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Average ratings for Land Rover (4.9 stars)

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2017
If you haven’t drive a Land Rover your missing out
John T. - September 16, 2018
Land Rover LR2 2015
This was a great vehicle for a trip to the mountains, and Christian was friendly and flexible with us - highly recommend! Always wanted to drive a Land Rover :)
Rob H. - July 30, 2019
Land Rover LR2 2011
Car worked out great for our trip. Pick up and return was very easy and Rashiraj was very responsive. Would love to rent the land rover next time!
Aaron G. - July 30, 2018
Land Rover Defender 2015
Excellent experience, great Land Rover
Andrew S. - September 11, 2018
Land Rover LR3 2008
Loved driving the Land Rover. Briana was great.
Santiago A. - July 31, 2019
Barton Alexander
Land Rover Range Rover Velar 2018
Great Land Rover with super accommodating host! Everything was perfect.
Barton Alexander S. - June 5, 2019
Land Rover Discovery Sport 2017
Loved the Land Rover, can’t wait to rent another of their super cool cars!
Stacy F. - November 13, 2018
Land Rover LR4 2016
Great experience!! I’ll use CurbSyde INC again!! Great car (Land Rover)!!
Scott G. - September 13, 2019
Land Rover Discovery Sport 2017
Lin is great, very flexible and has a great new Land Rover discovery . I highly recommend
Keith G. - October 8, 2019
Land Rover LR2 2009
Ernie was super easy to coordinate with. His Land Rover was well-maintained and a great driving experience. First time driving a Land Rover and appreciated there weren’t any blind spots on this car. Would definitely rent from Ernie again!
Natasha H. - November 2, 2018
Land Rover LR4 2011
Fantastic. A great ride. Shane is a pro. We will repeat. Land Rover fans will like this car.
Greg D. - September 23, 2019
Land Rover LR4 2015
The Land Rover was great, as well as, communication, and convenience. I would rent from Christian again without hesitation.
Caleb S. - October 3, 2019
Land Rover LR4 2011
Awesome ride. will def be renting Shane’s Land Rover for furtive camping trips
Jared S. - May 16, 2019
Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016
Loved your Land Rover hope to rent it again in the near future. Thank you. James
James E. - January 27, 2019
Land Rover LR3 2007
Made me want to buy a Land Rover after driving this.
Juan A. - June 22, 2019
Land Rover LR3 2009
The sunroof was easily my favorite part of driving Ebony’s Land Rover!
Jessica B. - October 5, 2018
Land Rover LR2 2008
Our trip with the Land Rover was perfect! Thank you Allen
Laurence C. - August 22, 2018
Land Rover LR4 2013
Everything went smoothly and the Land Rover was a great vehicle to drive in Colorado!
Hunter A. - December 12, 2018
Land Rover Range Rover 2012
Tony was great and easy to work with and I enjoyed the Land Rover. Highly recommend!
Golftroy .. - February 3, 2019
Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016
Devon’s rides are amazing I really enjoyed the Land Rover Discovery sport.
Zackerie R. - December 2, 2018
Land Rover LR4 2013
Awesome ride. There is nothing like a Land Rover. This one is very nice.
William B. - September 26, 2018
Land Rover LR2 2015
Christian is great and his Land Rover is the perfect car for a weekend getaway to Banff. Highly recommend.
John R. - June 24, 2019
Land Rover Range Rover Velar 2018
The driving experience is great. Tim is a very nice guy. If you are the Land Rover lover, rent this car!
Pengyu R. - July 23, 2019
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2013
Renting Dusty’s Land Rover was great! Easy and timely pickup and drop off from the airport and the car served us well on the mountain roads.
Caitlin C. - September 12, 2019
Land Rover LR2 2011
Kelli is an absolute pro and her Land Rover was great. I would definitely rent from her again.
Lee M. - January 26, 2019
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2011
Alik was a great host! Everything went smooth and the Land Rover was meticulously maintained. Would definitely rent again!
Michael B. - February 7, 2019
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2017
The Land Rover was in excellent condition and the pickup location is very convenient to the airport.
Nathan D. - August 21, 2019
Land Rover LR4 2013
Highly recommend renting Haden's land rover!!! A seemless and amazing experience, the car was awesome to drive and super clean, great sound system etc.
