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Toyota is known around the globe for its practical, reliable, and efficient vehicles.

The Japanese brand builds a wide range of sedans, crossovers, vans, and hybrids that offer effective solutions for any driving occasion. No matter the occasion, a Toyota can get the job done, and without fuss.

Explore Toyota rental alternatives here on Turo and drive a Toyota for yourself, or make money by sharing yours.

Hybrid innovation

Toyota helped start the trend that made hybrid cars so popular today. Since the release of the Prius, Toyota hybrid options have expanded across its range, meaning there’s an eco-friendly version of almost all Toyota vehicles.

Budget friendly

Driving a Toyota is a proven way to keep driving costs low. Toyotas are great on gas, simple to maintain, and extremely reliable. This all helps make a Toyota inexpensive to drive, even as the miles add up.

Supreme punctuality

No matter the measure, there’s often a Toyota that’s a leader in its class. Whether it’s interior capacity, fuel efficiency, reliability, or good old bang-for-the buck, driving a Toyota is a smart choice for any occasion.

The smart way to get to where you’re going

Toyota is among the world’s best-selling automakers, and for good reason. With legendary durability, efficiency, and safety, you can drive a Toyota to take you anywhere. For the best Toyota rental alternative, book a Toyota on Turo for venturing out on a road trip or making a quick trip across town.

Top Toyota models

Toyota Tacoma

Most true outdoor adventure heads know that the standard for exploratory pickup trucks is the Toyota Tacoma, and it has been for a long time. Grab a rugged Toyota Tacoma TRD for a worry-free excursion to the mountains, beach, desert, or wherever.

Toyota Highlander

Easy to park, easy to drive, easy to live with — driving a Toyota Highlander is always simple. The midsize SUV can be had with all-wheel drive, as a hybrid, or with downright luxurious interior features.

Toyota Camry

Driving a modern Toyota Camry makes others look and say “That’s a Camry?” Toyota’s added a lot of attractive style — and substance — to the Camry. The Toyota Camry interior is spacious and well-appointed, making it look and feel more expensive than it is.

Average ratings for Toyota (4.8 stars)

