posted on March 6th, 2017

HBD, Canada!

With our 150th anniversary celebrations gearing up to make this summer action-packed (and mostly free!), Canada is the #1 place to go in 2017, according to the New York Times. But how will you get from Montreal’s 375th birthday celebrations to the big C-150 party in Ottawa in style…?

Why not rent one of the top 10 most searched cars in Canada, according to The Globe and Mail?

Ford F-150

Greg’s 2007 Ford F-150 (Toronto, ON)

Though it’s fourth on the Globe and Mail’s list, it’s #1 in our hearts (and also in sales in Canada). Greg’s Ford F-150 is perfect for holders of the Parks Canada 2017 Discovery Pass. The spacious truck bed can hold all of the camping equipment needed for a getaway to any of the beautiful national parks in Ontario, including the 7600-square-kilometer Algonquin Park, which is notable for its abundance of canoe routes and other wilderness activities.

On your way back from your portage trip, rent a spot along the Muskoka Lakes and unwind on the dock, soaking in the full cottage country experience. The F-150 not only can tackle country roads, you’ll have tons of room to pack extra gear that will take you from park paddler to cottage chic. If you’re there on a long weekend, enjoy the unique view of the fireworks shows on the lake.

Ford Mustang

Philippe’s 2014 Mustang GT (Montreal, QC)

Cruising around Quebec will never look as good as you will in Philippe’s Ford Mustang. Unsurprisingly, as the rest of Canada prepares for a summer of celebration, Montréal has already started the party. The city is celebrating its 375th birthday with festival after festival. Throughout the winter, Les Hivernales keeps spirits up when the temperature dips far below zero with outdoor concerts and activities, including a curling event with interactive light and sound.

If the cold isn’t for you, the spring and summer will have the usual annual events including the Jazz, Comedy, and Osheaga festivals, with the addition of street art installations such as the Cité Mémoire, which recounts the evolution of the city over the past four centuries. On the weekend, take the Mustang for a drive along Highway 20 and visit Québec City for the Rendez-Vous 2017, a tall ship regatta that’s part of the Canada 150 celebrations.

Honda Civic

Jitesh’s 2005 Honda Civic (Calgary, AB)

When you’re ready to explore what the west of Canada has to offer, catch a flight to Calgary and pick up Jitesh’s Honda Civic, at which point you’ll be an easy 90 minute drive to beautiful Banff. Though most think of winter skiing, the city is gearing up for a busy summer with campers going to Banff National Park, particularly the picturesque Lake Louise which offers turquoise waters in front of a stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Keep driving west along the Trans-Canada highway for a trip that will take you all the way to the coast. With your free entry to the Parks along the way, you can save up for swanky accommodations in Vancouver, where you can sightsee and attend their 11-day Canada 150th birthday party that will focus on the indigenous community and Canada’s aboriginal origins.

Considering how much there is to do across the country in 2017, it’s no surprise that Canada is the top travel destination in the world. From festivals and activities in the cities to escaping the hustle and bustle by getting in touch with the pristine wilderness, there’s a road trip for everyone.

Melanie is our Local Operations Manager in Turo's Toronto office. Though she loves to travel abroad and plan weekend excursions around the city, she's always happy to return home to her cat, Oscar.