Baron Wilton

by Baron Wilton

posted on April 30, 2024

 Infiniti’s Nissan’s newest SUV is electric

Tesla, Rivian, Lucid, Fisker. New car brands are busy competing to create the most exciting, heart-pumping electric cars the world has ever seen. But what about veteran brands? Nissan may not be producing the most potent electric cars, but it brought one of the first compelling and widely adopted electric cars to market with the LEAF. Its EV sequel may have taken 12 years and is not perfect, but the Nissan ARIYA is an all-new electric crossover that is best at being itself — a fantastic car. Let’s take a look into Joon’s Empower+ trim of the 2023 Nissan ARIYA, our April car of the month.

2023 Nissan ARIYA
87 kWh238 hp7.2 sec103 mph289 mi$50
87 kWh238 hp7.2 sec103 mph289 mi$50

Nissan’s Tochigi Plant in Japan is responsible for the brand’s most progressive and innovative vehicles, including favorites like the GT-R, Skyline, and Z performance coupes. The ARIYA joins this elite list on its own assembly line, built in symbiosis by autonomous robots and human engineers. The result is a high-quality build structure — a stark comparison with Tesla’s Model Y — and cost savings passed directly onto the customers.

The ARIYA comes in many flavors with multiple trims and two battery sizes, 63 kWh and 87 kWH. Joon’s Empower+ model has the larger battery pack, offering 238 hp of front-wheel driving for up to 289 miles of range. The mid-sized SUV accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds, and can charge to 80% in 40 minutes at a DC fast charging station. Although this charging time is almost double that of Ford’s Mach-E or Chevy’s electric Blazer, the ARIYA is not positioned to win you over on the spec sheet. Instead, it’s an insanely comfortable commuter with the most premium interior offered on any Nissan or its competitors.

Joon’s ARIYA is draped in stunning Passion Red, which quickly sold out and has not returned to the Tochigi assembly line since. The handsome SUV also wears aerodynamic 19-inch blade rims and has pixelated matrix headlights to increase visibility on the road ahead and not blind the eyes of passing vehicles. 

Stepping inside Joon’s ARIYA, you are greeted with high-pile floor mats and a black leather-wrapped interior. Zero gravity seats help reduce fatigue and ensure better posture for long drives and heated front and rear seats keep all passengers warm. A sweeping digital display houses both the dashboard and wireless smartphone interfaces, and in the windshield is a heads-up display for driving directions or important notifications. Plus, the driver has a completely buttonless interior. Rather, glowing icons can be found in the black wooden panels and pressed with haptic feedback.

These aren’t features you’d typically find on a Nissan. Such a minimalistic and luxurious interior may be familiar for Lucid or Porsche drivers. Yet, underneath this premium leather and digitized displays is a smooth, responsive ride that feels like you stepped inside Nissan’s luxury brand: Infiniti.

Sure, the ARIYA isn’t going to win any awards on the track. But, it makes an excellent road trip or errands companion with a super quiet ride, plushy suspension, and instant torque from its electric motor. The battery is situated horizontally across the bottom of the car, keeping it sticky around corners and adding extra headroom for vertically gifted passengers. Nissan also equipped its EV with its Pro Pilot 2.0 technology, which offers decent hands-free driving, semi-autonomous cruise control, and surround view parking. And of course one-pedal driving is available when it’s time to take control of the drive.

The ARIYA may not be the flashiest, most outlandish electric car on the streets. But it gets the job done, reaping the benefits of highly discerning Nissan engineering and innovation. Joon’s sparkly red ARIYA is available to book today in the greater Los Angeles metro area.

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Baron Wilton

Baron Wilton

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