Toyota 86 2018
Nice and easy rental. Was using this as an opportunity to test drive a Toyota 86 for an extended time before potentially buying. Thanks to Patricio for providing a solid car.
David R. - June 24, 2019
Toyota Camry 2017
100% best option! Don’t hesitate order here! We rent Toyota Camry 2017 White color, for a month. Car is new, clean and safe. The owner responsible person, he replied for the messages in the next minute. Recommend
Andrii C. - September 8, 2019
Toyota Prius c 2014
Best person to rent a car from!! 😊
Camilia C. - October 10, 2019
Toyota Camry 2018
Best host you could ever rent a car from
David G. - October 3, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2017
Cristina makes car rental seamless.
Tonya T. - August 7, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2007
Best car, best person to rent a car with ever! Any other time I have to rent a car in Colorado it will be with Luis.
Aubree D. - September 25, 2019
Toyota Camry 2007
Great experience, for the price. Cant beat it and will never do typical car rental again.
Max S. - September 28, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2016
Hands down the best and easiest car rental we have ever done!! Many thanks!!
Susan V. - October 13, 2019
Toyota Camry 2016
Brian was very professional and helpful with my car rental experience. Would highly recommend.
Herman H. - October 7, 2019
Toyota Camry 2018
The best way to rent a car! Very thankful for The rental and the extensions.
Dennis S. - October 1, 2019
Toyota Camry 2018
Very helpful great car rental
Jeremy P. - May 25, 2019
Toyota Prius 2005
Super easy, convenient, efficient, great deal! Will rent Ally's Toyota Prius again!
Paul P. - December 31, 2018
Toyota Prius 2007
Great car rental service would rent from Gurpreet again.
Hector D. - August 5, 2019
Toyota Yaris 2012
This was the most painless car rental I’ve ever done.
Matthew B. - August 10, 2019
Toyota Prius 2010
Simple and straightforward car rental. Awesome ride, great comfort, amazing price. We will be back for sure.
Natasha F. - October 15, 2019
Toyota Prius 2007
Will probably never rent a car any other way again. No dealing with car rental counters. Car was ready and waiting as soon as we got off the plane! Great experience.
Augusta S. - May 28, 2019
Toyota Yaris 2015
Great car rental service with no upsell when you pickup your car like most major car rental companies.
William L. - July 5, 2019
Toyota Camry 2014
Best experience ever!!! Easiest car rental
Amanda G. - May 5, 2019
Toyota Yaris 2010
Always pleasure renting with airport car rental
Kamal K. - July 15, 2019
Toyota Prius 2006
If you need to rent a car go automatically to Kevin. Amazing person to do business with !!!
Reajen F. - October 13, 2019
Toyota C-HR 2019
Easy and fast way to rent a car
Cesar P. - August 16, 2019
Toyota Prius 2008
Excellent resource for car rental!
Anthony C. - July 13, 2018
Toyota Corolla 2014
Best car rental experience ever!
Cristina B. - November 13, 2018
Toyota Prius 2010
Consistently reliable car rental! Thanks
Christina L. - February 3, 2019
Toyota Camry 2018
Abdel is a great host . Very professional. I will definitely rent his Toyota Camry again. Thank you
Juan G. - June 7, 2019
Toyota Camry 2006
Renting with Turo was relatively easy and a much better value than going with another car rental company. It made it possible to rent a car during my visit in Texas. Thank you for making it affordable.
Debbie T. - July 2, 2018
Tu Thao
Toyota Yaris 2008
Easy communication with AliZain. Convenient Toyota Yaris car rental; very basic, no frills, but reliable for getting around. Perfect for my needs.
Tu Thao P. - August 11, 2019
Toyota Camry 2016
Made my Car rental experience so easy, it was real easy to work with her when it came to extending the trip.
Andrew R. - September 26, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2018
Mohammad is an awesome human being and I would rent from him before I go to a car rental place ever again!
Krystol M. - October 1, 2019
Toyota Camry 2007
Would highly recommend using Aric for car rental. Convenient, easy to locate, and affordable. Made exploring so much easier to conquer!
Asia H. - October 7, 2019
Toyota Camry 2006
Easy car rental, very great communication :)
Trevor T. - May 11, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2008
Stu is a car rental guru. 🙌🚗
Jon S. - June 12, 2018
Toyota Prius 2012
Thanks for a seamless car rental experience!
Nicolas B. - June 6, 2018
Toyota Prius 2006
Excellent experience! Beats the car rental lines.
Cassie S. - July 16, 2018
Toyota Corolla 2012
straightforward and very easy car rental!
Carlo F. - July 23, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2014
Excellent car and car rental experience.
Elizabeth W. - September 8, 2018
Toyota Corolla 2015
I love renting with car rental Cambridge.
Shavarsh M. - February 15, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2007
So much less hassle than regular car rental. Thank you David.
Peggy T. - August 24, 2019
Toyota Camry 2018
Nothing less than GREAT. I know who to go to for car rental now.
Shawana T. - August 25, 2019
Toyota Camry 2019
Seamless process, way better than traditional car rental companies. Will definitely use them again
Evan T. - August 17, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2018
Easiest car rental I've ever experienced. Fabricio is a professional, I highly recommend dealing with him.
Justin W. - August 8, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2017
Best car rental experience ever. Super easy to work with. Highly recommended!
Clarence B. - August 8, 2019
Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2020
Thanks for the car rental, nice new car and 60+ MPG.
Jeffrey C. - September 3, 2019
Toyota Camry 2016
Great working with Pablo on his car rental
Karan K. - June 16, 2019
Toyota Camry Hybrid 2015
Would definitely recommend Waris for your next car rental!!!!
Kathleen M. - June 14, 2019
Toyota Prius 2009
Reliable, Polite, Flexible, simply the Best Car Rental Experience!
Manuel R. - June 12, 2019
Toyota Yaris 2010
Best choice for a car rental in Hawaii.
Joshua T. - July 21, 2019
Toyota Prius 2012
Super accommodating and kind, thanks for the car rental!
Alina B. - July 8, 2019
Toyota Camry 2017
Corey’s communication was great! It was an easy process. I would totally rent Corey’s Toyota Camry again.
Lacey S. - July 16, 2018
Toyota Corolla 2015
