Danny Benson

by Danny Benson

posted on July 9, 2020

Six new and new-ish convertible grand tourers

We’re now fully into summer and if you haven’t yet managed to find your escape, chances are you’re itching to get out somewhere. Really, we could all use a vacation, and for summer road trips close to home, a comfy convertible is our weapon of choice. There are a number of fantastic new options for luxury GTs (grand tourers), with recently introduced or refreshed models from some of the most popular luxury brands. With such plentiful choices, you can’t go wrong with one of these road trip-ready convertibles.

BMW 8 Series

BMW is known for its careful blend of luxury and performance, and the new two-door 8 Series is no exception. Two years ago BMW brought back the 8 Series nameplate as their top-of-the-line cruiser, and the M850i is the sporty mid-range version, much like Mama Bear’s just-right porridge. It’s got all the bells and whistles of brand-new BMWs, comes complete with the xDrive all-wheel drive and beefed-up suspension and brakes, but is less aggressive than the new M8.

Chevrolet Corvette

Corvette fans have been waiting for the mid-engined ‘Vette for ages, and yes, it’s finally here. The new C8 is already next-level, but throw on a collapsible hardtop that folds up nicely into the trunk, and a whole new layer is added to the Corvette experience. The 2020 Corvette’s cockpit-like interior was designed to hug the driver — what better way to feel like you’re flying than to drop the top while carving through the mountains? Travis’ C8 ‘Vette here features the Z51 package, which includes a better cooling system, and beefed up brakes, among other things.

Porsche 718 Boxster

The Porsche 718 Boxster has been praised by many for its blend of usability, handling, and performance. The Boxster is a great introduction for anybody who wants to get their feet wet with higher-end sports cars. It’s a Porsche, so it’ll inspire all sorts of confidence for casual drivers and thrill-seekers alike. This 2019 Porsche 718 Boxster is perfect for cruising along the Northern California beaches of the Bay Area.


Mercedes-AMG E53

Mercedes is another one of those car brands that just screams luxury and performance. The mid-size E-Class is excellent in any configuration, but when tinkered with by the folks at AMG, it becomes the E53 — a slick cruiser that has smooth handling, lots of pep under the hood (429 horsepower), and a whole heap of modern tech to make any road trip a whole lot of fun. When you drop the top, and the AMG E53 Cabriolet becomes one of the most comfortable two-row convertibles out there.

Audi A5

Audi is known for its small-displacement turbocharged engines that provide more than enough power to satisfy. The A5 is Audi’s mid-size two-door offering and is a fantastic option for weekend trips. It comes in multiple trims such as the sportier S5, pictured here, or the downright potent RS5. All are finished with Audi’s famously lovely interiors to make any road trip relaxing. This 2018 Audi S5 includes a turbocharged V6 making around 335 horsepower, making it as fun as it is elegant.

Ford Mustang

What better way to wrap up this list with the mother of all pony cars, the Ford Mustang. The sixth-generation Mustang convertible packs a punch with whatever engine it has, from the efficient four-cylinder EcoBoost to the 435-hp Coyote V8. Sure, the Mustang isn’t strictly a luxury vehicle, but it’s a fun convertible for vacationers looking for carefree cruising with American muscle under the hood. Ford has become adept at extracting as much power as possible out of their small-displacement engines, so even with the base EcoBoost engine, this car still has that Mustang pep.

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Danny Benson

Danny Benson

Danny Benson is a car fanatic and writer from rural Northern California (aka Bigfoot country). His friends are hoping that his being able to write about cars for a living will get him to stop talking their ears off with useless car trivia.

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