Cassandra M. - June 3, 2019
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2015
This luxury ride did not disappoint! Every thing I was looking for in a SUV rental. Dave made renting his Land Rover very easy and was gracious enough to deliver and pick up around my vacation schedule. With 3 boys it made renting from Dave the best decision! I will be a frequent customer of his.
Teesha N. - June 24, 2019
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2018
Land Rover was very clean and drove well. Alex was very responsive. Would Turo through Alex again anytime.
David W. - May 27, 2019
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2016
Everything went perfect with the trip. Didn't have a single problem. Jose and his Land Rover were great!
Daniel S. - July 7, 2019
Land Rover Range Rover 2016
Harry was great. Car was great. Pretty cool alternative to renting from the big companies. Highly recommend Harry and his beautiful Land Rover!!
Jason K. - October 7, 2018
Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016
Manish’s Land Rover is a great car. Very nice drive. And Manish was very cool, simple, straightforward, communicating by text message. Perfect rental for me!
Fred B. - October 18, 2018
Ray Alan
Land Rover Range Rover Velar 2018
Tony's 2018 Land Rover Velar was clean, beautiful, and fun to ride. I'm glad I chose his car for my day-long road trip adventure with my family.
Ray Alan P. - August 5, 2019
Land Rover LR4 2010
This Land Rover LR4 is an amazing mountain ready, luxury suv. And the Roof Top Tent added a surprise bonus to our family camp out.
Jeff M. - September 3, 2019
Land Rover LR2 2013
The car was amazing. Definitely got so many looks from people as I drove by. It was very hard to let go of the Land Rover.
Chloe A. - August 25, 2019
Land Rover LR2 2008
Allen’s Land Rover was just as promised! He was also very accommodating and flexible to my last minute changes to time frame.
Alexandra S. - October 1, 2019
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2012
Amazing Host, Cool SUV. I never drove a Land Rover so I decided to rent one to give a try and I loved it. Quiet, Quick, Stylish and Regal. What not to love about a Land Rover. Hope to rent it soon.
Cesar Z. - March 30, 2019
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2017
Kyle is the man, and his drop top Land Rover makes for a perfect drive around the desert!!!
Jarrett C. - April 30, 2018
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2015
This luxury Land Rover is loaded and clean. Robin was great to work with and very flexible. Thank you!
Andy R. - December 6, 2018
Land Rover LR4 2011
Shane was friendly and on time. The Land Rover was well-maintained and perfect for our weekend golf trip.
Kyle G. - March 3, 2019
Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015
Had a great time in the Land Rovers sport I have a Benz myself however I wanted to change up a little bit I would definitely use it again
Earl J. - September 3, 2018
Land Rover Discovery 2004
I highly recommend Carrie as a host and the Land Rover served our needs well. She left us two water bottles and made pickup and return easy.
Ben L. - June 14, 2018
Land Rover Discovery Sport 2017
Luso made this trip so easy, it was a breeze! Very clean and very nice Land Rover. Extremely happy with my rental and I’ll be back!
Taylor B. - July 8, 2018
Land Rover LR3 2006
Omar was one of the best guys I’ve dealt with on Turo. His Land Rover was the best car for our application.
Jason K. - August 20, 2018
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2017
Hope is an amazing person and has an amazing Truck. Great weekend my niece loved being driven around in the Land Rover Sport.
Reggie R. - April 5, 2019
Land Rover Discovery 2018
Brand new Land Rover Discovery with a third row of seats, ideal for a large family. Great host Bruno, I recommend his cars.
Alexander K. - February 9, 2019
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2007
The whole experience with Kristoff, went very good. His Land Rover was very clean at an executive level as far as performance! His Land Rover reminds me of my Audi S4! Everything went as planned! Primo experience! I would recommend Kristoff anytime!
Ryan K. - August 4, 2019
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2015
Joe was great to deal with. His Land Rover was an awesome vehicle and he made our first experience with Turo an easy. Thnx!
John F. - April 24, 2019
Land Rover Range Rover 2009
Brian was a total professional and his Land Rover was immaculate. I had a change of plans and Brian was very accommodating. I will book again with him.
Paul M. - April 28, 2018
Land Rover Range Rover 2016
Great Experience A+++. Baisong has a great Land Rover and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a first class experience. Thanks again.
Bryce A. - June 18, 2018
Land Rover Discovery Sport 2017
Very friendly guys. The land rover was really a 5+2 rather than a 7 seater. But we managed to squeeze one adult in the back.
