posted on December 18th, 2018

See how much your car could earn on Turo

The Turo team often hears from hosts and would-be hosts who want to know how much they could earn from sharing their vehicle on Turo. It’s a good question. Answering it requires analyzing mountains of data accrued from millions of booked days completed on the marketplace. Introducing the Carculator: a new tool that empowers the Turo and car sharing communities by giving up-to-date estimates for different vehicles’ earnings potential.

You can use the Carculator to project what any model (eligible to list on Turo) might earn in various market areas. For those thinking about listing their cars, this earnings estimate should give you a strong idea of how often your car would be out on a trip and how much you could earn as a Turo host. Or browse around the Carculator with different vehicles to see what performs well and where — some models perform quite differently from city to city.

How does it work?

Simply enter a model year, make, model, and market area, and the Carculator will project how that specific vehicle might perform in that locale, estimating how much you might earn per day and per month by sharing it on Turo, as well as the average number of days per month it would be booked in the selected city. If you don’t see your city as an option in the dropdown menu, try selecting “US average” or “Canada average” to get averaged results from all of the areas in your country not given as options.

To determine any model’s local demand and potential earnings, the Carculator uses the daily price set by the Turo Automatic Pricing model, a popular tool that dynamically adjusts prices from day to day to optimize for demand. The Carculator displays this daily price alongside the earnings estimates, so you can use the Carculator to see how prices tend to differ from city to city.

Keep in mind that, while the Carculator uses actual data from thousands of completed trips on Turo, all results are estimates and actual earnings may vary. By providing detailed insights into the marketplace, the Carculator helps to further educate all of us in the Turo community on how car sharing really changes how we think about car ownership. Give the Carculator a whirl and see what your own car could make for you on Turo!

If you’re curious about which models give hosts the best bang for their buck, check out our list of the top-earning cars on Turo ranked by return on investment. To compare top vehicles against their potential competitors, we ranked the three best-performing models in five distinct categories — daily drivers, sport, luxury, SUVs & trucks, and vans & minivans. While the Turo marketplace is dynamic and performance of individual listings varies greatly, these rankings help to illustrate just how well you can cover your car ownership costs as a Turo host. Check out the rankings to see which vehicles made the list!