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Turo will dynamically set your car’s rental price based on market value, location, time of year, and other data sets to maximize your income and boost your listing’s competitiveness. If you prefer, you can manually set your own daily price.


Turo will pay you via direct deposit within five days. You’ll earn 65% to 85% of the trip price, depending on the vehicle protection package you choose. If you have commercial rental insurance to cover you, your car, and your customers and would like to waive vehicle protection provided via Turo, you earn 90% of the trip price.*

“Car owners in the [Turo] program can recoup hundreds of dollars a month to offset car payments, insurance and other costs of ownership.”

The New York Times

“[Turo] is like Airbnb, but for real people’s cars.”


“I’ve made over $12,000 renting out my car and it’s allowed me to live in San Francisco.”

Yahoo! Finance

“You can earn… up to $600 [per month]”


How it works

You’re covered

You’re protected with $1 million in liability insurance, and your car is covered against theft and physical damage, unless you have commercial rental insurance and choose to waive protection provided via Turo for yourself and your customers.*

You’re in control

Set your minimum daily price for trips. Choose a mileage limit and get your car back re-fueled.

It’s totally free to list your car on Turo.
No Monthly Fees, No Buy-in.

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We screen all travelers before allowing them to rent cars in our marketplace.

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From our 24/7 emergency line to tips and tricks to earn more with your car, we’ll be here for you every step of the way.

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