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The car

Jeep Wrangler 2010

97 trips
17 MPG
Gas (Regular)
2 doors
4 seats

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Christopher Anthony
Joined Jan 1970


------ AIRPORT DELIVERY (FREE, PAY ONLY PARKING) ------ Pickup and return at the airport are free, as DIA is our preferred location for pickup and return. Many other owners charge a $30-80 Delivery Fee through Turo! New to TURO, try this link for $25 off! Instead of a fee, you are simply responsible for the cost of the initial parking, once you exit the airport lot. The rate is $8 per day. If we need to deliver the vehicle a few days before your arrival, we will reimburse you for any parking paid above $20. You are not responsible for parking costs after you return. The vehicle will be parked the evening before your arrive, at an official DIA parking lot. We use Pikes Peak which has Shuttles running from the main terminal every 5 minutes, 24/7. You’ll get initial instructions on how to find the lot and vehicle a few days before your trip, and then detailed photos, parking lot location, and when you find it we will unlock the car. When you return the car to the same lot, drop-off is a breeze. Leave the parking ticket and key locked inside the vehicle, and send me a messages with a few photos. Then just head straight to the terminal! NOTE: PLEASE BE AWARE RENTAL START AND END TIMES ARE EXACT. YOUR INSURANCE IS NOT ACTIVE UNTIL THE RENTAL STARTS, AND ENDS THE MOMENT YOU RETURN THE VEHICLE. PLEASE CHECK YOUR FLIGHTS TO ENSURE YOU DO NOT ARRIVE TOO EARLY, OR NEED TO DRIVE AFTER THE END TIME. ------ A FEW CONDITIONS ------ 1) CLEANING - Turo and I use the “campsite rule” when it comes to the interior of the car: Please leave the inside in as good or better condition than you found it. Excessive dirt, dust, etc that requires a visit to the vacuum may incur a cleaning fee. When it comes to the exterior, please wash away any dirt you’ve encountered on your trip, unless common sense dictates something else (rain is pending, roads are covered in winter slush, etc). We have a yearly subscription with Waterway for unlimited exterior and interior cleaning, which is provided to our renters at no additional charge. There are 5 locations across Colorado just pull up and tell them you have a monthly pass and they should take care of everything for you. If you go to Waterway they clean the car for you which we pay for all you have to do is wait for the car to be cleaned. 2) NO SMOKING - If the vehicles smells of any kind of smoke, you will be fully responsible for all costs associated with having the vehicle ozone decontaminated. 3) PETS - Are allowed, but we ask that you mitigate any potential allergy issues by laying down sheets, covers, or using a crate. Any found pet hair or dander may incur a cleaning fee. ----- GAS & TOLLS & TAXES ----- ***please note that all required taxes for rentals originating in Denver will be added after your trip. This will be sent to you in a reimbursement request after the rental is concluded within 30 days. Current tax rate is 7.25%*** GAS: If you’re unable to return the car with the same amount of gas you started with, please let us know in advance. We can take care of your fill-up for the next renter for only a $10 fee, plus gas. TOLLS: Can be a little confusing here, but the good news is 1) You probably won’t need to use them, and 2) They are all automated without booths. The car has a transponder mounted on the windshield, which has an HOV mode (free) on some roads, when there are 2+ people in the car (3+ beginning Jan 2017). If you use Tolls you will be charged the discounted fee plus $10 Processing Fee Check out these sites to learn where our toll-only and express lane roads are: If you use any tolls or gas, we will utilize Turo’s Trip Reimbursement tool to request payment after the trip is over. Remember it is a community car sharing service. Please return the car in the same clean condition as you received it for the next member of the community to use


Automatic transmission
Audio input
All-wheel drive
Long-term car
Toll pass