Andre Haddad

by Andre Haddad

posted on September 24, 2018

Peer-to-peer car sharing is here

Today, we’re delighted to announce Turo now offers full peer-to-peer service across the United Kingdom. Following our peer-to-peer launch in Canada in 2016, the UK marks our fourth country with the full peer-to-peer marketplace, another huge step towards achieving our vision of ensuring that wherever you are, you can find the perfect vehicle for your next adventure from a trusted Turo host.

We’re excited to build on the wonderful success we’ve had in the UK since our Commercial Host program launched there in 2016. With over 50,000 people in the UK already signed up for Turo, our peer-to-peer marketplace will better serve our fast-growing global community by bringing an even more diverse pool of vehicles to both Brits and visitors.

We’ve been working very hard to expand our services in the UK to meet demand — the UK is our most-searched-for destination outside North America, and British guests in the US and Canada represent our largest portion of international travelers. And now with this service expansion, we are thrilled to welcome all British car owners and travelers to join our car sharing community.

Turo is very proud to be leaders in car sharing in the United Kingdom, a place that has historically been at the forefront of the evolution of transportation and holds an important place in the automotive world. From its technological innovations to its legendary brands, Britain has always been a pioneer in pushing the possibilities of the automobile, and we expect British travelers will resonate with the enhanced guest experience and greater freedom Turo provides over traditional car rental.

Additionally, guests and hosts in the UK are covered with a range of protection packages from our world-class insurance partner Allianz, in keeping with our commitment to providing our community with flexible insurance options.

This is another tremendous milestone for Turo — our expansion in the UK means big things for our community and the sharing economy at large. We couldn’t be more pleased to invite you to join us in pursuing our goal of putting the world’s one billion cars to better use.

Whether you’re going out for a special night or hitting the countryside for a weekend trip, be sure that you’ll be able to find the perfect car for the occasion on Turo. Check out this commercial our London team put together to spread the word and celebrate our expansion in the UK!

Andre Haddad

Andre Haddad

Andre is the Turo CEO and a true car enthusiast. After many years in the consumer web space, he combines his passion for cars, technology, and the environment each day at Turo as he works to put the world’s one billion cars to better use.

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