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The car

Nissan Rogue 2016

104 trips
28 MPG
Gas (Regular)
4 doors
5 seats

Hosted by

Kyle All-Star Host
2,165 tripsJoined May 2014
Typically responds in 1 minute
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First time user? Create an account with this link BEFORE booking to get $25 off your first rental: ------NO CLEANING REQUIRED!------* We know that Turo's requirement to clean the vehicle prior to return can be confusing, and different users have varying definitions of this rule. To simplify your trip, our pricing includes FREE light interior and exterior cleaning. Our valet staff will take care of a wash and vacuum upon your return. *This is within reason, per Turo's published guidelines. Messes left behind that meet Turo's definition of a medium cleaning fee (spills, stains, pet hair, smoking, etc) are subject to cleaning costs necessary to restore the car to usable condition. ------ PICK UP & RETURN @ DEN FINE AIRPORT PARKING ------ The car will be made available at the brand new, state-of-the-art facility, FINE Airport Parking, just 7-8 minutes from the airport with shuttles running 24 hours a day. Valet staff is onsite 24/7/365 to hand off the car personally, anytime you arrive. Simply bring the car back to the same location at the end of your trip, and a valet will be waiting with a shuttle near the lobby. ------SNOW GEAR------ Snow tires installed for the 2019 season!

Business class

This host caters to business travelers.


Automatic transmission
Audio input
All-wheel drive
USB input
Toll pass
Snow tires or chains
Backup Camera


1 - NO SMOKING OR VAPING Absolutely no tobacco, cannabis, liquid, etc smoking or vaping in the vehicle. Violators will be pursued for up to the full extent of Turo's $250 smoking fine. We are forced to utilize professional ozone decontamination when this occurs. 2 - TURO APP REQUIRED In order to have access to our messages and manage your trip, you will need to have the Turo app installed on your smartphone. All communications and trip extensions are done in the app or Turo website. 3 - PETS MUST BE CRATED Due to unknown allergies of other renters, and the fact that pet hair is a pain to remove, please crate your pets. 4 - TOLLS IN CO ARE AUTOMATED, HOV IS 3+ IN SOME EXPRESS LANES See FAQ entries for more details. All of our vehicles come equipped with a toll transponder on the windshield. No booths to stop at or change to gather. After the trip ends, we'll check what toll roads were used and request reimbursement. ? - UNSURE ABOUT SOMETHING? Please visit for official documentation.


  • Can I pick up or return the car to a custom location?
    All vehicle pickups and returns are done at FINE Airport Parking.
  • What is the condition of the vehicle?
    We love sharing this car with the Turo community! As such, it's encountered its fair share of wear-and-tear and minor parking dings. We try to update this list regularly, but rest easy, all existing damage is cataloged and documented by our valet parking staff. You won't be held responsible for any pre-existing wear. * Small dime-sized dent in front passenger fender
  • Are snow tires available?
    Snow tires are installed on the vehicle from November through mid-May each year.
  • Can I have the car earlier than my Trip Start time?
    Per Turo policy, we cannot provide the car prior to the time you put in your trip. Remember that Denver is in the Mountain Timezone. If you think your flight might get in early or you might be ready a little earlier than your current trip start time, we recommend adjusting it forward so you’re not waiting around for the car.
  • Can I use a temporary license?
    Unfortunately, no. A temporary driver’s license, a voided driver’s license, and a license with a different name from your profile is not allowed by Turo.
  • Can I keep the car later than booked?
    If you want to keep your car longer than you have it booked for, modify your trip in the Turo app to be returned at a later time. Failure to do so and then return the car late can seriously affect other renters who might have your car booked and will likely cause you to incur late return fees per Turo policy. Extend early! Our cars are very popular and sometimes are booked an hour apart.
  • Does my license have to match my profile name?
    YES!! Turo requires that the name on your Turo profile and your driver’s license match EXACTLY. If you need to adjust your profile name prior to your trip beginning, please contact Turo support directly at
  • Do I have to clean the car?
    Unlike most other Turo cars, we are happy to take care of basic cleaning at no cost to you! However, there are a few rare circumstances where cleaning fees would apply. For example: Smell of Smoke or Other Odors, Upholstery or Carpet Shampooing or Deep Cleaning, Exterior Excessively Dirty, Caked with Mud, etc.
  • What happens if I encounter minor damage like a windshield rock chip or flat tire?
    You're responsible for any damage to tires and glass. For windshield chips, we have a great glass guy who repairs most small issues for $30, payable after the fix. For tires, we have warranties and/or fleet accounts to remedy issues. While renters are responsible for costs of any tire damage, we work with you to make it as economical as possible.
  • How do toll roads work?
    You’re welcome to use toll roads here in Colorado, all of which are tracked and billed to us electronically. We’ll submit a request for reimbursement after your trip. Please simply approve the reimbursement request when you see it come through.


87 ratings

This was my first time using Turo. I was happily surprised by the ease of use. Thank you so much.

Tycha D.-Jun 24, 2019

This was my first experience using Turo and it is quicker and more convenient than traditional car rental services. Pickup and drop off was simple and quick. The car was clean and didn’t have any mechanical issues. I would recommend this service to fellow travelers.

Matthew L.-Jun 18, 2019

The car was great but I was most pleased about the parking service they used in the airport. The people were extremely kind and professional.

Derling P.-Jun 3, 2019

Car was clean. I couldn't have asked for a better pick up and drop off situation, besides delivery. This is probably the best situation for someone who is coming from and returning to the airport.

Jack W.-May 23, 2019

The vehicle was terrific. There was a service issue but Kyle took care of it right away. He was super responsive. I highly recommend this vehicle or any of Kyle’s vehicles. Had a great trip and will rent from him again!

Lisa W.-May 22, 2019

Car Location
Aurora, CO 80019

Denver International Airport