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Average ratings in Delaware (5 stars)

Tesla Model X 2016
Fantastic car and really understanding association.
Muhammad A. - October 25, 2019
Tesla Model X 2016
Wow. What a trip. What a vehicle. Jeramy, the owner, was super awesome and very flexible; even after my co-traveler had to cancel a planned multi-week rental with not a whole lot of notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Jeramy was super helpful in coordinating the amended (still 1,000 plus miles) trip; and I am already scheming with friends for going in together on future road trips (more on how actually affordable that can be, thanks to Jeramy and Tesla, at the end of this review:)... Jeramy’s pre-driving tour of everything was comprehensive and his words rang out, coming to me when needed most; (Spoiler Alert for the original (Episode IV) Star Wars;) like Obi-wan Kenobi calling out to Luke. There were so many times when his words of wisdom came to me down the line and I knew exactly what to do when demoing or driving... If you are thinking of getting a Model X it is wise to take a real-world trip first, to go beyond a test drive- and if you are just dreaming and want to experience the future, and perhaps have a competitively-priced unforgettable road trip vacation, look no further... Okay, let’s start with the cons of the vehicle first, and get those out of the way- with the understanding that I was so inspired by this trip that I am considering working for Tesla after this experience, or at least purchasing a model somewhere down the line if I am able: The biggest thing (almost mitigated by the approximately 300 mile current option for the newer Model X SUVs) was that while it was the the top of the line longest range Model X when Jeramy got it, on a really long trip you do have to stop more often and for longer than with a gas car. That said, it really is healthier to take breaks and stretch your legs on these road trips and I tend not to when I should. I also enjoyed napping at various super-charging stations and my wife (who usually has trouble sleeping anywhere outside of home, even in luxury hotels) and my niece (who had the whole second row to herself) slept like babies. The 2 front seats were nice and comfortable, the 3 “captain chairs” of the second row (unlike some of the newer models, they don’t fold entirely flat) seemed nice, and we never got into the 2 back seats but got no complaints from friends and family along the way (these seats fold down and might be a little tight for grown-ups on long trips, but are doable)... For free, or at least included free with Jeremy‘s Model X, supercharging stations were generally convenient but I did feel that I paid for a few more snacks than I might have on another trip-especially since I didn’t stop at rest areas to use restrooms but rather at places near superchargers- and as we just about approached New York City-although the superchargers were free- you had to pay for parking to get to them…. We never really had to use a slower charge rate setup (caused by sharing one charger right next to another Tesla (using both a and b units)), but I can imagine with more model 3s on the road down the line that might change – I do believe Tesla is planning to keep pace to create more superchargers... We sometimes overestimated the stops to make sure that with bad weather and missed turns we wouldn’t be caught with too low a charge (and we weren’t even dealing with winter weather, which would have slowed things down further re: time in-between, and getting to stops).... And as for the Falcon Wing doors: I personally love them and they were good overhangs in the rain (we always ate outside the beautiful interior, and tried to respect Jeramy’s trust in renting out such an expensive car). We eventually even turned off the auto presenting other doors to make everything more predictable. The Falcon Wing doors opened well in tight spots and tended to avoid people and objects- but despite the high-tech sensor array I would still be careful as if you duck underneath and someone is closing it you tend not to expect it to close on you from above. Nothing is perfect and (mostly because it takes people so much time to figure out the doors) I think Jeramy’s advise is wise: for passengers, it’s best to control the Flacon Wing doors for them from the fancy touchscreen (a little bit more on that later). Otherwise kids (including kids-at-heart) might want to play with them and it’s likely that some day a sensor won’t be able to catch up. I found them useful, fun, and cool- though it might be problematic if you were in a rush as people will want to come up and ask you about them and thus the car... I loved spreading the message of what Tesla is trying to do/ has already accomplished, so that was no problem for me... It is not a car to go incognito in (especially with those doors up:)... I guess the doors mean no roof rack, but there is some storage (with a Millennium Falcon-style hidden-ish compartment), and you could tow up to 5,000 pounds if needed (you would have to stop *a lot* more to charge and would have to take any trailers off when charging at most stations;)… Storage might get pretty tight with 5 or more people... And now for the rest (even with the quirks, I think it was amazing): First let me say that while the 0 to 60 and extra oomph whenever needed (passing cars, etc.) was exhilarating and awesome, my favorite (and perhaps an unexpected) aspect of driving in Jeramy’s Model X was the combination of Autopilot and the absolutely amazing views out the literally-over-the-top-windshield. I have always loved the view of my hippy-style Volkswagen Camper Van, and we have called the windshield in that akin to watching a 70mm widescreen movie of whatever’s outside. This was like going to one of the largest laser, HDR iMaxes- where it goes beyond your peripheral view... One of my favorite moments was being in auto-pilot and following a hawk flying over the turning, mountain roads as the sun rose up- and being able to follow it as it continued to soar directly up and over my head. Knowing that the car was able to handle the basics of driving (more on that later) I was able to rest at ease and spend those extra seconds watching it fly up and over and eventually behind me. Driving