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smart fortwo 2015
I was excited to rent a smart car and Robin was very responsive and accommodating. I would definitely rent from him again in the future.
Ellen W. - July 1, 2018
smart fortwo 2017
The best experience of renting car. The owner of the car was very welcoming and the car super clean. Always wanted to try Smart, now I can definitely say that it worth. I recommend, for sure. Thanks!
Hennadii B. - May 21, 2018
smart fortwo 2008
Thanks very much for the smart car rental Eidref! It was really fun to drive and everything was easy. Will use your service again next time :)
Wanderlust 0. - June 11, 2018
smart fortwo 2014
Always wanted to drive a smart car so I decided to rent this one. Enjoy driving it doing my errands easy to find a park. Easy pickup and drop off. I recommend highly Allen’s smart car fortwo.
Tujuana B. - April 1, 2019
smart fortwo 2013
I would recommend everyone to rent Todd smart car
Carol M. - August 8, 2018
smart fortwo 2013
Hey. Thanks very much for the Smart car rental! It was fun to drive and everything was easy. Will use your service again next time I’m in San Jose!
Kenneth L. - May 9, 2018
smart fortwo 2015
What a fun little car! Chris and Tim were super helpful and timely. Rent their Smart, you won’t regret it!
Vladislav E. - November 23, 2018
smart fortwo 2012
Business trip. George went the extra mile! Forget other car rental companies! I’m staying with George!
Janice M. - August 25, 2019
smart fortwo 2008
Andrew made my smart car rental a breeze! He was flexible, dropped off the car to the airport and found me personally at baggage claim. Couldn’t have been any simpler and the car itself was surprisingly fun to drive. Highly recommended!
Wes O. - January 20, 2019
smart fortwo 2009
Mario was awesome. His car is awesome. If you ever wondered what it was like to drive a smart car around Mario is your man. The car drove like any car. Nice and smooth. I would book a trip again from him for sure.
Gil Y. - January 9, 2019
smart fortwo 2015
Positive experience rent "smart car fortwo" from Turo. Renter was really helpful in communicating to pick up and drop off. It was very convenient for picking up and dropping off if you are traveling from Atlanta airport. Highly recommend this renter and the rental car.
Hyun K. - April 2, 2019
smart fortwo 2015
The car was fantastic and Mike was a great host, easy place to pick up/drop off the car from Manhattan, i would definitely rent this smart car again.. easy to park, very good on gas etc... i definitely recomment.
Victor S. - July 4, 2019
smart fortwo 2010
we frequently rent these smart cars for local trips. the owner is usually pretty quick to respond and parking in that area is nice and easy.
Renata C. - April 15, 2018
smart fortwo 2010
Renting Nikola’s was very easy and straight-forward. The car was also in great condition. Communication with Nikola was very easy. Would definitely rent his smart car again.
Cristian G. - August 14, 2018
smart fortwo 2013
I don’t usually rent Smart cars but I didn’t have too much stuff to lug around and the price was right. You can’t beat it for parking either. Chris was super accommodating when I needed to change my pickup location and I would definitely rent from him again.
Mary B. - February 5, 2019
smart fortwo 2009
Great people... No fuss car rental
Edward F. - November 8, 2018
smart fortwo 2014
Heather was a great person to rent a car from. She was very helpful and flexible.
Sean R. - July 15, 2019
smart fortwo 2008
He is my favorite to rent a car from!
Lindsay B. - May 17, 2019
smart fortwo 2017
Better than any big car rental - reliable and honest
Brandon W. - February 12, 2019
smart fortwo 2014
Wonderful experience! This is the best Car rental experience I ever had Thank you very much I <3 SMART Car!
Nereus S. - May 6, 2018
smart fortwo 2008
First time using Turo or driving a smart car and it was an absolute pleasure. Zach was super speedy with his replies and didn’t miss a detail of information about the car rental from beginning to end which made the whole experience very easy. I now how a new found love for smart cars. I was surprised at how nimble and speedy and spacious it actually was. Would 100% rent again
Olivia M. - August 20, 2019
smart fortwo 2009
A Good owner to rent a car from
Jeff H. - May 13, 2018
smart fortwo 2013
Really easy to rent a car with Zach!
Julie M. - November 5, 2018
smart fortwo 2009
AWESOME dude to work with and his little smart car is a sweet little car to drive! Wouldn’t rent a car through anyone else!! Give the little smart a try!!
