Xavier Collins

by Xavier Collins

posted on November 3, 2018

Turo is an amazing way for car owners to offset the steep costs of owning and maintaining their vehicles, and it’s an equally amazing platform for guests to find a cool, well priced car for any occasion. Now that Turo has opened its doors to car owners in the UK, here are some tips to make the most of sharing your car by creating a 5-star customer experience and optimising your earning potential.

Shoot for “Top host” status

Top hosts on Turo take the time to give their guests a truly wonderful experience. These hosts create listings that are accurate, informative, and attractive, like Neill’s Jaguar XE. They endeavour to accommodate every request, offer quick responses to guest queries, and go above and beyond to create a 5-star experience for their guests.

To qualify for “Top host” status in the UK, hosts must meet the following performance thresholds, putting them into the very top tier of Turo hosts worldwide.

To cultivate strong hosting standards as we build our host community in the UK, the Turo UK team is excited to offer exclusive perks to top hosts, including:

  • A personal Turo Account Manager to help you meet your goals
  • VIP customer support
  • Invitations to community events and host workshops
  • Exclusive insights into market trends, policy changes, and new features

Aim for top host status by keeping your availability calendar up to date so you only get trip requests you can honour, finessing your listing, and keeping tabs on your own performance metrics, where you’ll also find handy tips for improvement.

Maintaining the Turo quality standards

Guests on Turo expect an exceptional trip every time, so we do require that hosts meet a minimum threshold to continue being a part of the marketplace. To maintain a high-quality experience for Turo guests, hosts who don’t consistently meet our minimum quality standards outlined below will be restricted from the marketplace.

We’re here to help with guidance, support, and training to help you get the most out of your Turo experience. To see how your hosting measures up, go to your Host Hub and check out the Performance tab.

Happy hosting!

As you embark on your car sharing journey with Turo, know that we’re here to support you and guide you. Thank you for your tip-top hosting, and thank you for helping to create an awesome community for Turo in the UK!

Xavier Collins

Xavier Collins

Xavier is the UK Director at Turo. He stays on the go and is always on the hunt for the best road trips Europe has to offer.

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