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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
Beautiful Alfa Romeo! Next time I'll try the SUV!
Joseph U. - March 6, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
The Alfa Romeo was a great car and renting with Eliezer was a really enjoyable experience.
Binyomin L. - March 9, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
Great ride with Nick’s Alfa Romeo. Everything was smooth and the car is beautiful.
Ronny S. - July 29, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
These guys were absolutely awesome and punctual. The Alfa Romeo was fantastic. Highly recommend.
William H. - November 5, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2016
Just rented the alfa Romeo 4C from Danny for the 2nd time great experience and a very sporty car💯🔝
Yehuda B. - August 13, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
It was great renting from LUSO. The Alfa Romeo was a fantastic car to drive around in California!
Robert P. - December 27, 2017
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
Romik the love love the red alfa romeo..definitely renting from him again. Thank you romik
Rob M. - September 19, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2018
Amazing car and a must rent. Luso was very professional and punctual. This is the second time I rent this Alfa Romeo 4C from them and it always creates special memories; 1st as a Father's day gift to my dad and second for an entertaining day in the beautiful city of San Diego with my lovely girlfriend. Cheers!
Rodolfo R. - November 13, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
I can’t say enough good things about LUSO and the Alfa Romeo we rented. We’ll definitely be using LUSO again!!
Mike G. - December 18, 2017
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
One of the best experience on Turo and the Alfa Romeo is so much fun to drive!
Meng S. - October 4, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
The Alfa Romeo is amazing, just like Luso customer service and staff , that’s why I keep coming back
Mauricio H. - September 1, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
I'm glad I finally got a chance to rent this Alfa Romeo Giulia. I'd heard so much about them, and this car didn't disappoint. Very stylish and refined....and it looks really great in blue metallic! Thanks again for another great rental experience. I'll be back again soon!
David Y. - May 20, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
As usual, the Alfa Romeo 4C never ceases to impress. An amazing experience and Howard was super nice and accommodating.
Felipe A. - August 12, 2017
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Raj makes the TURO experience a fantastic and professioanlly handled event. His Alfa Romeo Guilia made for an unforgettable weekend.
Mark S. - April 23, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
Jillian is an awesome host. The Alfa Romeo she has is amazing!! Can’t say enough on how accommodating she is!
Jonathon B. - April 23, 2018
Juan Pablo
Alfa Romeo 4C 2018
Love driving the Alfa Romeo 4C, great small sport car, great handling, super clean, Edmund is very responsive and always offering his help.
Juan Pablo T. - November 11, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
Erick and his team are great! Punctual, fast response time and communication is fluid. As for the Alfa Romeo, great car. A+ all the way around.
Maurice L. - August 27, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Alesh was very professional and first class. Made first experience with Turo a great one. The Alfa Romeo was an awesome luxury sports car to drive.
Jose G. - July 3, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Outstanding experience renting from Morgan, and the Alfa Romeo Giulia is a unique vehicle with range of driving options from eco to dynamic. Highly recommend!
Parag G. - July 9, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Jonathan was awesome and his Alfa Romeo is incredible. Everything went smoothly on his end. I definitely recommend renting from him.
Bryan S. - July 11, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
I loved everything about my experience with the Alfa Romeo! Ryan was absolutely wonderful and extremely pleasant! I would definitely rent from him again!
Kayla M. - July 14, 2017
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
The Alfa Romeo 4c was a very fun car to drive. Kevin was super responsive and the car was in great condition.
Nima S. - March 4, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
Alfa Romeo is a fabulous sport car. I had a great experience driving it for 2 days. Guilherme is punctual, responsive, and easy to communicate with.
Mehr P. - March 5, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
LUSO’s Alfa Romeo was an INCREDIBLE car to use for the weekend. It was incredibly comfortable and quite the head turner. And the price was totally fair.
Chad B. - March 19, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Raj was very accommodating, easy to communicate with and flexible. The Alfa Romeo Giulia was awesome. What an exciting car to drive.
Matt R. - April 28, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Great time in the Alfa Romeo. First time actually getting to drive an Alfa. Great experience from Eliezer! Will rent from him again!
Long N. - May 7, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
Dany is an all-around Alfa Romeo enthusiast and definately recommend renting out his brand new Giulia! The 8-Speed transmission coupled with the Dynamic mode (sport driving mode for the Alfa Romeo) adds a whole new level of driving pleasure and has the most amazing quick shift points, as well, with the paddle shifters.
