posted on August 18, 2017


Last year, the City of Angels had its sixth consecutive year of record-breaking growth, welcoming more than 47 million visitors in 2016. From its natural beauty and warm weather to its status as the epicenter of entertainment and pop culture, it’s easy to see why Los Angeles is a popular destination for so many travelers. The greater LA area is also infamous for its sprawl and traffic that has fueled both a necessity for wheels and a rich car culture in the daily lives of Angelenos and visitors alike.

Tim’s Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Naturally, LA’s epic tourism and car-crazy ways have proven to be the perfect match for Turo. With tens of thousands of hosts and cars listed, the LA market is Turo’s largest. In 2016, the sum of host earnings in the greater LA area was more than the number two, three, and four market earnings combined! This year will be another blockbuster too as trips in the area are already pacing to more than double last year’s trips. Following up on conversations from last night’s community party, we analyzed local data to provide some insight into what makes Lalaland a star. 

                                     Jeremy’s Porsche 365 Replica

California dreamin’

The majority of searches in the LA area are pretty predictable — most folks are looking for a nice car to enjoy the weather and ride in style. Searches for cars in the “Elite” category make up about a third of searches by category, followed closely by “Convertibles” (about 18%) and “Fast and fun” (about 15%). However, the most common search filter in the area is of a particular make. Used in approximately 20% of all searches in the area, the make filter is used nearly twice as often as other markets. Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are popular makes but BMW takes the cake, being searched for more than twice as often as other popular makes.

Ilia’s BMW 428i SULEV

Searches by map make up only about 12% of all searches, much less than in Turo’s more dense and urban markets. Since LA has a car centric disposition and is a major tourism hub, the majority of drivers are travelers from out of town. 

Which cars make it past the casting call?

As in most markets, reliable daily drivers like Toyota (the most booked make in LA) end up capturing the most reservations. However, unlike most markets, the strong demand for BMW and Mercedes-Benz is matched with a proportionate amount of bookings as the second and fourth most-booked makes in the LA area, respectively. 

Imtiaz’s Chevrolet Corvette Z06 3LZ

Trip types and seasonality  

With pleasant weather year-round, the LA market is pretty much always in high season. Small spikes in demand peak around holidays, particularly in the summer months. Last month was the market’s best month ever and August is pacing to finish just as strong.

Since the majority of renters are out-of-town travelers, the trips tend to be a bit longer than the typical weekend jaunts. The average trip length in the last year was 4.9 days, and, like the market’s seasonality, the trip durations tend not to fluctuate much throughout the year.

Ekaterina’s Jeep Wrangler

Walk of fame

Travelers like them, they really like them! These veteran hosts have been dazzling their travelers for a year or more:

  1. Veteran host Ekaterina has been building up a fleet of primarily Jeeps and Dodges since 2015 and has hosted 3,839 trips to date.
  2. With a perfect 5-star rating and 2,819 trips under his belt, Eric has been delighting travelers with his daily drivers located near LAX for just over a year now, making him the newest owner to top this list.
  3. Tony has hosted over 2,000 trips with his army of upscale cars in the West Hollywood area and has since added a few practical daily drivers into the mix as well.

Rising stars

Representing the new kids on the block that hosted their first trip less than a year ago, these hosts are on the rise:  

  1. Joining the community at the end of last year, Joseph is already approaching his 1,000th trip in his fleet of cool cars all priced under $60/day.
  2. From Kia to Tesla, Burri has got them all! He’s maintained a perfect 5-star rating since hosting his first trip just under a year ago.
  3. Curtis has gotten rave reviews from his hundreds of guests that appreciate his swift delivery to LAX and local recommendations around the LA area.


Chris is the Community Manager at Turo. He’s a proud father to three rescue dogs and has become immune to jet lag in all his travels (or maybe it’s just the coffee).