posted on March 22nd, 2017


Let’s face it, Jeeps are not always the most practical vehicles. They can be inefficient, gawky, and owning one requires proper love and attention. These shortcomings, however, are necessary byproducts of the unique character infused into every Jeep. And luckily, Turo has a Jeep that’s close by and available to rent the next time your adventure calls for one.

From the Wrangler to the Grand Cherokee SRT, the Jeep lineup has sturdy jocks radiating with clunky, charming, American confidence. If John Wayne traded his horse in for a car, it’d be a Jeep.

Want to hit the ski slopes with your buddies? There’s a Jeep for that. Want to cruise the Las Vegas strip with the top down? There’s a Jeep for that. Want to go offroading? There’s a Jeep for that, but not on Turo. It’s important to remember that driving Turo vehicles on unpaved surfaces is prohibited, no matter how mean and hardcore the car is. And yes, this includes Jeeps (sorry).

Check out some listings of each of Jeep’s current models:


The Renegade is Jeep’s newest model, first offered in 2014 to fill the subcompact SUV segment for Jeep. Currently, Jeep offers four trim levels and two limited editions for the Renegade, all available with four-wheel drive. Its funky and cozy looks make it look a bit like a toy from afar, but the Renegade is a willing and able companion for exploring new places or going out on the town.

Vage’s Renegade, Justice Edition (Los Angeles, CA)
Gary’s Renegade (Los Angeles, CA)
Nathanael’s Renegade (Miami, FL)


The Compass is an entry-level SUV for Jeep, with the second generation making its debut for 2017. A well-sorted chassis makes for a solid and composed ride, and the Jeep seven-slot grill in the front means the Compass is ready for whatever you throw at it. The Compass’s attractive proportions and roomy interior are the real sells, with rear and front passenger seats that fold all the way down. If the Renegade is too small and the Cherokee a touch too large, the Compass offers Baby Bear’s just-right porridge for Goldilocks.

Patricia’s Compass (Norcross, GA)
Minhui’s Compass (Montreal, QC)
Frank’s Compass (Winnetka, CA)


The Jeep Cherokee carries a well-known nameplate and an historic production history. The term “Sport Utility” appears for the very first time in the 1974 Cherokee sales brochure, when it was originally offered as a two-door variant of the Jeep Wagoneer. The wildly popular second generation, known as the XJ, featured a lightweight unibody design and played a significant role in the evolution of the 4×4 SUV. The Cherokee is a comfortable, athletic dude that is a reliable pick for doing Jeep stuff.

Linh’s Cherokee (San Francisco, CA)
Maria’s Cherokee (Secaucus, NJ)
Emili’s Cherokee (Littleton, CO)


Is there a more iconic American silhouette than the Jeep Wrangler’s? Birthed from the battlefields of WWII, the unmistakeable Wrangler has been the standard of off-road driving for decades. Its legendarily rugged set-up means Wrangler owners sacrifice some creature comforts and luxuries, but that tradeoff is easily made in the spirit of adventure.

The Wrangler Unlimited features a second row of doors and a small bedroom’s worth of cargo space. In addition to myriad options and special editions, a truly massive parts aftermarket means the Wrangler is endlessly customizable and always full of character. In recent years, this red-blooded American has become a stylish statement for cruising around with the sun in your face and the wind in your hair.

Jeff’s Wrangler Unlimited (Honolulu, HI)
Brandon’s Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock (Austin, TX)
Elliot’s Wrangler Unlimited Sahara (Denver, CO)
Robin’s Wrangler Unlimited (Vancouver, WA)

Grand Cherokee

The flagship Jeep is a deeply talented on and off-road family vehicle that gets just about everything right. The Grand Cherokee adds top-rated interior quality to a dynamic driving performance while maintaining its identity as an eager workhorse. The interior is spacious and richly furnished, with top versions that are downright swanky. Multiple excellent powertrains allow the Grand Cherokee to be optioned out to maximize Jeepness.

With a 475 hp 6.4-liter V-8, the segment-bending Grand Cherokee SRT hits 60 mph in 4.8 seconds and challenges conventional ideas about what a Jeep can do. It comes highly recommended if you’re looking for a rakishly handsome track-ready luxury 4×4 SUV. The Grand Cherokee will chomp through less-than-ideal roads on your next ski trip or pamper you during your morning commute.

David’s Grand Cherokee (Wheatridge, CO)
Aymen’s Grand Cherokee (Chula Vista, CA)
Andrew’s Grand Cherokee SRT (Quincy, MA)
Amanda’s Grand Cherokee SRT (Los Angeles, CA)

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