Megan Natt

by Megan Natt

posted on October 25, 2017


Get down to business

Who says business travel has to be boring? Treat yourself to a better car for your next business trip with Turo Business Class, a carefully curated collection of cool, convenient cars hand-picked for busy professionals. Whether you’re driving to impress or just need an affordable ride to be a cost-conscious addition to your expense report, Turo Business Class has hundreds of snazzy, reliable cars for rent from the shining stars of our host community.

For business travelers

Elevate your expectations when you think of business trips. The Turo Business Class collection features cool, convenient, and reliable cars that can support you wherever work takes you. All Business Class listings feature:

√ Curbside convenience — All hosts offer delivery, so you can breeze by the rental counter, grab the keys, and go, saving you time and hassle.

√ Reliable, responsive hosts — The crème de la crème of the Turo host community, all Business Class hosts have proven Turo track records, and glowing reviews. Convenience and customer service are their fortés.

Fresh off the lot — All cars are newer model years, augmenting their reliability, with in-vehicle features convenient for busy professionals

For hosts

Turo hosts, take note! Business travelers are some of the most responsible, reliable drivers out there, and your business can boom by tapping into the bustling business travel market.


The potential impact of business travelers on your car sharing business is huge. Here are some pretty compelling figures to convince you of this promising guest segment.

How can you qualify?

Business Class listings must meet certain criteria to qualify for the Business Class badge, which will appear on your car page and in search results. Business travelers can also filter for Business Class listings, boosting your visibility with travelers who are ready to book a car.


√ Curbside convenience — Hosts must offer delivery so busy professionals can bypass the rental counter nightmares, grab the keys, and get to work. Simply go to the “Airports & delivery” tab and turn on delivery to qualify. And don’t price your delivery too high — charging reasonable rates makes your listing all the more competitive. Most guests prefer cars with free delivery.

√ Reliable, responsive hosts — Hosts must have proven track records, high commitment rates, and glowing reviews. Keep your calendar up to date to avoid cancellations, and focus on providing top-notch customer service, and you’ll shine in travelers’ search results.


Beautifully presented — All listings must have at least two photos, and ideally have been professionally photographed (it’s free!). To further convince you of the power of a good picture, cars with professional photographs garner up to 50% more traffic than cars with mediocre shots. When a prospective guest can see the car fully, they can picture themselves in it. If it’s just a poorly cropped, sad shot of your car parallel parked on the street, people feel less excited to rent it. If pro photography isn’t yet available in your city, here’s a cheat sheet to take better photos yourself.

Fresh off the lot — All cars must be newer model years (within the last five model years) with in-vehicle features convenient for busy professionals — think GPS and phone chargers, for instance.

Business Class badges may be revoked at any time if you or your vehicle listing fail to meet our current standards, which may be changed from time to time in Turo’s sole discretion.


To qualify for Business Class, hosts must keep their cars and their hosting performance in tip-top shape. In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be rolling out a “Host Hub” where you’ll be able to track your performance metrics, reviews, and key details for each of your vehicle listings to help you keep tabs on your fleet. Keep your app up-to-date and an eye on your inbox to discover these new tools that will help you make the most out of sharing your car on Turo.

Book a better business trip

Turo Business Class is tailor-made to help busy professionals rent better cars at better prices for their work trips, and for outstanding hosts to be rewarded with outstanding guests. Keep an eye peeled for the Business Class badge, and turn your next business trip into a local experience.

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