Niminde P. - April 3, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
Nick is a patient and wonderful turo renter. My red alfa Romeo turned heads in LA and traffic was a bit nicer I think. Haha, it was a great time!
Maxwell M. - December 1, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Morgan’s a great guy! Super friendly and very professional. The Alfa Romeo was a a lot of fun too! Thanks so much :)
Catherine S. - August 6, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
After two failed attempts, I finally locked in the Alfa Romeo with Howard... Very quick in responding... Very helpful... Very informed... By far my greatest experience visiting L.A.
Demetrius P. - July 2, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
They were very accommodating and easy to work with. Very beautiful Alfa Romeo. We most definitely recommend them! Thank you again!
Jairo C. - October 17, 2017
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
This is my 2nd rental with Patrick. Pick up and drop off was simple. His Alfa Romeo was exciting to drive. Not a car you see every day so it draws a lot of attention. Thank again Pat.
Matthew M. - August 4, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
Overall great experience in the Alfa Romeo. Really fun car to drive, faster than what you expect. It has the sport package so even better! Interior is really nice as well; definitely recommend. And will be renting with him again.
Eduardo C. - July 2, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
Renting the Alfa Romeo from Eli was an awesome experience! The car was exactly what we needed for our trip. He was very accommodating and pickup and drop off was very easy.
Joshua D. - July 15, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
Do yourself a favor and rent the Alfa Romeo Giulia for your next trip with Luso! This car was the epitome of comfort with a sporty look and feel. The interior provides plush seats and a sleek design, as well as an infotainment system with navigation. You can’t beat this car for the price! Don’t rent through a standard rental company. You’ll be glad you made the switch.
Andy T. - April 15, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
Sergii’s Alfa Romeo is a head turner that’s for sure and is the reason why I rented it from him! Breathtaking car and would definitely love to rent front Sergii again! Very friendly.
Ryan U. - October 1, 2017
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
Amazing car! It was a driving experience like no other and I would rent it again in a heartbeat. Kevin was quick to respond and flexible with my rental. I enjoyed the Alfa Romeo so much!
Ben W. - September 25, 2017
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Matt's Alfa Romeo was just as advertised. Clean and luxurious in every way! This car is definitely a head turner. Would definitely rent from Matt again in the future.
Robert W. - October 31, 2017
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
Such a great experience! Sergii was very professional and took time to show us all of the car’s features. I would highly recommend renting the Alfa Romeo. Plus, it’s a fantastic car to drive. So much fun!!!
Yvette K. - December 15, 2017
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Car was wonderful, very clean. The car is an absolute dream if you are an Alfa Romeo lover! Fast, turns so many heads. You will not regret this rental absolutely perfect. Thanks again Joseph!
Jon M. - February 27, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
The Alfa Romeo Giulia was a great car and Luso's pick up and drop off is so convenient! I highly recommend and I will definitely rent from them again.
Pedro C. - April 10, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2017
Our experience of the Alfa Romeo was incredible. The car turned heads and the rental process, including pick up and delivery—were super easy. We will definitely go with Luso again and tell our friends about it.
Joseph H. - May 31, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
Where to start...First and foremost Jillian was great to communicate with and made my first Turo experience excellent! She was more than accommodating with answering all my questions and very thorough about her vehicles. Upon arrival to rent a car, she went above and beyond to help with facilitating some changes and getting me into her new Alfa Romeo Giulia. Grateful for the extra effort and smooth rental! Now the car......absolutely awesome!!! A blast to drive, extremely comfortable, looks amazing, and overall just a very well done experience by Alfa Romeo! Would definitely rent with Jillian again! Perfect experience! Thank you!!!
Brad P. - March 30, 2018
Alfa Romeo Milano Verde 1988
We had a great time driving Paul’s Alfa Romeo. The car turned heads everywhere we went. A classic car like this should be driven with some TLC but ran like a champ.
Jesse H. - June 22, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
We had a great time in Patrick’s Alfa Romeo. It was fun to drive and it garnered a lot of attention. The car was super clean and had no mechanical issues. Patrick handled the smooth hand off professionally.
Peter L. - July 8, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia is gorgeous small luxury car which is fun drive. The car was well taken care of and overalls LUSO was pleasure to deal with. Excellent service recommend to everyone!
