posted on December 21st, 2016

As we look forward to 2017, it’s worth reflecting on how 2016 has been a landmark year for Turo. Looking back on the last 12 months, I feel so proud of everything that we have achieved — both as a business and as a flourishing, global community — here are some of my thoughts on the year’s highlights.

O, Canada!

Chronologically, our first epically huge milestone of the year was our Canadian launch, marking two significant firsts: our first market expansion outside the United States, and Canada’s first peer-to-peer car rental marketplace. And Canadians have received us with open arms — since our April launch, we’ve garnered over 100,000 signups in 250 cities north of the border, with 2,000 vehicle listings across 400+ different makes and models listed for rent in the marketplace. And those numbers are growing by the day.

On more personal note, I’ve been inspired to witness our Canadian team and community develop into the supportive, tight-knit collective they are today in the seven short months since launch. Kudos to the team and community, for a dynamite first year!

The Bachmanity!

Next up, our collaboration with HBO to list the Aviato car from their hit show Silicon Valley has been by far one of the most fun initiatives of the year. From channeling the surly and, uh, idiosyncratic personality of a hyperbolized caricature of startup ridiculousness to crashing TechCrunch Disrupt in true Erlich Bachman fashion, it’s been a wild (and rather meta) ride.  

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Empowering entrepreneurs

The next mile marker of 2016 was the reinvention of our owner dashboard. While this may seem like a more tactical achievement than a milestone, it represents a critical step in acknowledging and optimizing for a substantial subset of our car owner community — those with multiple cars on the platform. By tailoring the Turo app to better serve these entrepreneurial community members, including independent rental agencies and enterprising microfleet managers, we continue to deliver on the Turo vision of empowering travelers to find the perfect vehicle for their next adventure, wherever they are, from a trusted Turo host.

Happy Turo-versary

And then November marked our first Turo-versary — it had been one year since we introduced the world to Turo. We’ve embraced our dynamic brand and haven’t looked back. Turo turns travel into adventure and highlights the unique and extraordinary cars — and people — that make our marketplace special, and I’m delighted each time I launch the app. I’m also very happy to see our branding emblazoned on our SF headquarters.

Mission St., SF
From the SFMOMA sculpture terrace

Hitting the big time

Concurrently in early November, we hit our two millionth signup and exceeded 110,000 listings in the marketplace. Having been CEO of Turo since 2011, it makes me swell with pride to see what was once a scrappy Cambridge, MA startup blossom into the thriving, international marketplace and dynamic community I see today.

Car listings on Turo
Signups to Turo

London calling

And to build on that, just last week, we announced our second international launch across the pond in the UK. We’ve had a loyal community of travelers and Turo advocates for a while in the UK, so it felt quite cathartic to finally be able to serve them in their own backyards. I’m eager to cultivate and observe the evolution of our British community over the next several months, and I’ll be sure to report back on successes and learnings as we navigate this new market.

2016 has been a busy one, for certain — but it’s been bustling in the best way. So as we gear up for an equally eventful 2017, let’s all rest up this holiday season, eat, drink, and be merry, and get ready for a blockbuster new year.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Andre is the Turo CEO and a true car enthusiast. After many years in the consumer web space, he combines his passion for cars, technology, and the environment each day at Turo as he works to put the world’s one billion cars to better use.