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Presence, power, and precision

A good supercar is an exercise in combining maximum audiovisual drama and giant performance numbers into a cohesive, exciting package. With dazzling design, potent power plants, and thrilling driving performance, McLaren ticks every box on the list.

The British supercar maker produces only the sleekest, most precise modern machines, offering a tempting alternative to the storied Italian marques. Find your McLaren rental alternative here on Turo and sample the supercar lifestyle for yourself.

Dihedral doors

Absurd and imaginative appearance is perhaps the most important element of supercar design, and nothing screams “exotic” like doors that open at wild angles. McLaren’s dihedral doors announce your arrival with perfectly theatrical butterfly-wing action.

Supercar speed

All current McLaren models house ear-splitting twin-turbo V8 engines, which allow these cars to achieve properly laughable acceleration and top speed figures. Plus, McLaren engines are situated right behind the cabin for optimal on-road balance.

Everyday comfort

One of McLaren’s calling cards is its cutting-edge suspension setup, which makes for unusually supple cruising around town. The McLaren 720S’s cross-linked adaptive hydraulic suspension is the latest version, allowing for a cushy ride at low speeds without sacrificing high-speed cornering ability.

Mind-bending modern supercars

McLaren makes insane machines, precisely engineered to perform at astronomical levels in every measurable category. Every piece of technology in a McLaren is the latest and greatest, and works in harmony with the car’s systems to achieve maximum performance. When you drive a McLaren rental alternative, you’re experiencing one of the most advanced vehicles ever made.

Top McLaren models

McLaren 570S

The “baby McLaren” was introduced in 2015 as the entry-level model in McLaren’s Sports Series, but the 562-horsepower McLaren 570S still packs a massive punch. It can also come roofless as the 570S Spider, or in a more comfortable configuration as the 570GT.

McLaren 650S

The 650S replaced the McLaren 12C, carrying over its carbon fiber chassis and 3.8L twin-turbo V8. As you might guess, the 650S’s engine is rated at 650 PS (641 hp) — plenty of grunt for the Ferrari-fighting super sports car.

McLaren 720S

Outside of their exclusive million-dollar hypercars, the 720S is McLaren’s top dog. With 710 horsepower, this sleek, swoopy monster pulls to 60 in 2.9 seconds and can reach a top speed of 212 mph.

Average ratings for McLaren (4.8 stars)

