posted on April 22, 2020

Tesla’s newest model hits the streets

After many years of anticipation, the Tesla Model Y is finally getting delivered to early customers. The company’s fourth mass-produced model figures to be another big hit and an important step in Tesla’s continued growth. It’s no secret that modern car buyers are going crazy for crossovers and the Model Y is here to fill that gap in the Tesla lineup.

Oh, Tesla already has a crossover SUV in the Model X, you say? True, but the base Model X starts at around $85,000 and can be optioned up to north of $140,000 — hardly the cost of your typical family hauler. As with previous Tesla models, the more expensive Long Range and Performance versions of the Model Y began shipments first; the shorter-ranged two-wheel drive base models will come later. When it does go on sale next spring, the base version will start at around $40,000, well within reach for most luxury car buyers.

Timothy’s 2020 Tesla Model Y (Milwaukee, WI)

Given consumer trends over the years, we expect the Model Y to prove extremely popular on Turo as well — EV popularity is growing quickly. The number of EVs in the marketplace is growing faster than combustion vehicles, as is demand for EVs among guests. This is especially true with Teslas: the Model 3, Model S, and Model X are all among the top 10 earning cars on Turo. It’s a good bet that the Model Y will soon join its siblings at the top.

Performance you expect from Tesla

Daniel’s 2020 Tesla Model Y (Lawndale, CA)

The Model Y has the exact same drivetrain options as the Model 3. Tesla claims the Long Range model has a zero to 60 time of 4.8 seconds while the Performance version will do that in 3.5 seconds. So in typical Tesla fashion, it’s faster than most sports cars. Tesla claims a range of around 230 to 315 miles depending on the trim level and battery pack size, so no worries there either.

Tesla interiors barely differ from model to model, and in this case, the Model Y’s interior is nearly identical to the Model 3, just with more headroom, rear legroom, and cargo space. In fact, the four-times-larger trunk may be the deciding factor for many people choosing between the Y and 3.

The Model Y injects even more variety into the Tesla lineup, and even though it looks similar to its siblings, Tesla fans are becoming spoiled for choice. As time and battery technology progress, it seems there will soon be an EV for every need and driving style. Whether you’d like a Tesla for the quietness of an electric motor, their sleek futuristic designs, ever-evolving tech, or just want a practical and stylish EV, the Model Y will satisfy your desires.

Danny Benson is a car fanatic and writer from rural Northern California (aka Bigfoot country). His friends are hoping that his being able to write about cars for a living will get him to stop talking their ears off with useless car trivia.