up and down the Poconos and later the Alleghenies it was like nature was putting on a show of multi-layered fog and clouds, sunlight streaming through- as if to show off and thank us for driving electric;)... I have traveled this basic route over 100 times each way and have rarely experienced it like this. I am almost always the driver the whole (or most of) the way on these trips and it was like being a passenger with virtually nothing in front of me (except for the design and engineering that have gone into making it the safest SUV ever rated (the only safer cars being other Teslas)... I could always switch off autopilot or adaptive cruise and feel the road in this quiet (no engine roar) cabin- and enjoy it like a driving enthusiast tends to like- but it was also beautiful to use autopilot and sit back and enjoy- and when there was heavily obscuring rain, where you could barely make out line markings I missed this most of all (eventually newer hardware versions of autopilot on newer Teslas will be able to theoretically handle this and drive anywhere under virtually any condition, this is a while off- and it is of course better the system doesn’t bite off more than it can chew)… If I had even one inkling of a complaint, it would be that the windshields sun visors – designed like magnetic iPad smart covers- could be a little thin in places, and I suppose didn’t have vanity mirrors- but once I understood that they magnetically snapped away to open up the incomparable windshield I got a sense of why the designers made the choices they did, and the bold, beautiful choice of the windshield more than made up for anything approaching a compromise (I did have my driving sunglasses as I always try to do on these types of trips)... I have heard that you might want to use the little attachment that Jeramy keeps in the trunk for putting over your heads if getting direct light when driving through a desert or something – but I doubt anyone’s used it yet and we did not need to… Ah, now for auto pilot: this feature, while still not the future planned auto pilot 2.0 hardware full self driving mode that will someday go from New York to California through every stoplight (which this version doesn’t stop at) and school zone while you snooze in the back, was incredibly, incredibly useful. My wife and niece found it easier to snooze with its smooth steering and I found that one can go way further on a trip without getting exhausted because so much of the load is taken off the driver. You are still responsible and have to lightly wiggle the steering wheel to prove that you are alert and able to take over at a moment’s notice, but you are able to relax and keep an eye on things while enjoying the view or looking for a water bottle, especially once you learn how to think about it; while I am not offering any legal advice about driving, etc.- here is our general impression: Think of it like you had a kid who has logged many, many hours of driving video games over the years. They are really, really good and have turned 16 and you are in the car with them. They stay perfectly in the center of the lane (I would recommend hugging the shoulders a little bit more with trucks that might stray a little outside their lane nearby) and turn perfectly smoothly almost all the time. You can relax most of the time but you always want to keep an eye on them, especially if line markings on the road start to disappear or you are on a turn in a 70 that a teenager or robot might feel comfortable with that you might choose to take a little slower... But really it performed great and alerted me at times when I should take over (and I did here and there when I wasn’t sure it would know how to deal with missing lane markings, etc.)... I was able to go over 100 miles with no real input and really enjoy that time, thoroughly. What an experience!:) It may have made me a slightly better driver by thinking through the exact technically correct way to drive, feeling the smooth transitions, and then reevaluating my own style... The most overwhelming impression I was left with driving (or especially essentially being “driven by”) this Tesla was the sense of design, thought, and care that went into this work of modern art. You may never trust some engineer more than when you are letting their algorithms drive you past a truck on a curvy mountain road going 70mph (I learned to look in the passenger side mirror for the lane marking behind me while judging the distance of the front and back of the truck to eventually get past the false notion that either the Tesla or the Truck were trying to get closer to each other and to at least realize the Tesla was staying exactly, exactly in the middle of the lane- and that it was I who had learned to to hug the shoulder in such situations years ago). But I was left with a deep, deep sense of appreciation for the design and thought and care that went through every choice, big and small. There may be some aspects that might be different choices from other “luxury” vehicles, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world... Ok, moving on- the sound system was quite excellent. I usually listen to audiobooks these days on long drives but I just couldn’t resist listening to songs on Jeramy’s premium ultra high fidelity audio system (12 speakers, I believe?). I loved how you could redirect the speakers by dragging your finger on the touch screen 360° and to pinpoint on a simulated above view of the car where exactly in the car you wanted them to converge at (Great for a wife with better hearing than me, and my niece with headphones laying down in the back :-))…. The sound was top notch, and the included internet streaming services were fantastic. While you could always sync your iPhone (which charged really, really fast!:-) via Bluetooth, etc. you could also call up just about any song and it would either play that song or often (if it was played recently perhaps?), play a different song that really fit the mood… The touch screen was huge and amazing and the selection of songs is almost unlimited; we called up standard ones like the almost obligatory “Life is a Highway” to the, perhaps more obscure like, “My kingdom for a Car”- by Phil Ochs:)... The car’s internet is from AT&T, I believe, and always worked (it is not a hotspot but it has a