Matt S. - August 4, 2019
smart fortwo 2014
You get your money's worth. With that in mind is how they got 5 stars from me. The car was fun to drive, smallest one I've ever driven. It is incredibly spacious, in fact I would forget what I was driving if it were not for the extra space in the lanes and parking. I'm not sure if I used any gas, but ended putting a filling it with a couple of gallons to make sure that I did return it with more gas than I received it. The car did have a couple of issues, but only minor ones. Remember, this is not business class, that is why it's so affordable. I told Lance about the issues and he was happy to be informed about them. He is quick to respond to any message and very friendly. I will probably rent a Smart again if it's just me.
Guillermo D. - October 29, 2018
smart fortwo 2013
Very seamless process to rent Tara’s smart car for two. All our backpacking gear fit in the compact car just fine and pick up and drop off were simple and fast
Megan K. - September 17, 2018
smart fortwo 2015
I was in town for some interviews and Ravi's car was great for zipping around town. It was easy and super fun to drive! Would definitely rent the smart fortwo from Ravi again!
Renee L. - August 31, 2018
smart fortwo 2015
Lance’s smart has Bluetooth, GPS, and decent sound. I’m looking forward to renting from him again the next time I need a car rental.
Osahon O. - April 10, 2018
smart fortwo 2008
Great car especially in California where gas can get pricey. Randolph was very professional, friendly, and more then accommodating. I’d recommend him over any car rental company
Michael K. - July 3, 2019
smart fortwo 2008
This one of the best car rental I have ever experienced.
Ritam J. - December 27, 2018
smart fortwo 2013
Good solution for being flexible in an easy way! First option for car rental in future!
Felix M. - September 29, 2018
smart fortwo 2016
Easy and convenient car rental! Thanks Anthony for a great trip!
Claire W. - October 14, 2018
smart fortwo 2016
Carmen was absolutely awesome to rent a car from! Really great at communication and would definitely recommend! Plus the smart car was fun to drive around!
Parth S. - August 26, 2018
smart fortwo 2012
She was awesome with instructions and it was easy to rent her Smartcar. Great on gas for me! I would rent a car from Tara again! Thanks!
Carina's D. - August 31, 2018
smart fortwo 2012
The best guy for rent a car, perfect car, everything works, have a cd inside the car with good music, I will rent again
Rafael R. - June 24, 2019
smart fortwo 2015
I had to rent a car for a few days to get to work and Cardell’s Smart car was a quick and fun way to get around :) A pleasure to rent from, especially for those new to Turo. Thank you!
Alexander R. - May 16, 2019
smart fortwo 2015
Everyone should rent from Luke!!!! He also has two cash car rental locations in Atlanta GA... Thanks Luke
Jeremy J. - August 11, 2018
smart fortwo 2016
Car was awesome, Matt (owner) super responsive and professional. Better than renting from any other car rental company.
Brandon W. - January 30, 2019
smart fortwo 2015
The entire experience was great! Much less expensive than traditional car rental. Perfect for local trips. Richard was quick to respond to questions. Will definitely use again.
Michael L. - April 14, 2019
smart fortwo 2013
Wonderful little car for drive around Vegas !! I will rent a car again from Tara when I’m back in Vegas
Kushan A. - March 7, 2019
smart fortwo 2012
Fu-Kang is very responsible and kind. He always promptly replies to my message and solves the problems!!!! I Highly recommend that you rent a car from him!!!!
Haishan W. - May 10, 2019
smart fortwo 2008
Awesome car, awesome rental. 100% would rent again.
Dwayne K. - October 29, 2018
smart fortwo 2013
Awesome experience. This was my very first car rental EVER in life and I will definitely book again! Thank you Anthony for making this a positive experience
Ebony H. - January 29, 2019
smart fortwo 2015
Mireya was such a great host to the car rental. Quick with communication, car was so convenient to use. It was great! Cool little ride, forsure.
LiSa C. - October 3, 2018
smart fortwo 2008
David was amazing. He response quick and kept it professional at all times. If I have to rent a car I will definitely rent from him again.
Karen S. - February 21, 2019
smart fortwo 2015
Landy was awesome, and my girlfriend and I really enjoyed traveling around Florida in his Smart car! He was timely and met us right at the airport, so the whole process was even more convenient than a traditional car rental. Keep up the good work!
