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The Cadillac of Cadillacs

Cadillac has long been one of the most trusted names in American luxury. GM’s most desirable brand has a lauded history of successful models — a history that today’s models strive to continue.

The modern vehicles bearing the famous wreath and crest are at the luxurious end of the General Motors spectrum, and Cadillac’s mighty V-Series presents giddily powerful and genuinely interesting muscle cars. Find a Cadillac rental alternative on Turo to cruise with understated luxury.


Distinguished image

While Cadillacs share many parts with their Chevrolet cousins, they’re still unmistakably on the luxurious side. Crisp, buttoned-up exteriors make Cadillacs the preferred vehicles of presidential motorcades in just about every movie ever.

Exhilirating power

The Cadillac V-Series waves the flag for American muscle while still retaining the tuxedo-wearing exterior. The Cadillac CTS-V and CT6-V boast supercharged and twin-turbo V8s, respectively, and easily pump out supercar-level performance figures.

Cadillac super cruise

Cadillac’s Super Cruise is one of the most advanced hands-free driving systems currently available. Its innovative combination of technologies makes semi-autonomous driving a breeze on highway commutes.

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Make it a Cadillac

Cadillac retains its spot as the go-to American luxury brand, because Cadillac models intertwine a tempting mix of premium materials, cutting-edge technology, and bonafide performance. Whether it’s the classic Escalade or the roaring CTS-V super sedan, you can find the perfect Cadillac rental alternative on Turo.

Top Cadillac models

purple lines

Cadillac Escalade

One of the first mass-market luxury SUVs, the Cadillac Escalade is an icon on the road. The giant eight-seat Escalade cuts a powerful, imposing shape that’s unmistakable and demands to be taken seriously.

Cadillac CTS

Cadillac’s bread-and-butter sedan is a proper American rival to the BMW 3 Series and the like. With a proper balance of performance, luxury, and comfort, the CTS is a great introduction for any first-time Cadillac driver.

Cadillac XTS

The sleek XTS is Cadillac’s full-size sedan, with a generously appointed interior stuffed with premium materials and the latest technology. The spacious XTS is set up for driving yourself or riding in the back seat.

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