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Tesla Model X 2017

32 trips
4 doors
5 seats

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Michael All-Star Host
201 tripsJoined Sep 2016
Typically responds in 9 minutes
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Model X 90D. Deep Blue exterior with the 5-seat, Ultra White premium interior. Welcome to the future: - Drive with confidence in the only SUV with a 5-star safety rating across all categories - Tackle the slopes with dual motor, digitally controlled all-wheel drive and all-season M+S rated tires - See the world around you with the enormous panoramic front windshield - Channel your inner Marty Mcfly with rear Falcon Wing doors - Live like a king with a self-presenting front door and power-operated (and remotely controlled) doors and tailgate - Breath easy with the most advanced air filtration system in a production vehicle (3-stage air filtration system featuring a HEPA filter, acid & alkaline gas filter, and charcoal filter) - Lower your blood pressure in LA traffic with Enhanced Autopilot - Bring ALL your gear with up to 88 cu. ft. of cargo capacity, including a large front trunk and three-level rear cargo area - Never pay a dime for gas with free unlimited Supercharging at Tesla stations - Forget range anxiety with 220+ miles of real-world range - Enjoy a guilt-free seating experience with all-vegan synthetic seating surfaces and steering wheel wrap (there is no leather in this car) - Save time with California HOV lane access (updated with red carpool sticker) Whether you're traveling on business, vacationing in sunny California, or just itching to drive a Tesla, my Model X is sure to impress. The car will be delivered washed and with at least 170 miles of range (usually more). For your convenience, simply return the vehicle as-is, remembering to keep the interior tidy and free of trash, spills, and heavy mud/sand. No need to wash or fully recharge the car. All I ask is that you ensure the battery has at least 50 miles of range, so I have enough to get home. Please note, while Supercharging itself is free for this vehicle, any idle fees accrued during a Supercharging session will be charged to your trip. See the Guidelines for more details on how to avoid these idle fees. If you decide to buy a Tesla, please consider using my referral link (, which gives you 1,000 miles of free Supercharging upon delivery. If you haven't yet signed up for Turo, you can use this link to save $25 on your first trip, regardless of which car you end up renting: Thanks, and be sure to check out my other vehicles: --> 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance (0-60 in 3.2 seconds!) --> 2015 BMW 435i Gran Coupe (custom ordered, full suite of M Performance upgrades)

Business class

This host caters to business travelers.


This exclusive car has additional safety checks for guests under 30.


Must be 25+ to book
Automatic transmission
All-wheel drive
Long-term car
Toll pass
Heated seats
Slacker music streaming
Panoramic windshield
Falcon Wing rear doors
Free supercharging
HOV (carpool lane) access


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Unlimited mileage


My guests are responsible and always return my cars in good condition. Thank you for doing the same! - treat the car with care - no smoking/vaping of any kind - no heavy perfumes/colognes - no eating inside the vehicle - no pets - when using Tesla Superchargers, move the car as soon as it's done charging; any accrued "idle fees" will be charged to your trip - return the car with at least 50 miles of range - charge no higher than 90%* *To preserve the health of the battery, only charge above 90% if you are able to continue driving immediately after charging. Do not let the car sit unused overnight with a battery level above 93%. I remotely monitor the battery state and reserve the right to lower the charge limit back to 90% if I suspect abuse or negligence. Generally, if you return the car in the same condition as delivered to you, all is good. :) On the other hand, if the car is returned excessively dirty, or if any smoke/vape odor is detected, a cleaning fee of up to $250 will be charged to your trip. YES, YOU CAN DRIVE ON TOLL ROADS! A FasTrak transponder mounted to the windshield simplifies your toll road experience--simply drive as you normally would. Any accumulated tolls will be charged to your trip at the conclusion of your rental period. YES, YOU CAN DRIVE SOLO IN THE CARPOOL LANE IN CALIFORNIA! The car is equipped with the red HOV sticker, which grants you access to the carpool lane without needing additional passengers. WHERE TO CHARGE --> Tesla Superchargers (recommended, free) You can charge the car for FREE at Tesla's Supercharger stations. If you use the in-car navigation system, it will route you through these Tesla stations automatically, as needed. This is the fastest and most convenient way to charge the car. Just pull up and plug in. If you're planning a road trip, you're very likely to have Supercharger stations along your entire route! **Important** When the car is done charging, please immediately unplug it and move it to a regular parking spot, so that others can charge. Tesla begins charging idle fees of up to $1.00 PER MINUTE if you do not move the vehicle once it's done charging. These fees will be charged to your trip at the conclusion of your rental period. --> Public Charging Stations (cost and charging speed varies) In either the front or rear trunk, you will find a small J1772 adapter that will allow you to charge at most public charging stations. The cost of charging varies greatly, as does the speed. Download the free PlugShare app for your phone to see the various charging options nearest to you. --> Charging At Home In either the front or rear trunk, you will find a 20-foot charging cable with two adapters: a plug for 240-volt NEMA 14-50 connections (RV/camper outlets, or electric dryer outlets), and a regular 110V plug for charging from any ordinary outlet. CHARGING TIPS Cold weather and high speeds will drain the battery more quickly. Generally, a 90% charge should give you more than enough range to get you to the next Supercharger, but you can maximize your range by doing the following: - keep your speed below 75mph - turn on Range Mode (this option can be found within the "Driving" settings screen) - set Regenerative Braking to STANDARD (this is the default setting) to re-capture more energy when slowing down - use the seat heaters instead of the cabin heater, or turn off the air conditioner - accelerate gently


  • Will the rear doors hit the car next to me? Will they hit the ceiling in a low parking garage?
    Sensors built into the doors and the roof detect obstacles, reducing the chance of contact. If possible, avoid parking underneath thin support beams, pipes, and fire sprinklers, just to be sure.


32 ratings

The car is very clean. This is with white leather seats. So it is VERY clean. Michael is very flexible. I returned the car 2 hours earlier than scheduled and he was able to accommodate the new time. Michael is also very knowledgeable and answered my questions with insights. He also provided me with tips on driving a Tesla. I would rent from him again.

Tat F.-Jun 5, 2019

Amazing! Michael was awesome in explaining the great features of his Model X. It made me feel comfortable and safe prior to using the car. He replied to any questions within minutes and was SUPER flexible on pick up/drop off time. Model x is in immaculate condition, and nonetheless beautiful. Fun, smooth drive ;)

Renita G.-Jun 3, 2019

Michael was so cordial and really sympathetic. He's the most compassionate person on this app. His tesla model x was very unbelievably clean, and with the cutting eagle technology this car has and the straightforward communication with Michael, this will be the finest ride you will ever encounter.

Anthony A.-May 20, 2019

Had a great experience renting the Tesla model X from Michael! I wanted to surprise my husband for the weekend and Micheal was very flexible and helpful to make it a fun surprise. He took the time to explain the car and all the amazing features. It was immaculately clean and a fun weekend. Will definitely be renting from him again!

Heather D.-May 13, 2019

We rented this blue model x for our wedding. It was a really fun car to drive! Everyone enjoyed it. When we picked up the car it was clean and charged pretty good. It was great to experience this car and hope to try out other ones in the near future!

Connor B.-May 7, 2019

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