Darrick A. - January 3, 2019
smart fortwo 2008
In my experience, Danny communicates well, is straightforward, provides good equipment, good pricing, Dan showed Great integrity, by being true to his word, being where and when he says, even if it’s not his issue to resolve. In short, a business man running a car rental business in Turo. I hope to run across more Danny’s. My experience? You can trust him. Pat
Pat A. - July 6, 2019
smart fortwo 2018
Dalvin was a great and flexible host. I was able to pick up right outside baggage claim and just leave it at the airport charger at 5am on my way out. The ForTwo I rented was a real joy to ride, and the price was comparable to the big car rental agency we normally go with at work.
Nathan B. - July 23, 2019
smart fortwo 2016
This was by far one of the more amazing rental experiences I’ve had all around! Brian provided clear & concise information to make the rental process as seem-less as possible! Not only that, but this was my first time ever in a Smart Car & was a great experience! I would definitely rent another Smart Car again & would rent from Brian again even if he has a different car! 5 star rating all around
Reece J. - March 23, 2018
smart fortwo 2010
It was a pleasure to rent the smart for two from Christopher, it's smart to have a smart, we parkt every where, it. Goes long on the gas, and it took us on an amazing and incredible trip we will keep in our hearts for life time, and just as well Christopher who was so well informative and generous, it was a big pleasure.!! Its a great and a fabulous car.!!
Suzann J. - June 29, 2018
smart fortwo 2008
This car was great for my husband to drive to and from work for the week. The car I ordered hasn’t come in yet so we thought it would be smart to rent a car while we wait. It turned out great!
Paul B. - August 17, 2018
smart fortwo 2014
First time actually renting a car through Turo and I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant experience. Elio has been very helpful from the time I booked my reservation, throughout my trip and when I dropped the car back off with him. I would DEFINITELY recommend everyone rent a car through Elio when you're in town.
Farhan J. - July 7, 2019
smart fortwo 2015
I rented the smart car. Very inexpensive but one flaw was I rented it around 4pm and by 7pm it broke down. But awesome customer service that the company sent a tow truck within an hour and got a full refund on the rental.
Tharaneiswaran T. - June 18, 2019
smart fortwo 2008
This was my first time using Turo. I’m so glad I had a good experience. Pick up and drop off was really straight forward. Thank you!! :) I really liked the car I got a chance to experience driving my first smart car. Filling up was so inexpensive. Awesome I encountered a lot of rain and wind on my trip so the car was kind of moving a bit, however, this is coming from someone that drives big heavy trucks all the time. I would absolutely recommend renting from them again.
Angelica W. - August 14, 2019
smart fortwo 2009
This was a flawless first time renting on Turo thanks to Zach and his adorable fleet of Smart cars!
Eric M. - August 24, 2019
Patrycjusz (Pat)
smart fortwo 2016
Heather’s Smart Car was definitely a Smart Choice !! The car definitely has a Wow Factor in how Rare and Cool it looks and drives !! Very economical and was a great value for what you get !! Highly recommend renting with Heather !!
Patrycjusz (Pat) W. - August 21, 2019
smart fortwo 2013
I am moving from Vegas and sold my car sooner then planned so rented Tara’s smart car fortwo for 16 days until my departure. The pickup/drop off was very easy and convenient, and not so far from Vegas strip. I enjoyed driving the smartcar to and from work. It was great on gas and convenient. There was an issue with the windshield wiper handle inside the car falling off on the first day with basically a touch. Tara was very helpful and communicative during this situation while we worked together to resolve it, though it did make me wary of the overall quality and sturdiness of things in and on the car. The hood to the engine of the car somehow came unhooked on my last day with it when I was going through a car wash but nothing came of that, fortunately. Other then that there were no other issues. Tara was always very responsive and helpful with any questions and would 100% recommended her as a host!!
Megan Z. - August 28, 2019
smart fortwo 2008
Wow, FIRST CLASS service!! Dan was punctual and an incredibly nice person to work with. We were looking for a cheap convertible for our trip to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks (which BTW really adds to the visit). Andrew's Smart Convertible fit the bill. Worried about its size? Fear not, the truck fit two carry-on sized luggage bags no problem. Need a convertible....GET THIS CAR!
