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by Fayette Fox

posted on March 8, 2023

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating Kristen H., an inspiring All-Star Host in Atlanta.

Atlanta All-Star Host Kristen H. has always loved cars and people. She was one of the top customer service agents at the post office, despite working 12-hour shifts, plus commuting an hour each way. She has two young kids and says, “I felt like I was missing their childhood.” When the pandemic hit, it was hard to find childcare. She already had four cars and decided to try hosting on Turo. Four months in, she quit her job at the post office to host on Turo full-time.

“I had a lot of faith that it would work,” Kristen says. “A lot of people doubted it. I always wanted to be an example of what would happen if you do Turo at the highest level.”

Running her business on her own

Today, just a year and a half after starting her business on Turo, Kristen has nine cars on the platform with over 800 trips. And she runs her entire business herself. She takes pride in cleaning her cars by hand, making sure they’re running smoothly, and delivering them on her own.

Kristen lives 30 minutes from the Atlanta airport and most of her business is airport deliveries. She likes sporty cars in bright colors and her guests clearly do too.

Competitive prices and excellent customer service

Before her job at the post office, Kristen ran a consignment store where she got experience with strategic pricing. She prices her sportier-looking cars at the same prices as less expensive cars to help attract more guests and get more trips. 

She likes to meet most of her guests in person and doesn’t mind handing over the keys at midnight or 1 am, after the rental car companies are closed. 

Kristen has had guests with family emergencies, or who want a certain car for a special event. She remembers a little kid who wanted to be a Transformer for Halloween, whose parents booked Kristen’s yellow Camaro as a surprise. (The kid was delighted.)

Networking and looking toward the future

There’s a restaurant near the airport that’s given Kristen permission to park her cars in their parking lot for free. “Really it’s about networking and talking with people,” she says. “I’m always honest with everybody about what I’m doing.”

Thanks to her business on Turo, Kristen is able to pick up her kids, now six and eight, from school. “I just love being able to be there for them,” she says.

Words of wisdom

It’s important to Kristen to stay positive and to be kind to her guests, “…no matter how dirty the car comes back.” As long as the car isn’t damaged, she tries to give people good reviews. 

What are Kristen’s top tips for newer hosts on Turo? “Don’t be attached to your car. Really try to do a good job. Don’t just do it for the money. Do it for the love of people and the love of cars. Do it to help people.”

If you’re visiting the Atlanta area, consider booking one of Kristen’s fun cars.

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