posted on May 17, 2017

Take a ride on the pink side

If you ever peruse listings in Los Angeles, it’s possible you’ve come across one or two unmistakably pink cars. The dudes behind those pink machines, Gagik A. and Avi K., have a business partnership born of happenstance and shrewd management. To get to this pinnacle of pinkness, however, has taken hard work and dozens of cars.

Gagik started on Turo by renting out his mom’s 2003 Toyota Camry. He had previously worked for a limo service in Los Angeles, and spent a lot of time chasing after people who had broken something or threw up in the limo. He quickly found out that with Turo, that process was made much easier. “It was just a relief to have a whole team behind me,” he remembers.

Emboldened by the support from Turo, he bought his mom a new car (he kept the Camry listed) and started adding to his portfolio. Hosting with Turo came naturally to Gagik, as he brought with him the lessons of hospitality, convenience, and friendliness from his days with the limo service.

Gagik with his Tesla Model X

One day, while dropping off a car at LAX for a customer, Gagik ran into Avi, with whom he had worked at the limo service. As it turned out, Avi was at LAX because he too was delivering a car for a Turo customer! They discovered that they were both spending a lot of money Ubering around LA, dropping cars off for customers. They worked out a deal where they would pick each other up and generally help each other out whenever possible.

Gagik’s Ford Mustangs

Avi, who supports his family and two young kids through Turo, grew up in the car wash and detailing world. Asked if that translates into impeccably clean whips? “At all times. Washed, vacuumed, ready to go.” He manages at least 15 cars on his and his wife Margarita’s accounts, and the roster is constantly growing.

Avi’s Mercedes-Benz CLA
Avi’s Lexus RX 350
Avi’s Mercedes-Benz SL

Now, Gagik and Avi are both dominating the LA scene as full-time Turo hosts, each with hundreds of trips completed. Their catalogues cover the full range of your vehicular needs. Among other sleek rides, Avi offers Lexus SUVs, a Range Rover, and Mustang and Camaro convertibles. Gagik has you covered whether you’re feeling a Mercedes G-Wagen, a Toyota Tacoma pickup, or the opulent luxury of a Mercedes S-Class or Bentley Continental GT.

Gagik’s Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Gagik’s Jeep Wrangler

Their partnership goes beyond logistical convenience and has become a creative collaboration. “One day we were like, you know what? Let’s just do a couple pink cars,” Avi said. “What car are you going to do? I’ll do the Mustang. Let’s wrap them!” People said he was crazy — “nobody’s going to rent pink cars,” he was told. But nothing could stop his vision to provide something unique for the people. Avi had his Mustang convertible wrapped in hot pink, while Gagik did his Jeep Wrangler. Mean and pink — perfect capstones for already-baller rental fleets.

Both pink cars have already been rented out a number of times, with great results. “It’s actually a girl magnet,” says Avi. “You can strike up a conversation about it.” The guys are always adding to their collections, so be sure to hit them up when you’re in LA.

What’s Gagik’s favorite car? His mom’s trusty Toyota Camry. “I love that car, if it’s not rented out I’ll just use that one for errands. It’s kind of a good luck charm.”

Gagik’s Toyota Camry

Steven is an avid car guy and content maker at Turo. Between Golden State Warriors games he can be found getting lost somewhere in California.