Neya Abdi

by Neya Abdi

posted on June 23, 2021

Whether it’s icing on a cake, some guac, or the classic cherry on top, people love their extras. As a Turo host, you have the option to sweeten the deal for your guests by throwing in add-ons for an additional fee based on your personal hosting style or even your location. 

First, let’s talk about what’s in it for you. When you offer Extras to guests, you keep 90% of related earnings, giving you an opportunity to bump up your average revenue per trip. You also differentiate yourself from other hosts. If you’re offering similar cars at a similar price point, but you offer post-trip cleaning or one-way trip services, that’s something that sets your listing apart. 

But most importantly, Extras make a trip more convenient for guests. When you make your guests’ lives easier, they’re more likely to book your car — and become repeat customers. Here are a few tips for getting started with Extras, or bulking up your existing offerings. 

What are the most popular types of Extras?

When you list a car on Turo, you’re automatically opted into two Extras: prepaid refuel and post-trip cleaning. Guests love these Extras, so it’s worth keeping them. Not feeling them? Not a problem. You can easily change the price, remove an Extra, or swap it out for a different one. 

Check out all the extras Zubin offers on his BMW 3 Series. Guests can add any of the following at checkout: 

  • Unlimited mileage
  • One-way trip
  • Child safety seat
  • Pet fee 
  • Prepaid refuel
  • Post-trip cleaning
This All-Star Host offers a wide range of Extras with his BMW 3 Series

Get creative with your Extras

If you think Extras are only about refueling, cleaning, and mileage, think again. There are plenty of Extras you can offer to make your guests’ lives easier.

For many Turo hosts, Extras are an opportunity to demonstrate how committed they are to delighting guests. But sometimes, the exact Extra they want to offer isn’t on the pre-defined list. If there’s an Extra you really want to add to your listing, you can suggest it by submitting it directly to Turo through the Extras section in your listing. 

This hosts want to make it clear that they’re not just offering a regular point-and-shoot camera — they’re offering specialized equipment like a GoPro. 

Some hosts offer bundles to guests. This is a collection of Extras geared towards specific experiences their car can support. Whether it’s a pet fee to let your guests bring their furry friends along, a camping chair to take in the great outdoors, or a dolly for moving, you can offer unique bundles that make life easier for your guests and encourage them to book with you again. 

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