posted on November 7th, 2017

Allo, bonjour!

While transportation options are plentiful in this bilingual city, Turo’s growth in Montreal has been all but shy in 2017. Bookings in the 514 grew by six times when compared to last year, while vehicle listings increased by over three times within the same period. As of November 2017, vehicles listed in the province of Quebec accounted for 46% of all the vehicles listed on Turo in Canada.

To get you psyched for the Montreal Community Party, which will take place at the Matthew Namour Gallery this week, we thought we’d familiarize you with the ins and outs of our Montreal market. So head down to the dep, grab a cold one, and we’ll give you the rundown on what makes Montreal’s market unique.

Pamela’s BMW X4

Montrealers have a heavy case of wanderlust

All stereotypes aside, we know that hockey, poutine, and the Tam-Tams aren’t the only interests of Montrealers. Visitors and locals of Quebec’s metropolis love to travel — which is only facilitated by the city’s many nearby travel destinations. Historic Quebec City, attraction-filled Ottawa, and the beautiful Laurentians are all just a day trip away.

Philipp’s Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen

Practicality over extravagance

While Montrealers are known for their appreciation of the finer things in life, travellers in Montreal opt for practicality and affordability over extravagance when booking cars. Compact and subcompact cars represent 48% of bookings within the city, while luxury and upscale cars represent 17%.

Competitive pricing on the platform, especially when compared to incumbents on the market, make Turo an extremely attractive travel option in Montreal, especially for the city’s large student and overall youth population — many of whom do not own a car, and would like to make that occasional IKEA run without breaking the bank.

Despite frugality trending amongst Montreal travellers, many have a guilty pleasure for luxury — evidenced by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Audi, and Porsche listings garnering more than a quarter of listing views in Montreal, as Turo host and car buff Sandy W. knows well.

Gino’s Acura ILX

A diverse and youthful community

While we only recently celebrated our one year anniversary in Canada, Turo’s brand awareness in the Great White North remains strong, especially in Quebec. According to a 2017 survey, brand awareness is 1% higher in the province of Quebec when compared to the national average.

As pointed out by Montreal super host, Antonio A., the company’s exceptional growth and popularity in Montreal can be partly attributed to the city’s large youth population who use the platform to gain easy access to affordable cars. To put this in perspective, 53% of rentals in Quebec to date were completed by travellers under the age of 30. In addition to a large youth market, Quebec attracts a lot of cross-border travellers from Europe, including France, where many guests who are already familiar with peer-to-peer car sharing select Turo for their international travel needs.

Arnaud’s Cadillac ATS

Meet some of our super hosts

While the Greater Montreal area is home to over 1,200 hosts (as of November 2017), we wanted to take this opportunity to showcase some of our MVPs. Everyone on this shortlist boasts five-star ratings, and has what it takes to be amongst the city’s top-performing hosts.

  1. Aaron S. has hosted over 100 trips between his three cars since joining the Turo community in September, 2016. Aaron prides himself on customer service and ensuring positive experiences for his guests.
  2. Antonio A. immigrated from Mexico in 2013 to work in Montreal’s restaurant industry — four years and eight cars later, he finds himself wearing the title of “Turo Superhost.” Read more about Antonio’s story here.
  3. Having joined the Turo community in October 2016, Ed I. has hosted over 130 trips with his three vehicles. He is commended by his travellers for his great communication and willingness to accommodate.
  4. Montreal travellers have their pick of the litter when renting with Mehdi K, who offers a diverse vehicle lineup which includes a minivan, compact cars, and luxury vehicles. Mehdi has been a member of the Turo community since August 2016 and proudly offers services in both French and English.

Don’t miss out!

Want to learn even more about Turo’s Montreal market and meet the rest of the community? Be sure to catch us at our community party this Wednesday!