Oleksii K. - July 4, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
I really enjoyed Erick's Alfa Romeo. Was in LA for a couple days, and have been looking to buy one of these. Had an absolute blast. This car is brand new, and has an gorgeous and sporty interior
Padraig L. - July 30, 2018
Meher Prashant
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
The rental made my family’s thanksgiving vacation a wonderful and memorable time, especially Alfa Romeo car made my 2 sons dreams come true!!! Thanks Turo and Luso for making this happen so easily almost effortless! I would rent again and highly recommend!!
Meher Prashant M. - November 27, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Morgan was prompt, polite, and professional! I needed the Alfa Romeo for a conference and he was able to make it happen. The car is so nice and handle well. Every time I come to Denver I am going to rent from Morgan!!!
Alex M. - November 20, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
Great experience. The Alfa Romeo 4c was mint and the entire process was incredibly smooth. Booked last minute (night before with morning pickup) and it couldn't have been an easier process.
Rich B. - October 5, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Robert and his car were AMAZING! He was very flexible and easy with the pick up and drop off! The Alfa Romeo is a beautiful car and we will definitely look up Robert the next time we are in town!
Amy A. - October 24, 2017
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Jonathan was fantastic. He dropped off the car promptly and picked it up from the terminal. His beautiful Alfa Romeo was in perfect running condition and was a joy to drive. Me and my girl friend had a great time.
Bhavishya K. - February 20, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2018
I had a great experience driving this Italian beauty for a few days. The Alfa Romeo 4C drives, handles and sounds great, and gets admiring looks from everyone. Thanks LUSO, for making the rental process go so smoothly too!
David Y. - April 20, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2016
Convenient pickup and drop-off. The Alfa Romeo 4C is an amazing car. Amazing handling, zippy engine, great sounding and a major head turner. I definitely recommend this as an alternative to a Porsche Boxster or Cayman.
David W. - May 1, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2016
The Alfa Romeo was a sweet ride. Tianshuang made it easy for both pick up and return with good communication and punctuality. I would totally rent from him again in the future.
John H. - June 7, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
Had a wonderful renting experience with the Giulia, with an even more wonderful owner. Had a great time chatting about the Alfa Romeo and Italian automotive history in general. Would definitely rent again!
Mike A. - June 10, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
Jason's Alfa Romeo 4C is truly a raw driving experience! It was my first trip with turo but can already tell Jason is one of the best to rent from!
Everett G. - June 5, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2016
I booked Mason's Alfa Romeo 4C for a photoshoot project around Madison. And it turned out amazingly. Mason is friendly, helpful, and very reachable throughout my trip. He responded to all questions I had regarding the 4C in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Mason and definitely rent from him again. Speaking from a car guy's perspective, Mason’s Alfa Romeo 4C is truly an Italian supercar. The ride is like nothing I have experienced before. You simply have to drive it to appreciate it’s incredible performance.
Franklin C. - June 5, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Alesh was super flexible and very professional, but most of all extremely personable and friendly. His Alfa Romeo is a head turner and an incredible driving machine from top to bottom. Excellent experience, would recommend and will use again.
Adam N. - December 17, 2017
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Kyle and Whitney’s service was very easy and Whitney was super friendly. We had a great time using the Alfa Romeo, it was a very smooth drive. Would not hesitate to use their services again.
Thao N. - April 11, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2016
Tianshuang was very easy to work with. I rented his Alfa Romeo 4C as a surprise for my husband for an out of town wedding. My husband loved the surprise! The car was amazing, and we both enjoyed riding in it. Definitely recommend renting one of his cars!
Cheryl S. - August 19, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Renting from GoCurbside was my first experience with Turo but certainly won’t be my last. I enjoyed the Alfa Romeo so much that I extended my reservation numerous times and was graciously accommodated by the hosts. The car was in great shape, and I look forward to trying out some of their other cars soon. Thank you for a stellar experience
Ralph G. - June 29, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2016
Tianhuang’s Alfa Romeo 4C was super fun to drive. It’s like nothing else in this world. Plus it’s a real head turner. People taking photo of this car all the time and wondering what I do for living. I am so glad that I rent this car from him. Tianshuang is very professional and friendly, easy to work with, highly recommended.
Ye W. - June 30, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2016
Fantastic rental and a great experience. Meeting up with Kent and getting all the details about vehicle functions and previous damages before driving was easy. I appreciate his flexibility and accessibility as I had to drop off the car early. The Alfa Romeo 4C is a car worth remember.
