Get a free

Safety inspection

Join the Safety Inspection Pilot Program

Am I eligible?

Right now, only Turo members in the Los Angeles metro area can participate.

What do I do?

Get your car inspected by a certified mechanic, send us your inspection documents, and we’ll reimburse you up to $35.

Why participate?

Not only will you get a free safety inspection (up to $35), but also we’re developing a safety verification badge that will appear on your car page. The badge will help reassure travelers that your car is reliable and in great condition.

Get started

Download the inspection form

Print it out and bring it to your inspection.

Get inspected

You have three inspection avenues to choose from:

On-demand mechanics, right to your door

The best auto service chains

Meineke: Just let the staff know your car is listed on Turo.

Jiffy Lube: Just tell the staff you’re with Turo and give them our fleet account number (#12434790).

Get inspected by an ASE-certified mechanic of your choice.

Vehicle inspection forms from a ridesharing service like Uber or Lyft are perfectly acceptable proof for participation in the program. Just upload your existing form below.

If you recently purchased your car or have an existing maintenance plan with your dealership, go to the dealership for a free inspection.

Turn in your forms

Take a clear photo of your inspection form and your itemized invoice and upload them below.

Get reimbursed and rewarded

We’ll reimburse the inspection cost up to $20 (or $35 with YourMechanic), provided that your car listing is enabled. Once developed, you’ll also get a verification badge for your car page to reassure travelers that your car is safe and ready to hit the road.


How long do inspections take?

Most inspections take 30 minutes or less. Schedule an appointment to save time.

I have a new car — do I need an inspection?

Even if your car is in pristine condition, an inspection helps prove that your car is safe and road-ready.

How long do verification badges last?

Verification badges will last one year; you can renew it each year by getting another inspection.

How many inspections can I get reimbursed?

We reimburse up to one inspection per car each year.

What if I recently had an inspection or maintenance performed?

Visit the mechanic with your receipt and ask them to fill out our inspection form.

What if my car fails inspection?

Most well-maintained cars will pass our inspection process, but if an issue does arise, it’s your decision if, where, and when you’d like to get it fixed. The items we inspect are all critical safety issues, so it’s important to fix any flagged issues for both you and your guests.

Does Turo get paid for referring people to auto shops?

Nope. We partner with these companies to make it easy for you to keep your car healthy and so we can keep our marketplace safe for all our members.

Have more questions?

For any additional questions or assistance, email us at