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Fiat 850 Spider1973

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Disclaimer: This vehicle only has lap belts Take a trip back to memory lane by experiencing “Gioia” (Italian for happiness). She is seductive and charming, but make no mistake about her, as a middle-aged Italian lady born in 1973, Gioia is temperamental and prefers to take her time. With a voluptuous 52 HP engine in her rear end, she will make her sweet voice heard not so subtlety from the back. However, while she can comfortably cruise for hours on end at speeds of up to 70 to 75 MPH in the highway, reaching climax from 0 to 60 will be more a testament to your patience and virtue. Gioia can get so low to the ground that the sense of speed ecstasy will be augmented exponentially, while invidious passer-byers will shamelessly stare at both of you. Be prepared to receive thumbs-up, winks, compliments and the occasional anecdote of years gone by with a similar Italian lady told from complete strangers. In such cases, just smile, look back at them with empathy, and understand full well what you have under your wing. Gioia is part of the sharing economy. It would be unscrupulous of me to spare her idle when it is so much fun to ride her. I am a firm believer that others should experience the same happiness she fosters in me whenever I am at her mercy. Please enjoy her with love and care! /#/#/#/#/#/# Additional Info: /#/#/#/#/#/# About Gioia: ------------ • One of only 200 estimated Fiat 850s on the road around the world today. • As a classic, she does have her small quirks, and so I prefer to give you a few pointers in person to ensure your time with her will be enjoyable. • The trunk is in front and it opens from the glove compartment. • Radio is original, works like a charm, and it includes only AM stations with push buttons and a mono speaker -- perfect sound system. • She comes with a foldable soft top. Hard top optional and available. Please specify if hard top required. • Seats two. • Fuel efficiency: about 39 mpg (nice!) • Fuel capacity: 7.9 gal (tiny!) • Fuel type: Premium gasoline (bummer!). Discounts: ---------- • First-time renters get a $25 credit by using my link: • Pick up the car with Lyft and get a $50 credit with code RODRIGO087963 • If arriving by Uber, and are a first time user, get a $15 discount with promo rodrigov499ue /*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/* /* Featured in Turo's 12 Cars for Christmas: /* /* /* Red Fiat 850 Spider featured in Zoolander 2 movie: /* /*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*


Must be 30+ to book
Manual transmission
Battery jump starter
Original jack & tools
Detailed Manual
Detailed Guide

Parking details

I will be glad to pick you up from Grosvenor metro station; and there is plenty of street and safe parking at home for you to leave your own car while renting.


• Please do not request to rent Goia unless you know how to drive manual transmission cars. • I can accommodate most renters' time as I work from home, but please be reasonable. • Gioia will be presented to you all dressed up, smelly clean and ready to go out. No need to bring her back before midnight, but please do return her in the same condition you found her. • Sorry, no pets or smoking allowed (ashtray was saved for gratuities only :-).


  • I don’t mean to be rude, but she is a classic. Should I expect her to break down?
    Hey, not all Italian ladies are that melodramatic! And to answer your question, no, she won’t let you down. I frequently give her maintenance and verify that all is in working order. And finally, I always kindly explain to her that she will be treated with equal love and care by you. So don’t you make me look bad with her, deal? :-)
  • If there is something about Goia that is not working as expected, what should I do?
    Sure, she can be a bit temperamental, but I have patiently groomed her to be kind (translation: mechanically she should be fine). However, perhaps when you pull up the soft-top something went astray, or as you attempted to start her in the morning, she wouldn’t bulge. Well, firstly, the guide I will send you after you book should help. Secondly, I normally go over a few howtos when we meet. Finally, you can always call or text me (at reasonable hours, if you don’t mind). And as a last resort, there is always Turo’s insurance that can haul her to a nearby location.
  • What motivates you to share this gem of a car?
    I like people. I also truly believe in the concept of the sharing economy, meaning the adequate use of otherwise underutilized resources. I have spent countless hours (and money) restoring Gioia so that I can enjoy cruising on weekends. But the truth is, I cannot drive her all the time. I work from home and she sits idle in my driveway bored to tears. It is thus unconscionable to not allow others to have as much fun as I do.
  • Have you ever been afraid or reluctant to let “strangers” take Gioa away?
    I must admit that my wife was initially skeptical. There is a natural stigma associated with letting people we don’t know to use something that belongs to you. Over the months and years, what I have received from complete strangers is life-long friendships, wonderful memories, interesting conversations, exotic car tips, laughs, and the satisfaction that I’ve accomplish all this by simply allowing other extraordinary human beings use a resource that was previously wasted. My wife is now more than convinced!
  • OK, but aren’t you doing this for the money?
    Fair question, but no. My wife and I are two mid-life professionals currently employed in interesting companies. About 75% of the proceeds from Turo go straight back into improving the car and hence the driver’s experience. Thanks to the extra cash, for example, I’ve been able to implement long-kept projects in the car, such as replacing the carburetor, alternator, head cylinder, heater core, and rebuilding the carburetor, to name a few tasks.
  • What about the other 25%?
    You're not an auditor, are you? Anyway, the rest of the income is utilized to maintain and upkeep Gioia, such as paying for insurance, regular oil changes and the like. OK, and perhaps I’ve also treated myself to a pair of cool driving shades!
  • Why do you insist that we meet in person?
    I know, maybe I’m old fashioned, but I believe Turo is ultimately a person-to-person social network. Besides, you will be taking my girl away; wouldn’t you like to know who she is leaving with as well? But seriously, Gioa is a classic lady, and as such, there are a few intricacies that are better shared face-to-face. If I’m unable to meet you, normally I will ask that you call me before heading out. Either way, I promise to be brief and not force you to hear me brag endlessly about Gioia :-)
  • What if I don’t like Gioa?
    Look, not all matches are made in heaven. But, I have described her in excruciating detail. I have added nicely accurate (and plenty of) pictures. And I will even send you a detailed mobile manual of her once you book. If after all that you still feel I cheated your expectations, talk to me. Normally we can work it out. What I’m trying to tell you is that if you don’t give us a 5-start rating, it was not for lack of trying. So please be kind to both of us :-)


12 ratings

Wow. Fun. Do it. Live your best life.

Phillip G.-Jul 14, 2018

Loved driving this car! I rented it for when I proposed to my fiancé and it was the perfect car.

Imran B.-Jul 1, 2018

Gioia was just great! We had an amazing weekend with Rodrigos car. Everything went smooth. Definitely worth renting Gioia for a weekend. I’m sure we will do that again. It was a blast. Thanks again!

Julia L.-May 16, 2018

We had a blast with the Fiat which was my wife's first car. Really brought back fun memories for her. Rodrigo is super nice and generous to let someone use his car for the weekend!

Edward M.-May 2, 2017

I had a fantastic experience renting from Rodrigo. He set the proper expectations, shared all the required details and made the pick up/drop off super convenient. It is clear he appreciates this car and is excited to allow others to share in the fun. One should note Gioa is 44 and thus, slightly quirky. Yet, I did not have any issues. She was great fun to drive....and I had to repeatedly report to inquirers that yes, it was a rental.

Ann A.-Mar 29, 2017

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