Ross M. - August 12, 2018
Land Rover LR3 2008
Working with Andre was great! Great communication and the Land Rover was a nice ride. I will definitely work with Andre again when we are in the area!
Tezlyn R. - August 10, 2018
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2008
Working with Chris was excellent, great communication and clear instructions. The Land Rover was nice to drive in the mountains for our tour, very comfortable. Highly recommend!
Adrian M. - August 27, 2018
Land Rover LR2 2008
Sean's Land Rover was perfect for our trip. It drove beautifully and was the perfect size for the 4 of us. Pick up and delivery were extremely easy.
Erin S. - September 5, 2018
Land Rover LR4 2011
Shane was a pleasure to deal with and the Land Rover was perfect for our weekend trip to Sedona. Highly, highly recommended.
Nick S. - October 18, 2018
Land Rover LR4 2012
Had a great experience with Dennis. Great communication. Land Rover was perfect for our trip to Breck! Will definitely contact Dennis again for our next trip!
Chris Y. - January 7, 2019
Land Rover LR4 2011
Everything was perfect! Denisha was so nice and a breeze to work with! The Land Rover was super clean and we loved driving it around!
Philip K. - November 23, 2018
Land Rover Discovery Sport 2017
Erin's Land Rover was in great condition, fully loaded and spotlessly clean. Erin was flexible, helpful, and communicative. The two made for an excellent trip. Highly recommended.
Willi N. - December 28, 2018
Land Rover Discovery Sport 2017
Monty was incredibly responsive! The Land Rover was clean and new. It is a great car for a long road trip, comfortable, and so fun to drive. I’d definitely rent this vehicle again!
Christina C. - February 25, 2019
Land Rover LR4 2011
Denisha and her Land Rover were great. All-wheel drive was super handy to have in icy conditions. The car was clean and well-equipped and Denisha made the process easier than a rental agency. 5/5 stars.
Taylor A. - January 23, 2019
Land Rover Discovery 2017
Rauhan was very easy to communicate with and the Land Rover I borrowed was clean and drove very well! Pick-up and drop off was a breeze. Thanks Rauhan!
Lisa L. - September 29, 2019
Land Rover LR2 2015
Christian was the perfect host, super-friendly and hospitable. Pickup and Drop-off were punctual. The Land Rover was clean, beautiful, and drove like a gem - also this car has an absolutely INCREDIBLE sound system. Will rent from Christian again 100%.
Daniel L. - September 23, 2019
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2013
Derek’s Land Rover was amazing. Smooth process of exchanging keys, the car was immaculately clean and the gas tank topped of and ready to go. You really get the “cool factor” with this car.
Jason T. - June 25, 2019
Land Rover LR4 2012
Jonathan was so nice and accommodating despite a last minute booking. His Land Rover carried all six family members and luggage. Great driving car, will definitely look him up again when we go to STL.
Brian E. - July 7, 2019
Land Rover LR2 2009
Allen was a great person to deal with and was very fast to respond. The car was perfect for the roads that can get a little rough at times. It rode super smooth and felt like the quality machine that Land Rovers are known for. Not gonna lie, I was kinda sad to return it. Thanks Allen!
Ryan W. - February 9, 2019
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2006
We rented the Land Rover for trip to UT, Yellowstone and Jackson Hole. Communication with Ryan was great! Easy pick up and delivery with shuttle at the airport. Thanks Ryan!
Kimberly S. - July 22, 2018
Arni Thor
Land Rover Defender 2015
Great guys! Loved the Defender. Brilliant service, clean car and flex in booking. Little out of the way to pick up and stop the car but worth it considering getting a proper English car, namely a Land Rover. Thx!
Arni Thor J. - July 30, 2018
Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016
I had an excellent experience with Nabil's land rover!! He is flexible and communication was beyond great! I have rented 2 of his other vehicles as well and will continue to do so. Tia k you!!
Evelyn M. - July 25, 2018
Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016
Nora’s Land Rover was great! It was clean, had solid fuel economy and had great handling. Nora was also very easy to communicate with. Would definitely recommend this car!
Brady E. - July 28, 2018
Land Rover LR2 2009
Qiao is a friendly responsible renter. Easy to"work" with. The vehicle isn't fancy but it was perfect for our family of five. I recommend Qiao and his Land Rover.
Jim W. - August 11, 2018
Land Rover LR4 2010
Levi is very friendly and laid back to work with, and he keeps his Land Rover in really good shape. We loved having this vehicle for our 4-wheeling adventure and would definitely rent from Levi again!
