posted on March 2nd, 2017


We here at Turo are big fans of cars that go fast and look good, especially when you can rent them from other people. So we are overwhelmingly stoked to introduce the first ever McLaren into our marketplace, this mouthwatering MP4-12C based in Los Angeles. We’ll leave you to judge the looks for yourself, but trust us, it goes very fast.

The owner of this magnificent machine, Sean G., listed his first car, the excellent Subaru STi last March. Since then, he has compiled one of the most exciting collections on Turo, with the 12C as his capstone.

First, the goods: This fire-black 2012 12C sports a 3.8L twin-turbo V8 making 616 bhp and 443 lb-ft of torque. It will take you 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, with a top speed of faster than you’ll ever need to go (215 mph). So yes, it’s a proper supercar. But thanks to McLaren’s rather clever chassis control suspension, the 12C has pillow-like ride comfort for city cruising. Sean reckons it’s this dual personality that sets the 12C apart from other supercars.

For an extra tough stance, this 12C sits on gold Forgiato rims, which are 20” in the front and 21” in the back. When Sean walked into the dealership to buy his 12C, he spied the Forgiatos on another McLaren, a 675, and just had to have them. The 12C has decades of British racing pedigree built in, but is just as desirable as a piece of art. When not tearing through the canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains, this beauty is turning heads on Sunset Boulevard.

The McLaren is only the the latest addition to Sean’s lineup of thrilling and rare motorcars. On top of the Subaru STi, Range Rover Sport, and Audi R8, Sean offers the deliciously nimble, track-focused Porsche 911 GT3. This baby is lightning quick, and to Sean, is the embodiment of everything that makes Porsches amazing.

Another recent addition is the limited production Porsche Cayman GT4 (Turo’s January car of the month!). Sean has “never felt a car that’s so playful in the corners,” he says. “It’s so light and precise.” This particular Cayman GT4 was actually one of Porsche’s showcars until Sean got his hands on it, so you can be sure it is in excellent condition, having been pampered by exacting Germans wearing lab coats and latex gloves.

Sean is a real car guy, and he offers real driver’s cars you cannot rent anywhere else. “I want something that will be memorable for people,” he says. “I’m trying to get cars that can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

One of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences for American enthusiasts is Sean’s Ford Focus RS, a very special hot hatch that is as electrifying as it is rare. Ford just last year made the 4WD, 350 hp Focus RS available in the United States. Sean worked his magic and you can rent the Focus RS in Denver next time you’re in the mile-high city.

What drives Sean to offer such drool-worthy machinery? His own passion for cars, and a desire to provide a customer experience as enjoyable as the cars themselves. Adventurous motorists are not likely to find a more thrilling collection than Sean’s, with the showstopping McLaren headlining his all-star roster. Next time you’re in LA, treat yourself a little and rent Sean’s McLaren. You deserve it.

Steven is an avid car guy and content maker at Turo. Between Golden State Warriors games he can be found getting lost somewhere in California.