Bryan P. - August 13, 2017
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
If you want a top notch experience on Turo, look no further than Michael's singular Alfa Romeo Gulia Quadrifoglio. There is no car in its class remotely more fun to drive. And Michael made the experience even better with his attention to detail, friendliness, and understanding of the car itself. I would recommend renting this amazing car from him to anyone. Bravo!
Paul P. - October 30, 2017
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Shane was fantastic! The whole process was really smooth! The car (Alfa Romeo Giulia) was unbelievable! I look forward to renting from them again when we are down there next! Do yourself a favor and rent from these guys! Thank you!
Kevin K. - January 3, 2018
Clifford Wayne
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
Awesome experience! Sergii is an amazing host. He made everything easy. He was extremely accommodating and professional. I would highly recommend renting from him. The Alfa Romeo 4C is pretty incredible. Very fun and fast car that really turns heads everywhere you go. Spare some time on your trip to really get to enjoy the car. It’s well worth it.
Clifford Wayne G. - February 1, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
This Alfa Romeo 4c is a great fun car! I've been looking into buying one of these Alfa 4c's. I definitely solidified my decision, after having the opportunity to rent Howard's beautiful example. The response time was always excellent, and my only regrets were not renting for a longer period of time. I would definitely love to rent again soon.
Alexander G. - February 23, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
The Alfa Romeo Giulia truly a gem. Appears to look like a super car and the performance is amazing based off a V6. Several compliments on the color and design. This car surprisingly turned several heads. Will definitely rent car again. Thanks Luso for the great experience.
Gabriel M. - March 19, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Eliezer made it very easy to pick up the car and return it to LAX. The Alfa Romeo Giulia was great for a week in LA! Would definitely look to rent the car from Eliezer again if the opportunity came up
John W. - April 22, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
Michael was very professional, and helpful and recommended some great local spots to eat and visit in Los Angeles. The Alfa Romeo was absolutely amazing and fun to drive. Thank you very much for such a great experience. I recommend him to all Turo users!
Guillermo F. - November 18, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Had a fantastic trip to Napa Valley with Rajat's Alfa Romeo Giulia. Car was kept very clean and detailed when picked up. I am in the market currently for the Quadrifolio and this made it the ultimate test drive with so many thumbs up and compliments throughout the trip. Great communication throughout the process even though booking was done less than a week in advance. Will definitely need to check out his other cars on offer soon!
Alejandro Y. - September 24, 2017
Alfa Romeo 4C 2016
Sravya has good collection of cars, especially the alfa romeo 4c spyder was an amazing sports car, i loved every bit of it, the car was well maintained and she is very flexible, i really recommend this car and other cars.
Srinivas K. - August 26, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2016
Mason was an absolute gentleman who provided flexibility and fun in my rental of his Alfa Romeo 4C! I had as much fun driving the 4C, as I did talking about it with so many of the folks who asked questions … it’s certainly a head turner! Is it a Ferrari, is it a Lamborghini? No, it’s my Turo weekend rental! :)
Sandee W. - July 25, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2016
Tiangshuang it’s one of the best host I’ve had so far.! He was flexible with pick up and drop off time. He hand wash the car for me. Really awesome. I love his car. Driving the Alfa Romeo 4C was super fun. Beautiful car. Definitely a head turn one.
Ruben C. - July 25, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
The car is amazing. I’ve driven every Alfa Romeo in the market and this is by far the best. Patrick was really accommodating and easy and communicate with. I wanted to start my trip earlier and Patrick was able to fit me in and even give me a discount for the extra day. The car raised looks everywhere and was really fun to drive. The pick up and return process was smooth and hassle free. I’m going to rent from Patrick from here on out!
Dave M. - November 28, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2016
Enjoyed taking Kent's Alfa Romeo to Monterey. Kent was very enjoyable guy and helpful about how to drive his Alfa, since it was my first time driving that car. The car is a head turner, almost felt like I was a celebrity for the day.
Lourdes L. - July 8, 2017
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Amazing car, amazing experience working with Robert. He'a knowledgable about his vehicles and takes care of them to boot. Having break in time with his Alfa Romeo was both beneficial to me in my field of work and beneficial to the car enthusiast in me. Would recommend Robert to anyone using Turo, very cool guy!
Sean P. - September 21, 2017
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
I had a fantastic time in the Alfa Romeo 4C. It truly feels like a race car for the road! Roger had the car ready when I arrived and it was in immaculate condition (and specification). When back in the US, I will be looking out for the 4C again!