Michael M. - September 7, 2019
smart fortwo 2013
Anthony’s smart fortwo was the perfect get around car for our couple of days in the Portland area. It made getting from place to place so simple, especially when it comes to parking, and was so fun to drive. He was also very communicative and helpful when we were having issues coordinating drop off and contacting customer service. I would definitely recommend renting from him if you need a cute car to get around for a few days!
Felicia B. - August 27, 2019
smart fortwo 2015
Jose the host was very attentive and made sure the pick up as well as the drop off was a smooth as possible, he made sure that I follow standard protocol with assessing the vehicle making sure we are in agreement that everything was good to go with the rental. The smart car was delivered freshly washed and vacuumed, almost seemed I drove it out the lot for the first time. All in all I enjoyed the smart car and would definitely rent from Jose if the need is there.
Jesus R. - August 28, 2019
smart fortwo 2015
Galen provided a great Smart Car. He greeted me early on a Saturday morning with the car ready to go and advice on how to drive it. He was flexible on returning it and a pleasure to rent from.
Patrick D. - September 2, 2019
smart fortwo 2010
What an amazing experience. I am absolutely in love with smart cars now. Was worried it would be like a toy car and intimidated by it’s small size. I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing from the joy of driving it! The convertible feature is super cool, as it has two position settings. Arash gave me a proper tour of the functions of his lovely car. It even comes with a super cute license plate cover. It will brighten anyone’s day, for the kid of heart. I was also stopped by curious pedestrians regularly and the car was photographed by visiting tourists. Great conversation opener. All in all, I should start selling these cars, because my experience was simply perfect. AC works great, as does the heat when the roof top is down. Sexy little firecracker of a car. Sometimes it felt like a stick shift, and you handle it like an electric car, allowing it small transmission to change gears. Yet, once at desired speed..I felt the cars true potential. First time pumping premium gas in a rental, and I only spent 15.00! Drove a lot, and this is a very good economical option! Take good care of her, and she will do the same!
Matylda W. - September 7, 2019
smart fortwo 2009
I had a great experience using Mike's car. The app is easy to use and I had an amazing experience renting a smartcar, it is perfect for big city like NYC. Easy pick up/drop off in Jersey city. The vehicle was really great on gas mileage, i will definetely rent it again :)
Victor S. - September 12, 2019
smart fortwo 2013
It was the second time I rent a car with Tara and I will do it again if I need. The car is perfect and clean, Tara is really easy to communicate with. I totally recommend to rent her car!!
Audrey L. - July 4, 2018
smart fortwo 2008
Alfredo is super nice, available and the car was in great conditions! I highly recommend him! When I come back I’ll rent a car with him again. Thank you ;)
Bianca S. - October 27, 2018
smart fortwo 2013
Thomas is a great person to rent a car from very quick to respond to any questions. Also very customer oriented which is amazing. 10/10 would rent from again.
Gabriela T. - September 25, 2018
smart fortwo 2014
I had to rent a small car for a couple of days to get around in the area since I sold my own car. The Smart is a great car as it's fuel efficient and fun to drive! Would definitely rent it again and recommend any other person if you want to rent something economic but not boring :)
Maurits D. - April 22, 2019
smart fortwo 2008
If you need to rent a reliable car please pick earl’s cars. Great little car and amazing on gas.
Collin S. - October 27, 2018
smart fortwo 2017
Everything was great! Andrew made sure we were properly set up. He met us at the rent-a-car center which was a quick shuttle ride from the airport. The car was clean and with a few instructions, we were ready to go. I was pleasantly surprised with his SmartCar. It was comfortable and perfect for 2 people zipping around Vegas. We had an early flight time out but Andrew was there to meet us before sunrise when we returned the car. It was my first Turo experience and I have zero complaints!
