posted on December 21st, 2015

A man and his dream car

Throughout December, we’re showcasing some of the sweetest cars that Turo owners have to offer with our “12 cars of Christmas” blog series. Start ticking cars off your must-drive bucket list, or get inspired to rent out your killer ride and share the love with other car aficionados.

Some cars just speak for themselves, and Gioia the 1973 Fiat 850 Spider speaks volumes — and radiates charisma. Described as “a middle-aged Italian lady,” Gioia only came into owner Rodrigo’s life last year, “but it was 30 years in the making,” he reflects.


Having loved Fiats when he was a kid and later studying in Italy for graduate school, Rodrigo yearned for one of the little Fiats he saw zipping around the Italian countryside. So last year, he started really searching as part of “one of those silly midlife crises,” he joked. He found Gioia in Philly, and the rest is history.


And she really is something special. “There were only 150,000 manufactured, and now there are only about 200 left in the world. It was designed by the Italian design firm Bertone, which is famous for designing Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Maseratis, and the like,” he said.

Why would you share something so precious with strangers? “It’s really cool for me,” he responds. “I’ve always wanted to own one, so why not give someone else the chance to drive one, too? Not to sound silly, but my wife and I truly believe in the sharing economy,” so it just made sense for him to rent it out.


Working in high tech, Rodrigo finds reprieve in Gioia from the perpetual complexity of his day-to-day life. “She has a rear engine that runs counter-clockwise, which is quite rare,” he remarked. But the real appeal is that “everything is very simple in this car. They’re still mechanical — it’s nice to know you can get under the hood (literally) and work on it. There are no microchips, no software.” And there’s something very refreshing and invigorating about getting back to basics.


Check out Rodrigo’s listing for some auto eye candy and one of the most colorful descriptions around, and take Gioia for a spin the next time you’re in the DC area.

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