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McLaren rental alternatives

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Top rated McLaren

McLaren 570S 2016 — Car rental alternative in East Brunswick, NJ 08816
McLaren 570S 2016


(22 trips)

All-Star Host

Mclaren 570S 2019 — Car rental alternative in Grapevine, TX 76051
Mclaren 570S 2019


(17 trips)

McLaren 650S Spider 2016 — Car rental alternative in Los Angeles, CA 91304
McLaren 650S Spider 2016


(13 trips)

McLaren 570S 2017 — Car rental alternative in Hialeah, FL 33010
McLaren 570S 2017


(10 trips)

All-Star Host

McLaren 720S 2018 — Car rental alternative in Miami, FL 33166
McLaren 720S 2018


(10 trips)

All-Star Host

McLaren 570S 2018 — Car rental alternative in Sunnyvale, CA 94087
McLaren 570S 2018


(10 trips)


Drive a McLaren

Presence, power, and precision

A good supercar is an exercise in combining maximum audiovisual drama and giant performance numbers into a cohesive, exciting package. With dazzling design, potent power plants, and thrilling driving performance, McLaren ticks every box on the list.

The British supercar maker produces only the sleekest, most precise modern machines, offering a tempting alternative to the storied Italian marques. Find your McLaren rental alternative here on Turo and sample the supercar lifestyle for yourself.


Dihedral doors

Absurd and imaginative appearance is perhaps the most important element of supercar design, and nothing screams “exotic” like doors that open at wild angles. McLaren’s dihedral doors announce your arrival with perfectly theatrical butterfly-wing action.

Supercar speed

All current McLaren models house ear-splitting twin-turbo V8 engines, which allow these cars to achieve properly laughable acceleration and top speed figures. Plus, McLaren engines are situated right behind the cabin for optimal on-road balance.

Everyday comfort

One of McLaren’s calling cards is its cutting-edge suspension setup, which makes for unusually supple cruising around town. The McLaren 720S’s cross-linked adaptive hydraulic suspension is the latest version, allowing for a cushy ride at low speeds without sacrificing high-speed cornering ability.

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Mind-bending modern supercars

McLaren makes insane machines, precisely engineered to perform at astronomical levels in every measurable category. Every piece of technology in a McLaren is the latest and greatest, and works in harmony with the car’s systems to achieve maximum performance. When you drive a McLaren rental alternative, you’re experiencing one of the most advanced vehicles ever made.

Top McLaren models

McLaren 570S

The “baby McLaren” was introduced in 2015 as the entry-level model in McLaren’s Sports Series, but the 562-horsepower McLaren 570S still packs a massive punch. It can also come roofless as the 570S Spider, or in a more comfortable configuration as the 570GT.

McLaren 650S

The 650S replaced the McLaren 12C, carrying over its carbon fiber chassis and 3.8L twin-turbo V8. As you might guess, the 650S’s engine is rated at 650 PS (641 hp) — plenty of grunt for the Ferrari-fighting super sports car.

McLaren 720S

Outside of their exclusive million-dollar hypercars, the 720S is McLaren’s top dog. With 710 horsepower, this sleek, swoopy monster pulls to 60 in 2.9 seconds and can reach a top speed of 212 mph.