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Rent a Ferrari

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Drive a Ferrari

The pinnacle in supercar performance

Ferrari is renowned for their exotic sports cars that blend signature sophistication and unsurpassed speed. A leader in exclusive luxury models, each Ferrari is crafted with a powerful race-developed engine and sleek Italian-designed bodywork — plus everything else that makes for a joyful driving experience.

Experience exotic performance on your trip and get behind the wheel of a Ferrari on Turo.


Pure sports car style

Sure, Ferraris can go fast — like, really fast — but there’s more to driving a Ferrari than reaching speeds you’ve never felt. Ferrari's grand tourers and flagship models never disappoint because they’re polished with impressive refinements inside and out.

Insane aerodynamics

Powerful engines are just the beginning. Ferrari’s engineers are masters at using air to go faster — adding vents, scoops, wings, and spoilers that make these exotic cars stick to the ground.

Paddle shift transmission

Feel the response and precision of a Ferrari’s signature transmission. The paddles behind the steering wheel fire off lightning-fast upshifts and downshifts, providing complete control wherever you go.

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Feel supercar speed

A Ferrari is incredible from the outside, but becomes even more so from the driver’s seat. Instead of a traditional rental car, find a Ferrari on Turo for a truly unforgettable entrance, or take it on your favorite backroad. Drive a Ferrari and experience the pinnacle in supercar performance.

Top Ferrari models

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Ferrari 488 GTB

With a twin-turbo V8 engine, active aerodynamics, and adaptive suspension, the Ferrari 488 GTB features everything the brand knows about building the finest supercars. These features and more give the Ferrari 488 GTB extreme performance whether accelerating, braking, or carving through corners.

Ferrari Portofino

Bring others along for the experience in this four-seat grand tourer, though everyone will want to ride up front. That’s where the hearty twin-turbo V8 engine sits — and where the adventure begins.

Ferrari Roma

Add a nostalgic exotic car flair to your next road trip with retro Ferrari styling and remarkably high levels of driver comfort and driver usability for something so glamorous. Around town or on road trips, the twin-turbo V8 makes an entrance every time you arrive.

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