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Porsche 718 Boxste... 2017

51 trips
25 MPG
Gas (Premium)
2 doors
2 seats

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Rob All-Star Host
241 tripsJoined Dec 2016
Typically responds within 1 minute
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First time using Turo, sign up using the following link to receive $25 off your first trip!! For a review of this amazing vehicle please see the youtube video here! Trips from My home location and SFO are always available. If booking for San Jose or Oakland airport or another location, Please contact me first so we can verify that I am able to deliver and receive the car at that time. I make every effort to be available as much as possible but there are some times it just can't happen. Hopefully we can work it out. All SFO pickups and drop offs will be at the Turo Valet at the airport. It is easier for everyone that way. Very convenient for travelers. This beautiful 2017 Porsche 718 Boxter convertible is a Rear wheel Drive 2.0 L Turbocharged engine with over 300 horsepower, it has the 7-Speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) (automatic) Transmission. It is a gorgeous Jet Black Metallic with Black Leather interior. It is loaded with extras including Lane Change Assist Bose Premium Sound Navigation System Bluetooth Wireless Backup Camera Dual, Side and Knee Airbags Heated/ Ventilated/ Dual Power Seats Simple to use one button Convertible Top Cruise Control Traction/ Stability Control 4-Wheel Antilock breaks AM/FM/HD Radio w/ CD/MP3 Power windows/ door looks Alarm System Keyless Entry And much more!! This car is basically new and looks and drives like a dream! You can Uber or Lyft to my home and pick up there also, if it is your fist time using Uber or Lyft please use the code below to sign up!. I allow my customers 200 miles a day, if you go over it will be charged at $1.50 per mile. This car is a high performance engine and requires 91 octane gas. Please save receipts to verify that the correct gas was used. Tires will be inspected and tread will be pictured using a digital tread monitor before and after your trip. If tires are shown to have excessive wear you will be charged accordingly. Also my tires are marked so I know they are not removed from the vehicle and replaced with others. Taking curves to fast or doing donuts is strictly prohibited. The wear on the tires will tell if you have done this and you will be charged accordingly and reported to Turo. (I Hate to have to say this but there are tons of people out there that are dishonest and will do this). This will in no way affect responsible drivers. Car will be detailed and cleaned before each trip. I ask that you bring it back freshly cleaned. If you can not or don't have the time, no problem. I have a place around the corner from my house that does an amazing job so just give me $30 upon returning the car and I will get it cleaned for the next driver. It is registered with Fastrak for all tolls in the area, please keep track of Fastrak use so we can square it up at the end of the rental. If you forget, No problem, I will bill you through Turo after the statement comes in. NO PETS, FOOD, or SMOKING of anything allowed in the car, if this is a problem please do not rent it. If you are found to do any of these you will be reported to and charged accordingly by Turo. **Car is monitored for excessive speed and acceleration through an app on my smartphone. I will be notified when any speed over 80 mph is reached and an extreme acceleration is done. If this is done in excess on your trip I will report the actions to Turo and you will be billed appropriately** I hate to do this and if you are responsible it will not be an issue at all, this is a high performance motor and I have to protect my investment. If this is a problem, please do not rent the car! This allows me to get a break on insurance and keeps my cost down for you on my cars! Thank you FEES $125 per tire for any curb rashes on the Tesla, Jaguar F-Type, Mazda Miata, Porsche 718 Boxster. $250 for cleaning for smoke smell, Vape smell, pets, excessive staining and spilling food or drinks. $10 administration fee on top of actual cost of gas/toll violations/citation. To avoid the fee Drive Speed Limit, Fill up the gas at the end of the rental, don't run tolls without Fastrak. I try to keep cars clean for check out as long as I am given sufficient notice, they're expected to be returned int he same condition as they were checked out in. If the car is significantly more dirty than it was on check out, you will be charged a cleaning fee. Smoking and Pets are strictly prohibited in all vehicles and you will be fined through Turo if the policies are violated. Also, late returns are absolutely not accepted, If you pick up the vehicle late that's usually not a problem for me as long as you let me know you're running behind, however picking up late DOES NOT mean you can return the car late. The car is due back no later than the listed Turo time (This is to protect you as insurance is covered during the rental periods only) If you're running behind, please modify the trip through Turo to avoid late fees. In closing, this is a fun car and I love it so please take care of it like it is your own. NO TRACK USE AND ALWAYS OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS! Please feel free to contact me with any issues or questions! Thank you All cars have GPS trackers installed incase the car goes missing. This is common practice in the community and your location will not be shared with anyone. This is strictly for insurance purposes and to protect my investment. Thank you

Business class

This host caters to business travelers.


This exclusive car has additional safety checks for guests under 30.


Must be 25+ to book
Automatic transmission
Audio input
Long-term car
USB input
Toll pass
Heated seats
Parking Assist
1 switch convertable
PDK automatic Transmission
Heated/ Cooled Seats
Supercharged 300 Horsepower Engine
Keyless Entry
Power Everything


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
One-way trip
I fly to LAX, San Diego, Las Vegas Airport, or any other major airport in the region to pick up the car. By choosing this option, you agree to cancel the trip if we can not work out the timing. Im usually available on evenings and weekends.
Post-trip cleaning
Return the car hassle free, without worrying about cleaning up after your trip. Does not cover upholstery cleaning, spills, stains, pet hair, or smoke removal.
Post-trip cleaning
Return the car hassle free, without worrying about cleaning up after your trip. Does not cover upholstery cleaning, spills, stains, pet hair, or smoke removal.
Unlimited mileage
Unlimited miles
Prepaid refuel
Save time and make dropoff a breeze by adding this Extra, which allows you to return my car at any fuel level. Price includes up to a full tank of gas.

Parking details

If you want to leave your car here there is usually plenty of safe parking while you take your trip.


Animals, Food, Drinks and Smoking are prohibited! Only use 91 octane gas and save the receipts for me Never take to a track and obey all traffic laws Enjoy the car as your own but please treat it with the respect you would if it was yours!


  • What type of Gas do I use?
    Only use 91 Octane in this car. Please save or text me the receipts to prove the correct gas is being used.
  • Can I take this car to a track?
    No, this car is being rented for highway and in town use only! You are agreeing to obey all traffic laws at all times! Car is monitored for excessive speed and acceleration. You will be billed accordingly and reported to Turo for violations.
  • Are pets, food, drinks or smoking allowed?
    Absolute not and this is non negotiable, if this is an issue please do not rent this car
  • Is the convertible easy to use?
    It is as simple as pushing a switch!
  • Do I need to return the car cleaned and with a full tank of gas?
    Yes please return the car in the same condition it was when you picked it up. If you don't have time to clean it you can simply give me $35 and I will have it detailed for the next renter.


43 ratings

The host cancelled this trip 4 days before it started. This message was automatically posted by Turo.

Turo-May 13, 2019

Rob’s Boxster was perfect for a drive up and down the coast. A fun car in great condition (complete with real tires - a seeming rarity in the Turo world!) Turo Valet was a good experience also and made pick up and return easy.

Brian L.-Apr 30, 2019

Car was a blast, and Rob is great and fast at responding!

Steven B.-Mar 18, 2019

Awesome car loved it . Me and the wife had a great time!!

Victor K.-Jan 2, 2019

The drive arrangements were handled smoothly, with no difficulty. Beautiful, fun car in perfect condition.

David D.-Dec 31, 2018

Car Location
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

San Francisco International Airport