Much faster than my last rental experience at an Fox car rental. Convenient car rental. Ran smoothly. Just be cognizant of parking signs alwhen you return the car.
Janet L. - May 5, 2019
Toyota Camry 2018
Great car. Fantastic rental. Thx
Mark V. - September 11, 2019
Toyota Yaris iA 2017
Lanie was an awesome host! Very communicative, flexible, and friendly! I highly recommend anyone that’s looking to visit Portland to rent a car through her!!!!
Michael M. - September 30, 2019
Lauge Naur
Toyota Yaris 2010
It was a pleasure to rent a car from Jerry. Fast and easy communication and flexible arrangements for pickup and return.
Lauge Naur H. - October 16, 2019
Toyota Prius 2009
Working with Stuart was great. I would definitely rent a car from him again. Enjoyed the Prius. He was very kind and personable.
Donna A. - October 17, 2019
Toyota Camry 2016
Hakimuddin is a great car host, we had a good communication through my 6 weeks car rental period. Car pick up and drop off was easy and his car Toyota Camry 2016 was a good car. I will rent a car from again without hesitation!
Alaz İ. - April 15, 2019
Toyota AYGO 2012
It was great to rent a car from kashif, easy to pick up and drop off
Onur S. - September 12, 2019
Toyota Prius 2011
Awesome host. It was our first trip and we will never use rent a car again!
Daniel E. - July 29, 2019
Toyota Yaris 2014
I will rent a car from Christian when in need of a vehicle..
Troy L. - September 17, 2019
Toyota Camry 2018
Very good person to rent a car from
Kofi A. - May 26, 2019
Toyota AYGO 2018
Great people to rent a car from, would use again.
Mark H. - May 12, 2019
Toyota Yaris 2014
Bout as easy as it gets to rent a car
Andrew H. - July 15, 2019
Toyota Prius 2007
This was the most convenient way to rent a car!!!
Debra B. - July 18, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2016
I would highly recommend Naveen for car rental.
Chibundo A. - March 17, 2019
Toyota Camry 2012
He was a great car rental host. Very amicable & communicable!
Inez M. - April 4, 2019
Toyota Yaris 2007
Purely a leisure trip. Great fun! Car rental made easy!
Jose A. - October 16, 2018
Toyota Prius 2008
Such a better option than traditional car rental. No hassle.
Garrek R. - March 9, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2013
Always a pleasure to rent a car from Pius! This is my third time now, and I’ll likely rent a car from him in the future.
Paul N. - May 26, 2019
Toyota Camry 2011
Recommend Y’s Toyota Camry to anyone looking for an easy convenient and reliable car rental. Responds promptly and is flexible.
Timothy M. - October 31, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2012
Great service, definitely I will use it again instead of paying high prices for car rental companies
Ali A. - July 23, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2016
Very easy and communication was great. So much easier than a traditional car rental. Car was the exact car requested.
Lisa Q. - July 28, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2010
So much better than being shuttled to the car rental location. Work out well for my first time. Thanks Molly!
Terri B. - August 8, 2019
Toyota Camry Hybrid 2008
This was a very positive experience all around, and was less expensive than a regular car rental!! Thanks Thurmond!!👍
Christina H. - August 6, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2016
Car Rental Cambridge made this trip super easy! Convenient pick up and drop off and a clean car!
Vincent L. - August 5, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2018
Very nice car, Denise was very nice and helpful, flexible, everything you could hope for in a car rental!
Cassidy C. - September 1, 2019
Toyota Camry 2011
Perfect first time experience with Turo and Anand and saved a good chunk of money not using the airport car rental. Great communication and flexibility, and not complaints about anything else.
Slater O. - September 30, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2018
This car was perfect for our return to Greenville! It saved us 160$ on a car rental and it was very easy to communicate and work with Bradley. The car was clean and easy to drive.
Abbey A. - October 1, 2019
Toyota Camry 2007
This was easy. Kashif communicated quickly and was flexible. The car ran fine and enabled me to make a family trip without needing to deal with or travel to a car rental agency. I would recommend booking with Kashif again.
Barrett B. - October 8, 2019
Toyota Prius 2010
This was the most easiest car rental ever done. Loved the car, most economical car I've ever driven. Car is well maintained and performs well. Drop off at the airport was quick and without hassle
Vipul K. - September 22, 2019
Toyota Prius 2008
Aleksey's car is a great economical car for trips in and around the bay area. He is a very responsive host and would definitely rent his Toyota Prius again!
Chad B. - April 30, 2019
Toyota Camry 2019
Easiest way to rent a car..One on one interaction was great... Really enjoy dealing with Melissa.
GERVAIS T. - August 12, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2019
The Car is super new. It goes really smooth. Thank you Chris to rent a car for me.
Wonkyu J. - September 11, 2019
Toyota Corolla iM 2018
Wissam and his team were very friendly, professional and flexible. I will definitely rent a car from them again.
Michael S. - September 6, 2019
Toyota Camry 2011
Cheapest way to rent a car for our trip. Thanks.
Lia W. - August 8, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2012
Din is a wonderful person to rent a car from.
Stacy M. - September 1, 2018
Toyota Camry Hybrid 2011
Ross is the best to rent a car from!
Kimberly T. - March 14, 2019
Girish Kumar
Toyota Yaris 2008
ali is a wonderful person to rent a car from...
Girish Kumar R. - April 4, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2015
Hands down, best car rental experience ever. I’m definitely renting from Alex again.
Kauai Q. - May 20, 2019
Toyota Prius 2018
Stand up guy great car rental experience! Would rent again no hesitation.
Alex D. - May 14, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2015
Good communication. Car is in great condition. Better than a car rental company. Personalized service.
Percival T. - July 14, 2019
Toyota Prius 2009
Great car rental experience from beginning to end! I would definitely rent from Daniel again!!\ MMc
Mark M. - July 15, 2019

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