posted on December 23rd, 2015

Preserving and sharing history

Throughout December, we’re showcasing some of the sweetest cars that Turo owners have to offer with our “12 cars of Christmas” blog series. Start ticking cars off your must-drive bucket list, or get inspired to rent out your killer ride and share the love with other car aficionados.

Cars are so much more than the sum of their parts — they’re an encapsulation of a moment in time, of memory, of nostalgia. And that’s exactly how John D. looks at his ‘65 Mustang convertible.

“I feel like I’m a caretaker of history,” he mused. “I love classics because they’re a piece of history; everyone’s got a memory of these cars — regardless of their age. They often appeal to older folks, or they remind someone from a younger generation of their parents or grandparents.” An appreciation of history — and beautiful design, for that matter — transcends generational boundaries.

And yet, “there’s a feeling today that these cars are getting out of reach for everyday people. Turo offers a way for everybody to drive something truly extraordinary,” he says.

For instance, one of his renters had a friend visiting from Japan who wanted a true taste of American culture. So, he rented the Mustang and drove his friend down Highway 1, enhancing the iconic, panoramic drive immeasurably with a double shot of Americana.


Another traveler rented it because his father used to own one. “He said that when he was driving it, he felt like he was in high school again,” John remembers.


It’s that nostalgia, combined with the joy of driving, that compels John to share his classics. “Most classic cars sit in the garage most of the year. Thanks to Turo, I’m able to have someone maintain it constantly” so it can stay road-ready. In fact, during the course of this interview, his mechanic, Martin, happened to be on hand.

“I just try to keep the car in top shape,” Martin said, “so [John’s] renters can have fun and be safe.” Classic car maintenance is a labor of love, and “John does the most he can” to keep his car fighting fit.

Next time you’re in the Bay Area and want to take a drive down memory lane, rent John’s classic beauty.

Megan is the copywriter and content tsarina at Turo. She lives to wander near and far, never met a beach (or dog) she didn’t like, and loves to talk postmodern lit and theory to anyone who’ll listen.