McLaren 650S Spider 2016
Eric’s McLaren 650 S Spider was simply amazing! Eric was an great host! He was always available and the communication was perfect. The McLaren was brand new! The best super car, the paint color was definitely an eye catcher. I highly recommend using Eric & his McLaren when coming to L.A. A+++ Really look forward to renting again from Eric!
Alexander A. - August 7, 2019
McLaren 650S Spider 2016
There’s a reason why Eric is a Super Host on Turo that has a super extensive collection of amazing cars including the McLaren 650S I’m grateful in renting. The transaction was smooth, his people with insurance are a pleasure to deal with, and the delivery to my residence was like clockwork. I’m already eyeing another trip to LA and will definitely be looking for another one of his unique rides! Thanks again for the opportunity Eric!
David C. - August 28, 2019
McLaren 650S Spider 2016
Amazing car and incredibly responsive host! 100% would recommend and rent again!
Jonathan M. - October 1, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
Amazing car to rent. David was beyond friendly and I would definitely rent again from him
John D. - October 6, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
Omg what a ridiculous fantastic car. Amazing experience renting from Rodeo Drive, they made it so easy. Turo is great but when you and renting something like this McLaren you need a person to guide you. The guys at Rodeo we’re like the concierge at the Four Seasons kind of executive service. Exactly what you need to make the trip tip top. If your haven’t driven one of these you are seriously missing out
Reject A. - June 10, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
WOW WOW WOW I've rented the best ferrari's of the world and I have to say this McLaren is just amazing. Not only is the car BRAND NEW and it still has the new car smell it's extremely comfortable. Somehow I managed to go side by side with an Italia on the PCH and we had it. If you were wondering...The McLaren blew the ferrari away. LOVES: -Hard Top Convertible! It's super fast and extremely sexy -Super fast and launch control is the best thing in the world. It's super easy to figure out -Massive head turner. Everybody was taking pictures and staring. Who doesn't love that!? -Impressive handling -JUST SUPER SEXY ALL AROUND!!! CONS: NOTHINGGGGG
Jared O. - March 29, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
Great Nice brand new car, really enjoy the ride, on time and good communication with the host, definitely will rent from him again.
Geraldine M. - August 3, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! 10 star rating. From Start to Finish. Ease of booking. Convenience. Communication. The car was INCREDIBLE! MCLaren did such a beautiful job with this machine and what a head turner. Absolutely Loved it!!!!!!?
Daniel M. - August 18, 2019
Chih Hsiang
McLaren 570S 2019
Eye catching ride. Exciting car, drives like I’m on a track ! Thanks
Chih Hsiang T. - September 19, 2019
McLaren 720S 2018
It was a pleasure renting from Bijan and I would highly recommend him! 10/10.
Alexandre P. - September 24, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
Awesome service car was in great shape and it was a very smooth process
Igor K. - September 30, 2019
McLaren 650S Spider 2016
Was the far far north west side of Los Angela’s but so worth the extra effort great rental experience
Forrest G. - September 26, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
Amazing service and amazing car!
Anthony D. - September 23, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
Great experience as always. Highly recommend Euro Luxury. Great communication and great cars for a great price. Will definitely use again!
Aksana Z. - October 8, 2019
McLaren MP4-12C Spider 2013
Jeff and team were great. I would certainly recommend them to anyone!! First class service and first class cars!!! Thank you for a great weekend!!
Donald M. - September 29, 2019
McLaren 570GT 2017
This car is on another level! So much fun! Smooth transaction with great communication! Will definitely rent again when in town! Thanks guys!
Claude C. - April 13, 2019
McLaren 570S 2018
Very easy to deal with these guys. Very transparent process! And I had an awesome time with the car.
Ricardo J. - May 22, 2019
McLaren 570GT 2017
Amazing car , definitely will rent again
Guangyu L. - May 26, 2019
McLaren 570GT 2017
Matthew and John were incredibly flexible and helpful. The car of course was amazing. Overall a great experience and I’ll definitely be renting again.
Yi W. - July 7, 2019
McLaren 570GT 2017
Matthew was exceptional to deal with. Very flexible, and helpful with car collection and return. The McLaren 570S is an engineering marvel. I feel privileged to have had access to such a machine. Thanks Matthew!
Kale G. - November 12, 2018
McLaren 570GT 2017
This car is so much fun! It’s bright yellow so everyone looks at it, and the exhaust note is pure joy for a car guy like me. Top that all off, Mathew is great to work with. He actually dropped the car off to my hotel. Really seamless through and through and just happy I didn’t end up with a speeding ticket. Will def be renting this next time I’m in the area!
Joseph T. - April 4, 2019
McLaren 570GT 2017
Another successful rental with Matthew. The car was not given clean like last time but it was OK, at least we didn't have to return it clean :) Car was awesome, in fantastic condition. Although I loved it, I rather spend another $300 and try his Ferrari 488 GTB! Will be back again!
Eric K. - March 19, 2019
McLaren 650S Coupe 2015
