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Joyrides with a twist

Polaris has long been known for their snowmobiles and ATVs, but they also make one of the most unique and eye-catching road vehicles, the Slingshot. Slotting halfway between a roadster and motorcycle, this open-air three-wheeler offers a whole new take on fun for the unconventional enthusiast.

Book a Polaris to experience the epic adventures and memorable lifetime experiences of three-wheel driving for yourself.


Open-air cruising

With low-slung seats and no doors or roof, the Polaris Slingshot offers a more intimate connection with the road and a more thrilling adventure than more conventional rides.

Striking design

The Slingshot’s body is comprised of sharp, aggressive lines, and is highly customizable from the factory. Everything from the paint to the wheels to the optional attachments can be altered to your taste.

Go-kart agility

Thanks to tidy dimensions, rear-wheel-drive, and modest curb weight, the Polaris Slingshot has natural athleticism baked into its every move.

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Fewer wheels, more fun

The Polaris Slingshot is the perfect ride for zipping around town or carving through scenic routes during your next holiday. Polaris’ off-road vehicles are great for off-road adventures and terrain, but Slingshots booked on Turo are not meant for the trails and should stay on pavement. Bring along your favorite passenger and make some memorable outdoor experiences.

Top Polaris models

purple lines

Polaris Slingshot S

Though the S is the entry-level Slingshot, all models share the same hardware: a lightweight body, rear-wheel-drive, and a standard five-speed manual for the purest driving experience. Those who’d rather not shift can seek out the AutoDrive transmission available on the second-generation Polaris of 2020, which also enjoys a more spirited and high-revving engine.

Polaris Slingshot SL

One step up from the S, the Slingshot SL offers the choice of red or black paint (replacing white), a standard windscreen, a 7” display, a backup camera, and a thumping Rockford-Fosgate sound system.

Polaris Slingshot R

The high-end Slingshot R offers the choice between Stealth Blue paint and a funky two-tone scheme called Sunrise Orange, while also adding standard navigation, Apple CarPlay, a fatter rear wheel & tire, and an extra 25 horsepower, for a total of 203.

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