posted on August 27th, 2018

Completing the package

Since Extras launched in May, we’ve seen a very enthusiastic and exciting response from the Turo community. With Extras, guests can book additional items offered by their hosts for a more complete and convenient adventure. Whether it’s a bike rack, portable GPS, or unlimited miles for the trip, Extras are a great way to prepare for whatever the journey demands.

So far, over 7,400 hosts have enabled Extras on over 13,500 listings throughout the marketplace. And guests are loving them — since the feature launched, over 10,000 trips have been booked with Extras. With the ability to add optional gear and conveniences, guests get a better, more memorable Turo experience, and hosts can provide a higher level of service.

If you’re a host, not only can you up your customer service game with Extras, you can boost your earnings — listings with Extras earn 10% more per trip on average. For many Extras, a small upfront investment will create ongoing returns with little added effort, so consider what services or items your guests might like and add those Extras to your listing.

Recent updates

In July, we made Extras even better by introducing a couple updates using feedback from our host community. First, Extras are now shown in the order they’re added, with the most recently added Extra appearing at the top of the Extras section. This update gives you control over the order your Extras are displayed on your listing. If you offer multiple Extras, think about which ones you’d like to give top billing to.

Laura’s Jeep Wrangler (Los Angeles, CA)
Erik’s Porsche Macan (Los Angeles, CA)

Second, we added strollers, sleeping bags, hand trucks, bike racks, helmets, and golf clubs to the list of approved Extras you can offer. There are now over 50 distinct Extras you can add to your listing, some more popular than others. Let’s take a look at which ones guests book most often and the average price for each:


  1. Post-trip cleaning ($20 per trip)
  2. Unlimited miles ($50 per day)
  3. Prepaid refuel ($40 per trip)
  4. Child safety seat ($20 per trip)
  5. Portable GPS ($10 per trip)

The most popular Extras for guests are services that make their trips easier and more convenient. Extras like unlimited miles and prepaid refuel put guests’ minds at ease — no fees for additional miles and no scrambling to fill up the tank at the end of their trip. Post-trip cleaning is far and away the most frequently used, making up 45% of all Extras booked. Taking care of a reasonable mess for your guests is another great way to provide a worry-free experience where guests won’t have to worry about things like dirty shoes on the floor mats or bugs on the windshield.

TJ’s Toyota Tacoma (Denver, CO)
Shane’s Volkswagen Westfalia (Santa Monica, CA)


  1. Child safety seat ($20 per trip)
  2. Portable GPS ($10 per trip)
  3. Cooler ($10 per trip)
  4. Beach gear ($25 per trip)
  5. Snorkeling gear ($10 per trip)

Physical Extras like outdoor gear, child safety seats, and sports equipment can help create a memorable experience for your guests. If you already have high-quality items that guests might like to add for their trip, put them to work for you. Think of the camping equipment sitting in your garage or the stroller and car seat your kid has grown out of. And that portable GPS system you don’t use anymore might come in handy for a traveler from abroad without a cellular data plan.

Adetoye’s Jeep Wrangler (Los Angeles, CA)
Steven’s Jeep Renegade (Davenport, FL)

Adding Extras

Make sure you have the latest version of the Turo app, then visit the Vehicles section of your Host Hub where you’ll see all of your listings. Click or tap into any listing and go to the Extras tab. Choose the Extras you want to offer, select the quantity if applicable, and add colorful descriptions to help guests know what they’re getting.

For each Extra, you can set your prices per day (great for recreation equipment and gear) or per trip (great for guest conveniences like prepaid refuel and post-trip cleaning). When guests book your car, they can see the Extras offered on your listing and opt to purchase them for the trip during checkout. Remember to try to price them reasonably and competitively. Since more and more hosts now offer Extras, inflating the price might drive guests to book someone else’s car.

Extras are not covered by any Turo protection plans, which means you keep 90% of what your guests pay for each Extra. Set ground rules for your guests and be clear about how to use and take care of your Extras.

For you hosts, this is a great opportunity to make a little extra coin, but it’s also a fantastic way to really make someone’s trip a memorable one. Get creative, add some Extras, and have fun with it!

Steven is an avid car guy and content specialist at Turo. Between Golden State Warriors games he can be found getting lost somewhere in California.