Andrew Mok

by Andrew Mok

posted on October 6, 2021


Celebrate Turo on a TV or billboard near you

On behalf of the Turo team, I’m thrilled to share our latest advertising campaign. We designed and timed this campaign to piggyback on a truly extraordinary year for our community. As travel came roaring back earlier this year, the car rental industry wasn’t quite ready, but Turo hosts were! The “car rental crunch” sent vacation-starved travelers looking for new ways to hit the road this spring and summer, and Turo hosts stepped in to save the day, salvaging the much-needed vacations of thousands of travelers.

The excitement for and interest in Turo is palpable, so what better way to keep this momentum pumping than with an ad campaign to further drive brand recognition for the world’s largest car sharing marketplace? Inspired by the stories we heard from all of you, the Turo community, we modeled this campaign after and dedicate it to you.

Billboards, bus, & transit ads

Turo guests love being able to easily find and drive the car that suits them perfectly. To elevate that special common trait among Turo guests, we paired amazing, unique people with amazing, unique vehicles that match their style, character, and personality, leaning into bold visuals that would be arresting at a glance, whether you’re cruising down the freeway or walking through the streets of Manhattan.

TV & streaming commercials

Cars have the power to make you feel different. They can be transformative — trucks can give you a sense of power and invincibility, while sports cars give you a feeling of sparkle and success. With the television component of this campaign, we highlight how cars can elevate you beyond the everyday status quo, unlocking a truer, more authentic, or more elevated version of yourself. And this magic doesn’t just come from the commodity of the car. While the car is the vessel, the magic comes from the extraordinary hosts who make these extraordinary experiences possible for their guests. Their cars have soul, their cars have shine, because they give them their soul and shine.

With Turo, you aren’t just booking a car — you’re taking the wheel of a better version of yourself, rekindling your inner drive, and making authentic connections with the people handing you the keys.

Cars with soul

Cars that shine

Find your drive

The common thread that unites all of us who comprise Turo — hosts, guests, and even Turists (what we call Turo employees) — is that we follow our passion, leave our limits behind, and seek more from life beyond the status quo. For all of us, Turo is a place that inspires us to find our drive, and we couldn’t be more proud to tell this story.

Andrew Mok

Andrew Mok

As CMO of Turo, Andrew leads a world-class team of sales and marketing professionals on their mission to grow the Turo community, make Turo an iconic global brand, and put the world’s 1.5B cars to better use.

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