web browser included on the car’s computer; though of course being in a car, it does not play videos;). The maps and traffic reporting were all good, and it calculated out how much charge we would have left when we got to the various charging stations it plotted out for us (20 minutes to get maybe 120 Miles under optimal circumstances (battery not already too low or high, not too cold out or not having really heated up recently, etc.)). On Jeramy’s Model X (but not all the newest Teslas) these Super Charger stations are all 100% free to use (and if not on solar I believe are offset by solar somewhere else). They are faster than anywhere else and there are over 11,000 worldwide (as of July 2018); you can go anywhere in the US and back except for northern Alaska – and I find some of the slight sidetrips interesting ;-)…. Should you be going to Northern Alaska I guess make sure you can charge up way slower at campsites or peoples’ houses or other EV networks (some free, many for pay) and check with Jeramy first;). You can control anything from the touch screen (you can open but not fully close the “Frunk;” front trunk storage compartment remotely), all the doors give you real time feedback as to their position while they opening and closing- you can rearrange the seats, adjust their heat levels, adjust individual climate controls, raise or lower the air suspension (it remembers via GPS where you did this to avoid bottoming out in driveways in the future), and customize everything from the tightness of the steering to whether or not not you want that instant torque acceleration or, for some reason, don’t;)... My wife surprisingly thought she’d like to set the car to creep forward a little bit like a normal car does in drive (she didn’t drive on this trip), and you can even set that… I certainly found the regenerative brakes interesting and could generally drive with just the accelerator pedal or, more often than not, just by auto pilot (you usually don’t need to use the brake pedal with regenerative breaking on and you can even regain charge with it!). Even though the rear-view mirror is small you can set the clear backup camera to be on when driving, giving you great visibility and filling up your whole 17 inch screen- or you can choose to split and swap it top or bottom with navigation, controls, music, etc.... It took a little getting used to, but eventually I could find everything including, thanks to Jeramy’s tour, the “Easter Eggs”- hidden silliness and fun that the programmers added to the code for holiday or general merriment that have been uncovered over the years (when demoing, some people’s favorite thing was the green Christmas ornament one- won’t tell you more and suggest you don’t look it up online – just try it out, so long as your neighbors aren’t the complaining types;)... And finally, onto the value of this rental. Besides a seriously great tour and tech support if needed from Jeramy, this specific, approximately $120,000 car is actually a tremendous, tremendous value to rent- depending on if you are using it for especially longer periods of time, and especially when splitting it with other (approved) drivers...: Jeramy does not live in an extremely high-demand area I suppose, but that’s one of the reasons why people will travel hundreds of miles to rent from him- I’m not sure there’s a better deal in the country for a Model X. The difference for renting 4 or more days vs. a week is almost negligible as the price (as of July 2018) is almost the same for the weekly discount- so get it for a week and maybe split it with a nice couple or go on an adventure with a bunch of friends. At the weekly (or even better at more extended rates), it comes to about $100 a day. You would definitely want to consider at least the basic insurance- but a dented panel on a Tesla could easily add up quick, so to avoid high deductibles I’ll probably go for the full insurance from Liberty Mutual, through Turo…. That said, you could probably travel anywhere and back for two weeks with five total co-paying people in the car – maybe throw in two others, like kids in the back (or more reasonable room for luggage), and you could do it all for about $30 a day (per person)! Remember, you’re not paying for gas – and if you rent a model like Jeremy‘s – you don’t even have to pay for electricity! He offers unlimited miles, which means you’re not paying a per mile, you’re not paying for energy, you’re just paying daily! :-) Sure, there would be many, many, many charge stops on a long trip (the supercharging stations are generally located next to lots of businesses – even usually a gas station with a bathroom or something in the middle of the night), but the more you are using the car, traveling, the more it approaches the prices you would pay for just the gas on a regular car – plus, for true driver-swapping road warriors you can always nap while running the heat or air-conditioning without polluting the environment or breaking any local laws/ being unsafe running your car in place- you could skip hotels every once and a while and keep on going (just run everything you would plan to do and how you would be keeping the car in good shape by Jeramy;)!…. So with no mileage charges, no gas or other fuel sources, and maybe skipping hotels here and there (you can camp a bit near superchargers but why not maybe wake up by a lake or campsite?), you can travel very affordably- and majorly in style, to boot! I think that the Model X, and specially this one with a very flexible and more-than-reasonable owner, can be a tremendous value- especially depending on the type of trip you are interested in- and no matter what is worth the experience of driving the future of automobiles, today. Again, whether you are interested in purchasing one (the experience you get compared to a test drive is categorically different), or just wanting to have an amazing experience (and maybe show it off/share it with a bunch of friends and family), this is one opportunity I strongly encourage you not to let pass you by!:)
Daniel M. - July 27, 2018
Tesla Model X 2016
Great 1st time experience! I would definitely get this vehicle again, but for a closer trip because of the charging stations being so spread out. Jeramy and his gf were great at explaining the functionality of the vehicle.
