posted on November 6th, 2017


Newly minted work permit in hand, Antonio A. left his home country of Mexico in 2013 and jetted off to Canada to work in Montreal’s booming restaurant industry. Since his arrival in his adopted country, Antonio has held multiple catering and service positions at high-profile establishments, but over the course of 2017, has shifted focus away from the food service industry — the very reason which brought him to Canada — to focus on his Turo rentals. “I really enjoy the flexibility in deciding my own hours and being my own boss,” says Antonio, “and my full-time restaurant gig just wasn’t as lucrative [as Turo].” In under one year, Antonio’s hosted over 400 trips on Turo between his eight cars, and has deservingly earned a spot amongst Montreal’s top super hosts.

Antonio's Ford Focus, Montréal, QC
Antonio’s Ford Focus, Montréal, QC

How did he do it?

While Antonio reveals that he had initial reservations about listing his brand new 2016 Ford Focus when first learning about Turo, as a die-hard sharing-economy advocate, he was eager to get a piece of the action by whatever means possible. In January 2017, Antonio purchased his second car — a 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage, which he used for Uber and to rent out on Turo. “The Mitsubishi had so many requests that I purchased a third car within the same month to keep up with the demand,” says Antonio about purchasing his 2017 Kia Rio, which has now been on over 60 trips.

Antonio’s vehicle lineup has continued to grow over the course of this year, and the young entrepreneur now counts eight cars in his rental inventory. He also revealed that he has plans to add more in the near future. “Right now, I focus mainly on commuter cars, but I plan to branch into luxury cars in the coming year,” he says. “And hopefully I’ll be able to finance my dream of owning a Maserati, thanks to the platform.”

Antonio's Kia Rio, Montreal, QC
Antonio’s Kia Rio, Montreal, QC

The secret sauce

So what’s Antonio’s recipe for success? “As a part-time Uber driver and Airbnb host, I have an extremely flexible schedule, which allows me to offer 24-hour pickup and return,” says Antonio. “Guests certainly appreciate the flexibility, which is reflected in my ratings and rental volume. I also maintain a fast response rate, keep my prices competitive so that my cars are always on the road, and do all the cleaning and maintenance myself, which allows me to keep costs low,” he adds. “I also believe that customer service is a big part of the equation — I have a lot of customers who rent from me regularly now because they like to deal with me,” he says.    

Be sure to reach out to Antonio next time you’re in and around Montreal. He’ll hook you up with the perfect ride for your adventure and top-notch service to boot.