posted on November 29, 2019

The Porsche 992 hits US shores

Say what you want, but credit is due to the prancing horse of Stuttgart. Porsche is one of the few brands to keep the spirit of its flagship sports car alive and well, especially after five decades of production. Even other sports car greats, like the Corvette, have changed drastically from their original forms. Not the 911 — its engine still hangs out back over the rear axle, possesses a sleek fastback shape, and continues to wail the call of Zuffenhausen from its flat six engine.

This time around, the 2020 911 goes by the codename 992. This deep-orange 992 here in Southern California is a lovely example of the new 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S, and is our featured car of the month for November!

Hovhannes’s 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S (Burbank, CA)

Familiar shape, updated hardware

The latest evolution of the famed Porsche 911, internally designated the 992, debuted last fall with the Carrera S. Nearly a year later, the first of the 992s have made their way stateside. In addition to the Carrera S, the standard Carrera joins the lineup. Both use 3.0L flat sixes with dual hairdryers (that’s turbos) feeding boost back into the engine. The Carrera is tuned for 379 horses and 331 pound-feet of torque, while the Carrera S, like Turo host Hovhannes’s example here, really steps things up at 443 horses and 390 pound-feet. It wasn’t many years ago that those were GT3 worthy stats…

In order to send its power to the ground, the 992 comes equipped with an 8-speed PDK transmission. Since it’s a Porsche, you know the shifts will be lightning quick. If three pedals are a must, P-car purists will have to wait a bit for an optional 7-speed manual transmission.

Just like previous 911s, the 992 can be had with either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. In case the coupe body doesn’t let you get enough vitamin D, you can channel your inner Hank Moody by means of a 992 cabriolet.

Inside & out

On the outside, the car has some subtle tweaks to set it apart from its older relatives. A little wider and a smidge longer, the 911 has grown a bit. The weight has gone up around 100 pounds, but that’s usually the case with any redesign. Depending on the trim, expect the 992 to weigh somewhere in the ballpark of 3,400 pounds. However, the immediate telltale sign that the 992 is brand new comes from the wraparound rear tail light, which seems to be Porsche’s new corporate look.

Inside the new 911 is a mix of both tradition and technology. The dash layout is without a doubt 911, but the major change comes in the form of a digital dash and a large center touchscreen. The tach remains a traditional gauge and sits right up front in center to remind the driver of the 911’s true intentions. Interestingly enough, the shifter has caused a lot of stir due to its resemblance to a shaver, or maybe it looks like an LG Chocolate cell phone? Not to worry though, as the paddle shifters are there for any serious performance driving.

While the arrival of the new 992 is exciting in its own right, it’s the vast number of options that really get the gears turning. Whether it’s special paint, upgraded sport seats, or tech goodies like adaptive cruise control and night vision pedestrian monitoring, there are endless ways to configure a 911. Perhaps that’s what has made the 911 so popular over the years, as Porsche allows buyers to make each 911 a bespoke automobile.

Taking a classic into the Future

The 992 represents Porsche’s commitment to continuing evolution of their original sports car philosophy. With every new 911 comes even better performance and driving dynamics to match. So, what does that mean for today’s driver? That the 992 can still deliver the raw driving thrills, plus the ability to function as a modern and comfortable daily driver when you’re not pushing it ten tenths.

The 992 doesn’t come cheap though, as the starting price is just shy of $98,000 for Carrera models. Given that a base car without any options isn’t very common, expect most cars to be leaving Porsche dealerships north of six figures.If getting behind the wheel of a German motoring legend is a top priority, consider going for a test drive. Should a visit to the local dealership not be enough to really soak in the flat six experience, search around on Turo for the new 2020 911 and make your next test drive something really special.

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