posted on June 28, 2019

Is the Lambo truck worthy of the badge?

Yes, Lamborghini has made an SUV. Of course they have. The Urus is technically the second Lamborghini SUV, but it’s the first mass-production model and the only one you’re likely to see on the street. It’s true the Urus is not quite as evocative or focused as Lambo’s super- and hypercars, and when it was announced, many worried that the SUV would water down the raging bull badge. But it’s one of, if not the most, compelling entry in the recent super-SUV trend, and you’d drive one if you could, right? Well you can, which is why the Lamborghini Urus is our car of the month for June 2019!

If you’re going to get a Lamborghini, you might as well get it in a color as loud as the styling. Turo host Matthew’s 2019 Urus is in yellow, with black wheels and accents. Perfect. Sure it’s tall and the same general shape of most new cars these days, but the Urus is unmistakably a Lamborghini. It has an angry face and its muscley bulldog body is full of angular bulges, sharp creases, and aggressive scoops. Inside, fighter-jet switches abound and yellow contrast stitching covers most touch points.

But the Urus, it has to be said, is not a purebred Italian. It shares the same Volkswagen platform found in the Audi Q7, Audi Q8, Bentley Bentayga, and Porsche Cayenne, which is good company, and it certainly benefits from its sensible German construction. There are five seats and a very usable amount of cargo space. It has practical luxury features like a panoramic roof and a hands-free automatic tailgate. To some, these things sound distinctly un-Lamborghini.

However, behind its gaping face lies a twin-turbo V8 tuned to pump out 641 horsepower, good enough for a top speed of 190 mph. That makes the Urus the fastest production SUV in the world (that sounds like Lamborghini). The factory-claimed zero-to-60 time is 3.6 seconds, but it’s been clocked as low as 3.2 in tests. Which is quicker than the base Huracán. It’s blistering around corners too — unofficially, the Urus only took a few seconds more than the Murcielago to lap the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

Besides the absolutely giant carbon ceramic brakes, this super-SUV is heavily inundated with all of Volkswagen’s latest and most advanced electronic driver aids. It has night vision, active anti-roll bars, rear-axle steering, and air spring suspension that adjusts according to the driving mode — a simple car this is not.

A half dozen driving modes adapt the traction control system for different surfaces, and many who’ve tested the Urus tout its off-road abilities, even against purpose-built 4x4s. Still, with a quarter-million dollar price tag, it’s pretty safe to assume almost no Urus owners will actually use it off road (offroading is prohibited on Turo as well, so don’t even think about it).

Neither, though, is this a true exotic. Not compared to Lamborghini’s traditional offerings. Instead what you have is perhaps the ultimate SUV: a luxurious, potent powerhouse with supercar speed, world-class off-road ability, and room for five — with a generous helping of Italian panache. This is the highest and most extreme version (so far) of the all-in-one SUV package that most every automaker has been trying to achieve. With the Urus, Lambo has crammed maximum performance for every possible use-case into one ultimate car.

Have they succeeded? Test drive it for yourself and see if the super-SUV lives up to its name.


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