Natasha Aston

by Natasha Aston

posted on November 7, 2022

The spotlight series showcases the best and brightest hosts in the Turo community. With the option to start small and scale over time, Turo offers the perfect platform for the budding entrepreneur to build a profitable business around their busy schedule. One of the leading hosts in her city, read how Leah has scaled her business around family life to break free from the constraints of the 9-5.

Why did you decide to share your car on Turo?

My car was sitting on the driveway, not being used very often – I came across Turo and purely out of curiosity I listed it. I was astonished how quickly the bookings came in, it was a clear indication that there was an opportunity here to generate some extra income.

How have the earnings impacted your life?

Using some of the money generated through Turo this year we were able to go on a family holiday, something that may not have been possible otherwise. Also, my husband has been able to take a few extra days off work, which again – has had a positive impact on our lives. Money woes have been lessened and our lives have been enriched. It can be exhausting during busy periods, flexibility is the key word with this business, determination, another. Nevertheless there is much to be gained. My motto is; ‘anything worth doing is worth doing well’.

Why did you choose to list with Turo over other peer-to-peer marketplaces?

I found the whole process with Turo from start to finish to be a smooth transition. With their great communication tools in place I am able to have that all important introduction and the guest and I can become well acquainted. Therefore, they feel comfortable to ask me any relevant questions regarding their trip. Having complete confidence in your host and in Turo means that you can fully enjoy the car knowing that you are in safe hands. I find Turo to be very accommodating and constantly on hand if I need any support. It is, for me – the best marketplace to be on.

How did you turn car sharing on Turo into a full time venture?

The success I made from renting my initial car, propelled my growth. By reinvesting money from my profits I was able to double my fleet, then double again. I purchased the bulk of my cars through auction. I have found this to be a great way to buy. Investing time and money in car sharing has definitely proven to be a worthwhile venture so far.

What are the benefits of being part of the Turo community?

Having that back up – that reassurance, is what matters most. Many others have also made successes with Turo and meeting those like minded people at their Summer Host Party this year was brilliant. We got to share our experiences and exchange valuable insights which became very helpful. At the party hosted by Turo, the vibe was fantastic – it was inspiring meeting the hard working, aspirational people who work behind the scenes to make it a great company. Guests are part of that community too, there is a real feeling of trust and openness – and as the company expands, more and more people are recommending Turo to their friends and family.

Where are your guests travelling to in the UK, what are they up to during their trips?

My cars have travelled the length and breadth of the UK – from Wales to Scotland and even far beyond into Europe. I know this to be the case as over the years I’ve come across a good few excursion booklets left over from travels. Listening to others snippets of adventure is something that I enjoy hearing about – I had a couple recently on a romantic getaway in my Convertible Audi A5 – they said ‘we felt like film stars cruising along with the sun in our face and the wind in our hair’. How great is that? The journey was more enjoyable than the destination itself.

What advice would you have for other parents considering hosting with Turo?

If you have the resources to make it into a full time venture and you consider how you can manage your time effectively, you are essentially making money while you sleep. I was a stay at home mum before Turo enabled me to be my own boss – the extra income I have made has been a welcome relief, it has meant less hours working in the office for Sam and given us more quality family time together as a result.

What advice would you have for other female entrepreneurs considering hosting with Turo?

At the present moment there are a lot of male hosts on the Turo marketplace so there is plenty of scope for us women to make our mark. Us women are strong, we are pioneering and we can muster the same opportunities as our male counterparts. Let us continue to jump over the hurdles and go on to achieve great success.

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Natasha Aston

Natasha Aston

Natasha is a Business Development Associate on the Turo UK team. She works on host community engagement and account management and is the point of contact for growing your Turo business.

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