The Mclaren, Lamborghini, and even the Ferrari were all amazing! The team is so great constantly in communication and flexible considering I was driving from not the closest places. Thank you and will rent again! A+++
Kenneth Y. - January 14, 2019
McLaren 650S Spider 2016
This car was incredible; sporty, clean and like new. Eric replied almost instantly when I had questions. The only thing Eric won’t tell you is, you will get a sore neck after parking it and walking away and turning your head back to look at it every time! So nice!
Dean B. - September 1, 2019
McLaren 570S 2016
Professional and kind. I’ll come back for more business someday
Ferris S. - September 21, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
Great folks with ultra premium cars. These are your guys if oi need a head turner for the weekend.
Rajbir S. - September 9, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
Excellent host very helpful definitely recommend
Major C. - September 23, 2019
McLaren 650S Spider 2016
Great service - nice car - will be back!
Vic G. - August 19, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
THANKS! Perfect trip, great car, great overall experience!
Gene W. - August 20, 2019
McLaren 650S Spider 2016
Booked this car for my wedding day. The car was awesome in photos and cool for my bride and I to drive off in. Eric had great communication and the care drove awesome! Day to remember for sure!
Tarek N. - September 9, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
The car was great and the service was amazing. Really fun car
Andrew K. - April 15, 2019
McLaren 570S 2018
I took a chance on this company and enjoyed everything about my experience - the friendly staff, superb customer service, and great car selection. Thank you for such an amazing experience. I highly recommend this company!
Jannis M. - May 18, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
Great experience. Beautiful and brand new car. Host is responsive and very professional to work with. Couldn't ask for a better time, will definitely return and lease cars through host again! Thank you for the great experience!
Milan R. - June 16, 2019
McLaren 570S 2018
I enjoyed the car. Will definitely use the service again
Kuan-Hsun C. - May 3, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
Easy pick up and return, the car was amazing and all clean inside and out. Friendly and communicative staff would recommend.
Josh F. - May 29, 2019
McLaren 720S 2019
Rented the 720s from Bijan and had a great time. Would rent from him again in the future.
Nicolas T. - May 25, 2019
McLaren 570S 2016
Ali was friend and provide great service. Highly recommend renting from him. Not to mention awesome vehicles....
Paul A. - June 7, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
Amazing vehicle! Had great time in Los Angeles. McLaren is definitely a lot better than all other exotics out there!
Edik A. - July 6, 2019
McLaren 650S Coupe 2015
The car has perfectly met my expectations. Very professional I recommend.
Jonathan T. - September 6, 2018
McLaren 570GT 2017
The 570 is an incredible car, Matthew was flexible and helpful in making it happen.
Conrad M. - November 2, 2018
William M
McLaren 570GT 2017
Everything went smooth and perfect,great people,car was beautiful. Easy and smooth pickup/return.I would recommend to a friend,actually I already have.
William M G. - October 22, 2018
McLaren 570GT 2017
Car was beautiful, super fun to drive around Malibu. Delivered to my door :)
Peter S. - November 4, 2018
McLaren 570GT 2017
Awesome car! Great Service, would recommend!
Yaniv A. - February 24, 2019
McLaren 570GT 2017
I had an amazing experience working with Matthew I will for sure be renting from him again.
Byron C. - March 20, 2019
McLaren 570GT 2017
Great owner! Responsive and punctual. Car was in great shape and clean. Ran like a champ and I had a blast. This car is actually not super hard to drive and worth every penny! Thanks guys! See you next time I’m in LA!
Arvin G. - December 10, 2018
McLaren 570GT 2017
Great experience, good communication, convenient drop off and flexible return. Will rent again.
Charleston S. - December 26, 2018
McLaren 570S 2017
Great quality service, high quality cars, amazing experience ! Highly recommended !
Ronnie D. - January 12, 2019
McLaren 570GT 2017
Seamless pickup/return and the car was impeccable
Philip T. - January 21, 2019
McLaren 570GT 2017
2nd time renting, great experience again.
Charleston S. - January 27, 2019
McLaren 650S Spider 2016
Awesome host! Great experience driving the 650s
Dave W. - August 24, 2019
McLaren 570S 2017
Great service and an absolutely amazing ride.
Jonathan B. - August 11, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
Thank you guys for a really nice work and cooperation
Davud D. - June 16, 2019
McLaren 570GT 2017
Great experience! High quality service!
Michael H. - May 30, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
Incredible machine and incredible experience. Highly recommend!
Behzad H. - May 15, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
Jose was awesome! Very professional and polite.
Lisa D. - May 27, 2019
McLaren 570S 2019
Friendly, welcoming, absolutely terrific and efficient service. Relax and enjoy! You are in great hands!!
Denny C. - June 10, 2019
McLaren 650S 2016
Well managed. Organized. Helpfull.
Jasim O. - August 31, 2018
McLaren 570GT 2017
I had a fantastic first time experience. Matthew was extremely accommodating and friendly. Thank you for sharing your vehicle and making it a memorable day!
Mark D. - October 20, 2018

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