posted on November 29th, 2016

Photographer Pavel S. had taken an unreal trip to Alaska earlier this year, so he decided to poke around his own backyard in Los Angeles. The only difference? He traded in Alu’s Toyota Tacoma — perfect for the rugged Alaskan byways — for Ryan’s super slick Alfa Romeo 4C — the perfect car to glitz and glam your way around LA.


They started downtown — right by the Broad museum, which makes for a pretty striking backdrop.


Next, they made their way out to Santa Monica to take in the scene, and then made their way up north to Malibu to catch an epic sunset.





They finished up their LA sojourn up in the mountains on curvy roads that the Alfa was made to hug.



Follow Pavel along on his staycation — made all the more memorable thanks to Ryan’s 4C — in our latest Travelogue.

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