Brandi C. - September 18, 2019
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2015
This car is great! Tons of storage and comfortable seating.
Sam G. - September 7, 2019
Tesla Model X 2016
He had to be one of the most amazing people you can rent a car from he gives you the easiest tutorial that’s like 10 min and he just goes above and beyond to make sure everyone works out ok with you. One of the best rentals I have ever done in my life. Also one of the coolest cars you can possible rent or own period
Tyler R. - April 28, 2019
Tesla Model X 2016
+ 5 Stars, it was funny and amazing trip. amazing car or the cool owner!!! Jeramy was very flexible and had solution for every problem. His tutorial was very informative. It was my first time driving Tesla and i did very well . I definitely recommended !!!
Amjad A. - June 21, 2018
Tesla Model X 2016
We rented Jeramy's Tesla for a log road trip to help us decide if we would be able to make a Tesla work for our family. Everything worked out supremely well, and we enjoyed the car so much! Jeramy was super responsive and had lots of tips on how to get to know the car. It was hard to give it back at the end of the week!
Michelle H. - June 17, 2018
Tesla Model X 2016
Jeramy was great the car was great!
Desmond M. - June 10, 2019
Tesla Model X 2016
Jeremy was an awesome dude and made the whole rental experience super easy! The car alone made my prom night amazing but Jeremy just added to the good time I had.
Nathan M. - May 5, 2019
Tesla Model X 2016
Jeramy is so rare, as a really really nice guy. He likes helping people and sharing his car in such a friendly way. I wish more people had his attitude.
Jonathan S. - July 28, 2019
Tesla Model X 2016
Jeramy was a perfect host the hospitality of this guy was just amazing and just a cool person in general the car was amazing and the simple fact that he was such a cool down to earth guy I don't believe he can do any better then he has currently done. Very clear with the car and how it works down to the very last detail rent from this guy man I promise you will not regret it life changing experience
Karen C. - May 28, 2018
Tesla Model X 2016
Jeramy was excellent! He was friendly, informative and has an amazing car! Can’t say enough about how amazing this car is!!
James C. - July 27, 2018
Infiniti QX60 2015
Bruce was amazing and I loved the car. Extremely easy to work with! Would for sure rent again from him! :)
Amanda K. - August 22, 2018
MINI Cooper 2016
The trip was perfect and Scott communicated really well to make the transaction seamless.
Rohit S. - September 18, 2018
MINI Cooper 2016
Great car and Scott’s super friendly. Will def use again.
Samuel G. - September 27, 2018
Nissan Murano 2009
Very good, we are very satisfied
Max R. - July 22, 2019
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2015
Clean vehicle with ice cold a/c and great fuel economy. Pleasure to work with, thank you!
Monica L. - August 6, 2019
Tesla Model X 2016
Everything was perfect. Excellent first experience.
Doug H. - August 5, 2018
Toyota Camry 2018
Very nice and flexible with all things.
Brian T. - August 22, 2018
Tesla Model X 2016
Model X was awesome, Jeramy is awesome, will definitely be renting again! Was a blast to drive, didn’t want to give it up.
Todd S. - September 8, 2018
Tesla Model X 2016
The Tesla is in great condition. It is very clean. Jeramy walked me through all the menus on the huge screen. Higher recommend.
Xianpai Z. - April 13, 2019