Corey G. - August 13, 2018
Land Rover LR4 2012
Dennis was great to work with. He was prompt and responsive to any questions I had. I would definitely rent from Dennis again. The Land Rover was a great look and feel.
Sergio O. - August 22, 2018
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2007
Daniel’s Land Rover was well maintained and spotless. It performed very well and my family was extremely comfortable. I would definitely recommend renting from Daniel again and would so myself.
Aaron C. - August 1, 2018
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2011
Joe's land rover was a great choice for my wedding day. Pick up and drop off was a breeze. A lot of available torque and a fun to drive SUV 10/10 would Turo again.
Prasanth S. - September 13, 2018
Land Rover LR4 2013
Haden is flexible and ready to help. Land Rover was a great option for our family headed to the mountains. Easy pickup and return at Denver Airport. We would rent from Hayden in future.
Matt D. - January 9, 2019
Land Rover LR4 2011
Denisha was great and flexible in having the car ready for my trip. She communicated well and was helpful. Her Land Rover was great as well, loved the car! Thank you!
Ricardo G. - January 10, 2019
Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016
The Land Rover was the perfect car for touring around Lake Tahoe and Virginia City. I didn't have to worry about what the weather was going to do and it was very quiet and comfortable on the road.
Aaron F. - April 6, 2019
Land Rover LR4 2011
The Land Rover was in perfect working condition, super clean, and super comfortable. Shane was awesome to work with and couldn’t have made it easier. Thanks Shane - you rock man!
Matt A. - August 10, 2019
Land Rover LR2 2014
J was a class act throughout the entire process. Competitive pricing, super-clean Land Rover, and great communications throughout. I will definitely be working with him in the future. Highly recommend you reach out to him!!
Kris B. - September 3, 2019
Land Rover LR4 2011
Denisha was a great host; very accommodating. Her Land Rover was just what we needed for our family trip. Pick up and drop off was a breeze. Will definitely look her up next time we’re in town!
Nathaniel B. - September 11, 2019
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2020
I had a great experience renting his Land Rover with Parvin! Everything was really easy and communication was excellent. I would definitely recommend renting from him if you’re looking for an awesome car with no headaches. I will no doubt rent from him again!
Tony L. - September 3, 2019
Land Rover LR4 2011
The Land Rover was a great vehicle for the trip. Ride is very comfortable, plenty of cargo room, good gas mileage and lots of cool factor for the price. Pick up and drop off couldn’t have been easier. Would definitely use again when I go back.
Shane C. - September 23, 2019
Land Rover LR4 2011
Phenomenal is an appropriate word to describe Denisha. She’s very friendly and someone that you would enjoy being friends with. She did a great job of of explaining the features on her Land Rover. I highly recommend that you rent your next vehicle from her and I will definitely reach out to her should I need a rental again.
Robert G. - October 4, 2019
Land Rover LR2 2011
This was second time using Turo and once again it was awesome. Will was awesome to work with. His Land Rover was in great shape, clean, reliable and fun to drive. Will walked me through everything and was helpful through the entire experience. Great host! I’ll surely be rent from him again soon!
Eric R. - October 14, 2019
Land Rover LR4 2013
Haden's land rover was in great condition, extreamly easy to pick up and drop off and communication between us was very smooth and answered any and all questions I may have had.
Brandon O. - May 8, 2019
Land Rover LR3 2008
Adam was pretty easy to work with. He arranged for airport pick up and drop off. Communication went smooth. His Land Rover is spacious fun to drive but it is does only get 16MPG. Overall, our experience was very positive.
Alan B. - May 1, 2018
Land Rover Range Rover 2011
Brett’s vehicle is spacious and so clean! The best for families traveling to Las Vegas! Very smooth driving and the easiest pick up at the airport and drop off! I would highly recommend Brett and his Land Rover Range Rover!
Noelani C. - May 11, 2018
Land Rover LR4 2012
Colin’s Land Rover was the perfect vehicle for a day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park! It was spacious, comfortable, and clean. Would highly recommend for any group of 6 that is looking to ride in style and comfort.
Kishan P. - September 3, 2018
Land Rover LR4 2012
DJ's Land Rover was great for a quick weekend in Breckinridge. Plenty of space for luggage and gear. The vehicle was ideal and the ease of arrival and departure make this a no brainer.
Joe K. - September 4, 2018