posted on January 31, 2020

Toyota’s long-awaited fan favorite is here

When an automaker decides to revive a model that went out of production, there are usually big shoes to fill. There’s even more pressure when it’s a car that has a very strong enthusiast following, so Toyota knew it was in for a challenge when it relaunched the legendary Supra for 2020.

What started as a variant of the Celica, the Supra eventually evolved into a full-fledged model of its own. However, the Supra really stepped up its performance game during the fourth generation, as the “2JZ” engine could produce monstrous amounts of horsepower when in the company of a hair dryer or two (turbos). In case that wasn’t enough, a starring role on the silver screen and every teenager’s PlayStation meant the Toyota Supra was cemented into the pages of history.

While Turo host Eric’s 2020 Toyota GR Supra is not the decal-laden orange rocket from Fast & Furious, it’s certainly a zeitgeist-capturing sports car, an important arrival for the enthusiast culture, and our first car of the month in 2020!

Fast-forward two decades and Toyota has launched a new Supra for a new generation of drivers. Eric’s 2020 GR Supra is proof that Toyota can still build a sports car ready to compete on the world stage. This time around though, Toyota took a unique approach.

On the outside, the Supra’s bodywork is both modern and aggressive, yet there are still cues of its family tree. Don’t be fooled though, as under the skin the GR Supra is an all-new design. Unlike its predecessor, Eric’s 2020 Supra is strictly a two-seater, but even more significant is the powerhouse under the hood. Toyota teamed up with BMW when designing the Supra, meaning the boosted 3.0-liter straight six under the hood is the venerable BMW B58 unit. All 335 horses and 369 lb-ft of torque get funneled through a paddle shifted ZF 8-speed automatic before making their way to the rear wheels.

From inside, it’s evident the Supra puts a strong emphasis on functionality. Bucket seats, a three-spoke sport steering wheel, and a large digital gauge cluster are essential components of a modern performance car, but that doesn’t mean Toyota has forgotten about adding a bit of luxury. Since Eric’s Supra is in the Premium trim, it comes equipped with heated leather seating, an 8.8-inch touchscreen, along with a JBL audio system. Unlike sports cars of yesteryear, the Supra will be able to handle long stints on the highway with ease.

While the Supra has all the numbers and features to win plenty of middle school cafeteria arguments, the driving dynamics are what make the Supra such an appealing package for today’s enthusiasts. The short 97-inch wheelbase and 19-inch wheels shod in staggered 255mm and 275mm Michelin rubber means the Supra is more than ready to tackle the corners of even the most technical of roads. To keep the fun in check, Brembo calipers are on standby once it’s time to toss out the anchors.

As more examples of the new Supra make their way onto the streets, and onto Turo, it’s a reminder that Toyota is unleashing a new wave of performance. Not only does the new Supra represent Toyota’s sporting heritage, but also its dedication to evolving its design. As one of 2020’s hottest cars, finding a Supra on a dealership lot may still be a tall order. Don’t worry though — Supras are quickly popping up on the Turo marketplace and if you find one nearby, you can give it a test drive before hitting the dealership.

Next time you find yourself in sunny Los Angeles, check out Eric’s 2020 GR Supra. Not only will the sports car turn heads, but it’ll ensure you don’t have just another average car rental experience.

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