posted on June 15, 2020

Survey reveals changing travel habits

As the world starts to recover from the impacts of the coronavirus, people are returning to their regularly scheduled programming with a new perspective. Shelter-in-place ordinances and physical distancing practices have significantly altered how we socialize, work, shop, and especially, how we travel.

It’s no secret that people are looking forward to hitting the road once again, so, to get a deeper sense of how people are thinking about their summer travels, we surveyed over 1,200 guests who used Turo after March 15, 2020.

In this uncertain climate, car travel figures to be the most relied-on mode of transportation, leading folks from around the travel industry to dub this summer “the summer of the road trip.” The freedom and nostalgia of the road trip offer warm flashes of hope, hope of discovering new places and of seeing family and friends again. Even short day trips promise fresh sights and sounds. Though we’ll have to wait a little longer for some forms of entertainment, the open road beckons with the real possibility of escaping once more.

See the enhanced safety measures Turo and Turo hosts are taking to provide safe access to clean and disinfected cars to whoever needs them.