posted on September 28, 2020

People are still on the go in Toronto

This summer, Torontonians ditched their international travel plans, but that doesn’t mean they sat still. In July and August, Toronto ranked fourth globally for cities with the highest number of Turo trips. Some guests chose to take in local sights with road trips across the province, while others decided they needed cozier, more socially distanced transportation and opted for private vehicles over public transport.

At the beginning of COVID-19, there were a lot of questions about how the pandemic would impact the car sharing community. So far, the answer’s pretty optimistic, and this year’s market intelligence is proof.

Summer 2020 at a glance

Despite pandemic fears, Toronto hosts continued booking guests. Once the stricter stay-at-home measures ended, it seems Torontonians turned to Turo as their transportation mode of choice for quick getaways to the cottage, camping, or simply breathing some fresh air. Toronto hosts earned $1,230 on average this summer, up 8% from last summer’s average of $1,134. 

The car sharing market adapted to travellers’ needs. Our data shows an average trip length of three days, as Torontonians make the most of their weekends with trips to the cottage or road trips through Ontario’s beautiful scenery. Above all, Turo hosts proved they are a valuable asset to their communities. Turo hosts helped people buy groceries in bulk for their vulnerable neighbours, get essential workers to their job, and keep Torontonians mobile.

Dream cars get all the views, practical wheels get all the bookings

Thinking about adding a new car to your Turo business? Here are a few stats to keep in mind. While luxury cars are ideal for weddings and getaways, today’s guests seem to be looking for practical, budget-friendly cars that get them from Point A to Point B. That doesn’t mean they aren’t still window shopping. Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda may be the most booked makes, but the most searched vehicles were Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi. There’s nothing wrong with looking!

Honda Civic snatches “Most Booked Car” award from the Hyundai Elantra

It’s no surprise that budget-friendly cars with strong brand recognition continue to dominate bookings. The Honda Civic wins this year’s “Most Booked Car” award for the Toronto market. Meanwhile, the Dodge Grand Caravan moved up the ranks to become the most popular minivan booked on Turo.

Here’s what Turo guests are searching for in the app

Guests want to find the best car for their trip. That’s why 73% of Turo guests use the filtering options while searching for a car. What’s the top criteria? Price and instant booking. If your listing includes a competitive price and the “Book instantly” option, you immediately increase your car’s visibility. Most guests aren’t looking for fancy features. They just want a good price and the ability to access a car as quickly as possible.

Meet some top Turo hosts

From vets with years of experience to ambitious newbies who started during the pandemic, this summer brought some superstar hosts. Check out the profiles of a few of our top Turo hosts for inspiration. 

  1. Quinton — 832 trips. This host started his journey in May 2019. Since then, he’s racked up an impressive 832 trips with no signs of slowing down.
  2. Stacy — 149 trips. Teamwork makes the dream work. Stacy and her partner have been hosting since 2017. Guests frequently praise Stacy’s stellar communication skills and flexibility as a host.  
  3. Minova —  66 trips. This Turo newcomer sure made an impression. After joining in February 2020 with her Mazda3, Minova quickly rose up the ranks in the Turo marketplace to earn All-Star Host status. That’s what happens when you consistently deliver quality service.
  4. Yang —  715 trips. In a little over a year, Yang’s hosted nearly 700 trips. Talk about making an impression! His listings showcase higher-end cars including a Porsche, a Cadillac, and a BMW.

Resilient Toronto hosts rose to this year’s challenges

It’s been a challenging year, but this summer proved that Toronto’s Turo host community is resilient and ready to take on a challenge. It’s also demonstrated that car sharing is a year-round way of sustainably keeping communities mobile, and a smart way to reduce the cost of ownership.

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