Patrick W. - November 11, 2017
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Rajat is the best - he was very responsive and accepted my request right away. He made the pick up and drop off process for his Alfa Romeo Giulia as streamline as you can get. His Alfa Romero is one of a kind and a blast to drive. Thank you Rajat, hope to rent again soon! Adam
Adam I. - February 26, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
First time using Turo and renting with Luso. Super quick pick up and drop off. Took uber from and back to the airport. The entire process went super smoothly. The blue Alfa Romeo Giulia was amazing to drive and got compliments everywhere I went. Definitely recommend!
Lyndi C. - May 29, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
If your looking for great service, great car and communication well this is your last stop. What a great Turo. The Alfa Romeo was super clean and brand new. Eli was super helpful when when I needed to extend twice. 10 out of 10 . Thank you again.
Gino G. - June 16, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Peter is one the most genuine guys I’ve met. His Alfa is stunning and drives amazingly. He not only took me through the car but gave me pointers when renting cars (take photos of the vehicle, pictures of mileage, gas etc.) The car itself is immaculate and turns heads because of its rare nature on the road. If you want to try a beautiful, smooth, fun car to drive with an even better owner, look no further than Peter and his Alfa Romeo!
Adrien M. - April 22, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
I really enjoyed the Alfa Romeo! Patrick was awesome from start to finish. The pick up and drop off goes off without a hitch. Patrick even ensured throughout that the rental was going well. Even called before drop off to make sure that the rental went well. I rate this rental 5 Stars because it is indicative of the services in which I was provided! Thanks Patrick for your immediate responses and professional services. There aren’t too many like you!
Jerry S. - September 17, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
A truly spectacular experience - as promised by Raul. The Alfa Romeo is a head turner and packs some massive power behind the wheel. Pickup and drop-off was incredibly smooth. I’d recommend Raul’s 4C to anyone looking for a good time around Boston, you won’t walk away disappointed!
Benjamin C. - July 20, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
I rented one of LUSO’s Alfa Romeo Giulias for a long weekend and had a great time! Their location 5min from the airport was super convenient. The car was in great condition, ready, filled up and clean for us to take; very smooth pick-up and return. In terms of communication, the LUSO crew doesn’t seem to check or answer the messages sent through the Turo app, so I just decided to call them whenever I had a question during my rental; the staff is very helpful and made my first Turo rental experience great! I’d rent again from them any time
Marco R. - October 29, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Thomas was a very helpful person to rent a car from, and I can't recommend his Alfa Giulia highly enough. It's a wonderful driver's car, with a lot of power and outstanding roadholding, as we found out in the rural roads in Oregon. It has a very low mileage, despite being a 2017 model, and was in immaculate condition. It should be noted that you can't pick up or drop off the car kerbside at the airport, but have to go into the short term garage to arrange the transfer. This is because the renter has to photograph the car at pick up, to document its condition, and upload these photos into the Turo website. As a stranger to the airport, it did take me some time (30 minutes!) to find the exact location for the pick up and actually get the car. All in all, I thoroughly recommend Thomas and his Alfa Romeo.
Colin K. - October 5, 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017
Very clean, brand new like car. It has some nice touches to it like remote start which showed to be usefully on this weather and the column mounted paddle shifter that reminds about the heritage of Alfa Romeo brand. The way it looks and the fact is a Alfa is going to make you noticed for sure nowadays. Ales was flexible with the time-frames and overall professional host.
Liviu U. - November 17, 2017
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
Alfa Romeo 4C shattered my expectations. It's an amazing car if you're looking to hit the mountain roads. My heart breaks for this car though, because previous users took such bad care of this beautiful car. Currently, the car has multiple visible damages such as rock chips, windshield crack, body damage on front left corner(which David will fix soon), and a few scratches. However, 2-3 feet away from the car for pictures, this is a stunning car. I highly recommend this car if you're a car enthusiast.
Jay J. - July 8, 2018
Alfa Romeo 4C 2015
Renting a great car from another care enthusiast. Sergii is great to deal with and the car was in perfect working order, clean, ready to go! This is THE car for real driving enthusiasts! I love Alfa Romeo and taking this great car out to The Valley of fire is a great experience. This car has no power steering and is a mid-engine car, it is raw and spectacular, just the way I like it. We will be back to rent it again next year from Sergii!
Marcel S. - August 22, 2017