posted on May 12th, 2016

Channel your inner Bond

There’s nothing quite like an Aston Martin. Other supercars may have the flash and growl to turn heads wherever they go, but Astons have a debonair elegance that command the respect of those around them. The inimitably suave James Bond drove an Aston — from the Sean Connery days to his more recent Daniel Craig incarnation — because nothing says classy cool like a DB5 or a V8 Vantage.

With this Aston whimsy in mind, we caught up with owner Allen-Michel, who recently listed his iconic 2008 Aston Martin V8 Vantage in Beverly Hills.

Aston 2

Smart investments, Bond style

A car enthusiast, Allen-Michel only found out about Turo a few months ago, “but I wish I had heard about it earlier,” he recalls. “I had a BMW X6M that I loved but wasn’t using a lot,” so he traded it in. Had he known about Turo, he notes, he would have held onto it. “If you have a car that you want (or need) to get rid of, you can rent it out and make back some — if not all — of your monthly payment,” he advises.

So once he discovered Turo and how it could enable him to afford his dream car, he started researching different makes and models. “I always wanted something a little more exotic, so I researched what would perform best,” he said. He landed on the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and hasn’t looked back.

A perennial gearhead, Allen-Michel was enamored of the Aston’s elegance. “It’s hand-built. It won’t get old in 10 or 30 years; it’s just beautiful, refined, and comfortable.” It also has a 700-watt sound system, which only adds to the transcendent experience of driving it.

And with regard to the engine — “It’s just sick. It has such a beautiful sounding exhaust.”

Aston 1

Creating a competitive listing

Apart from his passion for the car itself, why would he rent it out? “My first rental subsidized my entire monthly payment,” he notes. In fact, he only put it up for rent in March and has already had five rentals, which is really a testament to a) the allure of driving an Aston Martin (as an aside, I sent this listing to my dad — a proverbial tough nut and an unflappable stoic when it comes to pretty much anything — and he responded “Beautiful car!!” Pithy, but his out-of-character gratuitous exclamation points only testify to this car’s timeless appeal), and b) the remarkable price point of Allen-Michel’s Aston.

And why the low price? To be competitive with the big guns out there. “They’re kind of hard to find,” he says. “Maybe you could find one at Avis or Hertz, but they’d probably charge a lot for it.” In fact, his most recent guest was going to rent a Mercedes from Hertz, but found Allen-Michel’s Aston for the same price, so opted for a little Bond-style luxury instead. “It’s one of only a few in the US, and the only automatic convertible in LA for $260/day.” He’s even rented it out to other car owners on the Turo marketplace, and made some good friends in the process.

Allen-Michel also shares a few pro-tips for car owners looking to boost their bookings: “The key is to respond right away. Never pressure [your guest], be polite, and be helpful.” Oh, and let them be James Bond for a few days. That doesn’t hurt either.

Aston 3

Next time you’re in LA, take this car out for a spin or rent one of his other cars on Turo.

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