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Rent a Bentley

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Drive a Bentley

Luxury cars fit for royalty

Bentley was founded in 1919 and has built legendary luxury cars ever since.

Driving a Bentley is an experience like no other. Comfort is the focus, but power comes in equal measure. The Bentley SUV, sedans, coupes, and convertibles are just as good to drive as they are to be driven in.


Unbelievable engines

Bentley engines are known for being smooth, refined, quiet, and extremely powerful. Bentley V8 and W12 engines produce massive power and torque for rapid acceleration. The combination of Bentley speed and luxury is a driving experience like no other.

Extravagant materials

A Bentley interior is pure opulence. Nearly everything is leather, wood, or metal, with hardly any plastic to be found. Anything you touch, down to the dials for volume or temperature, are carefully made by Bentley craftspeople. Bentleys cost a lot, but that’s because they’re expensive to make.

Chauffeur luxury

Driving a Bentley is a memorable experience — but so is being driven in one. The back seat of a Bentley is designed to be as comfortable as possible, with plush materials, lots of legroom, and optional features like a champagne refrigerator or massaging seats. Being chauffeured in a Bentley is a perfect way to arrive at a wedding, party, or any special occasion.

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Drive like a boss

Owning a Bentley is usually reserved for royalty, celebrities, and businesspeople. Now, you can book a Bentley on Turo and find out how the 1% drives. Instead of a normal rental car, get a Bentley rental alternative on Turo when you want a red carpet entrance or magnificent weekend drive.

Top Bentley models

purple lines

Bentley Continental GT

With a combination of luxury, style, and performance, it’s no surprise the Continental GT is the most popular Bentley model. The Continental GT interior represents modern British luxury, and the amazing Bentley sound system is the best way to listen to your favorite music.

Bentley Continental GTC

Everything that makes the Continental GT great, minus the roof. The Bentley Continental GTC lets you enjoy the world around you, plus every other Continental GT feature. A convertible Bentley is a great way to see — and be seen — whether cruising on the highway or through downtown.

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley’s first SUV combines legendary luxury with daily drivability. The Bentayga SUV borrows its styling from the Continental GT, but has four doors and a large trunk to make it far more practical and usable. Book a Bentley Bentayga with a few friends to have an unforgettable motoring experience.

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