integrated remote controlled system allowed us to get the engine started from inside our hotel room! Returning the car was a breeze and Henry's concern for our limited time was very appreciated. I genuinely recommend anyone towards renting Henry's F-150 or any car that he lists for rent, he was successful in providing the best Turo experience possible! Thank you again, Henry!
Francisco B. - January 13, 2018
Ford F-150 2018
My experience renting Rick's truck was perfect. His truck looked and felt brand new. He was on time to drop it off at the airport, and was even flexible to meet us early at the airport at the last minute. What I liked most was that the expectations are clear on his rental page, and when he delivered the vehicle he wasn't overprotective of his truck. I felt like he trusted me right away and after a polite greetings he simply handed off the keys. This is a man running a great business and not someone trying to make ends meet with a car they cannot afford. I will definitely rent from him again.
Mike D. - September 3, 2018
Ford F-150 2018
Host was wonderfully accommodating. Rick knows his trucks and this is definitely the truck to drive up those Tahoe icy roads. Allowed me to drop the car off at the carwash for him to pick up. Always responds to text. RENT THIS AWESOME TRUCK!!!!
Jerry N. - March 24, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
The truck was great. Gavi and his crew made the delivery and drop off very easy. All communication were great and with all that broad selection of cars to pick from will make me definitely rent from him again. Thank you!
Egill G. - March 27, 2019
Ford F-150 2013
Renting Rick's Ford F-150 Raptor was an amazing experience, especially the sound of that awesome V8 exhaust. Rick was extremely helpful and attentive to any questions I had, including how to arrange the pickup/return at the house, what to expect when booking through Turo (an easy process made infinitely more seamless with Rick), his prompt replies (and communication skills in general), his willingness to work around my schedule even on a short term notice, and the reassurance I felt knowing I could reach out to him if I had any questions while renting his Raptor, are all truly indicative of his awesome character and work ethic. I'd absolutely rent from him again the next time a need a luxury truck.
David R. - March 16, 2019
Ford F-150 2013
Extremely friendly I flew in with 2 babies he helped me get my baggage he even put the car seats into the truck for me then helped me get everything back into the airport on the day of departure. I highly recommend him and plan on renting from him every time I come home
Natasha F. - March 28, 2019
Ford F-150 2008
He was able to accommodate with the changes I made. Very polite and truck was great! Definitely will be renting this car again.
Charlene M. - April 3, 2019
Ford F-150 2010
George’s truck was perfect for a family trip to Nashville - it was clean, stylish, and reliable, and easy to pick up and return fairly close to the airport. I will definitely rent from George again if given the opportunity! A couple random notes: an infant (rear facing) car seat fits fine in the middle rear, the carpeted and covered bed works well as a trunk, and the backup camera makes it easy to drive the truck if you’re not used to a car this long. Great experience.
Emmy M. - April 4, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
Amazing trucks both the Ford F-150 and the Raptor . This is my third time renting from David . He is very professional and makes it really easy to pick up and drop off his trucks . I highly recommend renting from him . Honestly I don’t see myself renting trucks from anyone else in the area
Ramon N. - April 15, 2019
Ford F-150 2013
The truck was clean inside and out. Carlos was very pleasant to work with. I would recommend renting this truck.
Arash F. - March 16, 2019
Ford F-150 2011
David’s truck was a blast to drive around! He was super punctual with his drop off and pick up. The truck drove all the way to Ahwahnee and Yosemite Valley multiple times without any issues. I loved spending time driving with the windows down. The big tires on the car made it super easy to get through any terrain that I encountered. The sound system is great and easy to use. I really enjoyed the cabin space in the car. It’s perfect for a group of friends on a trip , or even to make friends and for them all in during your trip :) Definitely worth the rental. I will be contacting David again for my future Yosemite trips!
Nguyen D. - March 18, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
John was only too happy to accomodate our request (Early pickup late drop off from the Airport), it made our 1 day on The Big Island absolutely amazing being able to use such a great truck for the trip, we wen around the entire island in the day with ease, up to Mauna Kea summit, over to Hilo for breakfast then on to the Volcano by lunch time. If you need a great car for your next trip do not hesitate to rent John's Truck its Amazing! I only wish we had these in Australia.
Martin S. - March 23, 2019
Ford F-150 2006
Viktor was very accommodating for our last minute rental. The truck was fueled and ready for pickup as soon as we arrived. We were able to leave our car parked overnight in front of Viktor’s home. The truck was perfect for our needs. It has a long bed which fit everything we were carrying plus an extended cab to store some things out of the elements. It got about 15 mpg highway and drove well. I would not hesitate to recommend renting from Viktor. I do not look forward to moving large objects but it’s nice to have the right tools available to do so affordably.
Paul M. - November 13, 2018
Ford F-150 2017
I had a wonderful time visiting Arizona thanks to Dan and his gorgeous F150. He met me curbside at the airport and I quickly was off to explore. The truck was immaculate and he left his business card with me in case any emergencies came up. The truck is a SuperCrew so, even though it was just me, the was plenty of room for any passengers. I loved the 3.5 turbo engine and the 4x4 capability. I had a lovely experience with Dan and his truck. Next time I’m back in Phoenix, I will be renting from him again.
Paige A. - April 20, 2019
Ford F-150 2017
Had an amazing time renting this Raptor. Carlos was excellent to work with and very flexible with the pick up and drop off. Truck was amazing and made our trip to Zion that much more incredible. I’ll be coming back for more!
Matthew H. - April 20, 2019
Ford F-150 2017
Chris is a very patient and friendly renter and his truck was spotless and well maintained. When you are in Calgary, I highly recommend Chris and his cars as he will definitely not disappoint you!
Melvyn L. - April 25, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
My first time in a truck. It's a show car! I strongly recommend.
Julio B. - May 15, 2019
Ford F-150 2012
Ken is on top of communication, his car was clean and the ease of getting my trip going was super smooth. Would highly recommend him, I would definitely connect with Ken again for his truck.
Kristy W. - May 16, 2019
Ford F-250 Super Duty 2018
Bill was easy to communicate with, and schedule the rental. This truck is a workhorse and can do the job required.
Chris B. - May 14, 2019
Ford F-150 2013
Great renter and great car. All perfect. Will definitely book again with Carlos!!
Michele V. - May 15, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
Great truck. Great renter. The Ford was fantastic.
John R. - May 3, 2019
Ford F-150 2008
2nd rent car from Omid. Same good as before. The truck is awesome.
Larry L. - April 29, 2019
Ford F-150 2013
Ahmad is an awesome renter. He communicated extremely well throughout the process and delivered the truck to the airport on time and in great condition. I would highly recommending renting from him.
Brendan T. - May 19, 2019
Ford F-150 2014
Clean truck and the 8ft bed was perfect for moving a 7 ft couch and other furniture. Thanks Ken for a good rental experience.
Eric W. - May 20, 2019
Ford F-150 2013
I was in need of a vehicle while in between cars and Jeremy's truck worked perfectly. he was able to meet me at my convenience and we had great communication.
NATHAN H. - May 17, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
Rick made the rental process super easy and always responded extremely fast to all my questions. I highly recommend renting from Rick especially if you are looking for cool and practical trucks to rent.
Richard B. - May 16, 2019
Ford F-150 2009
It was very clean! Glad it could be delivered! It was absolutely great to have the extra vehicle while my husband had the rented car.
Audrey G. - May 17, 2019
Ford F-150 2017
Roberto, Thanks for taking such good care of me while I was visiting. I Highly recommend Roberto . The truck drove like a dream. And he was very understanding . Thank you again. Nick
Kool C. - May 29, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
Amazing host. Great truck with no issues whatsoever. I would rent from Aaron again in a heartbeat. Michael.
Michael C. - May 31, 2019
Ford F-150 2007
Truck definitely served its purpose! Very understanding on the delay of pickup which was great!! Had a small hiccup while using it but nothing too major .. i would rent again!
Anndrea T. - June 1, 2019
Ford F-150 2017
Very sweet and kind man. Made sure if I had any question that I could ask him any time about the truck. He checked up on me the next day. I would rent from William again.
Alicia G. - May 30, 2019
Ford F-150 2015
Recently visited the beautiful Boulder area and rented from Dan. His F150 was clean and drove like a dream. My wife asked “you want one now!?” Mind you I already drive a big truck. If I were to buy again I’d definitely buy one as nice as Dans F150. First time using Turo, will definitely do it again!
Ryan B. - June 2, 2019
Ford F-150 2014
Awesome rental. This is our second time renting and it’s always a pleasure. Truck was perfect for what we needed it for and Mark is an excellent host! Will be using this truck again in the future!
Kaitlin W. - June 2, 2019
Ford F-150 2010
This is easily the best experience you could get if you’re looking for a great camper and a pickup truck to guide you through the West Coast! Santiago did everything possible to make our trip memorable and his camper Georgia was such a charm. We would rent it again and again without hesitation. It’s literally the best offer on Turo, but also on all the typical campers rental website. Many thanks Santi! :)
Laurence L. - May 24, 2019