Ajene' H. - November 14, 2018
smart fortwo 2014
The Smart was an interesting drive! I had a lot of driving to do between San Diego and L.A. over the course of a week, so wanted a fuel efficient car, which it was. I had always wanted to try a Smart, so I did for the first time :-) It wasn't as powerful as my own Honda CR-V, but it did just fine, even with A/C running up and over hills. The company was so kind and communicative as well, when it turned out that I'd navigated to their listing after filtering for free delivery, but hadn't noticed that that applied only for two week- and not one week-rental. They kindly accommodated me on the way back and I didn't have to drop the car off far from the airport. I received the car clean and fit, and would definitely use them again for any of their cars. Tip: you can get the Bluetooth working if you Google how to do it! :-)
Emily G. - June 8, 2018
smart fortwo 2015
I rented the smart car on a whim, and to save money! It went great, drop off/pickup was easy, and super flexible, and Robbi always made sure to act in the best interest of the renter (me), whether it be in terms of saving money or time/effort to get the car. She was fabulous, and so was the smart car. I will say the car is definitely more suited to downtown/city driving and doesn't handle bumps on interstate all the well, but it definitely went great for the price and car type! If we ever need a car rental again in the downtown area for a vacation, I would not hesitate to rent this lil car again!☺️
Abigail H. - July 11, 2018
smart fortwo 2013
This is my first experience with Turo and the experience couldn’t have been any better!! I rented a smart car which is a vehicle I’ve never driven before. At pickup Tara’s husband was there to show me how everything worked & helped me with the app. The car was clean & Tara was able to provide me with a blanket and phone charger as requested. This car was great on gas, spacious inside & a lot of fun to drive!! Prior to returning the car I washed and vacuumed out the car and filled it with 91 octane fuel. And when dropping it off Tara was there to inspect everything and complete the booking. This was so much better than renting from a car rental company.. I would definitely book a car with Tara again!
Jenna D. - October 15, 2018
smart fortwo 2009
I was amazed at the flexibility of my host. No where else can you rent a car at 11pm. I chose a vehicle I was always curious about and not familiar with. Ended up being pleasantly surprised. Kudos to the owner answering questions late at night about the vehicle. Great experience!
Paul D. - October 7, 2018
smart fortwo 2013
My husband and I travel for work a lot. We were going to the usual go to rent a car companies until we found Janith. 100% of our business and leisure travel will now be with her. If you haven't done business with Janith, you really don't know what your missing. Excellent job girl, love ya!!
Michelle T. - July 25, 2018
smart fortwo 2008
This was my first time using this platform to rent a car. Everything went perfectly. So glad that my first experience was renting from Janith. She made the whole thing easy and convenient. Can’t wait to rent some of her other cars.
Jeremy Y. - January 10, 2019
smart fortwo 2008
Jeff is one of the best people out there to rent a car from. He is incredibly understanding, super easy going and amazing. The car was as pictured and fits well for two. Its a great catch in Charlottesville. Loved my trip
Malvika J. - September 21, 2018
Amelia Merie
smart fortwo 2013
great little car but be WARNED - it does not have AC so I was a sweaty little rat on my road trip into Savannah! Probably won’t be a problem during the cooler months. super clean car, cool car host. first time driving a smart car, won’t be my last. ok might be my last but I’d rent from Luke again!!
Amelia Merie G. - June 26, 2018
smart fortwo 2013
Anthony was great to work with - very communicative and helpful (this was my first time to use Turo). His car was impeccably clean and, since I was using it for 2 weeks, there was no charge for airport pick-up and drop off, both of which were prompt and incredibly convenient (right at the door!) I requested to adjust my return time a bit just a few hours in advance and Anthony was great about coordinating that with me, too. I had always wanted to try out a Smart car and this was a fun, affordable and easy way to do so. Anthony’s rates beat all the mainstream rentals by a long shot!
Alison E. - July 24, 2018
smart fortwo 2010
One word.. amazing! We had to have our truck in the shop for about a week due to transmission problems and Scott was totally understanding and flexible the whole time! This little car is the way to go! Very good on gas, easy to get around town in, and pretty decent storage space in the back as well! Whether your in town for a trip or getting your car worked on Scott’s smart fortwo is the way to go! If I ever need a rental again I know exactly where to go! :)
Dustin G. - October 26, 2018
smart fortwo 2016
What a fun little car!! It was my first time driving around town in a smart car but it made all the difference. Parking spaces were easy to find, merging was a breeze, it was fun! Matthew was an excellent host. He was quick to answer questions and super nice when I had trouble with the app. I would love to rent this car again!!
Briana L. - June 21, 2019
smart fortwo 2015
This was my first time using Turo as well as my first time driving a smart car and both experiences were wonderful. George was very flexible and accommodating to my multiple delayed flights which pushed back my ability to pick up my rental. Once I had the car it was the perfect vehicle for me to get around the city to look for apartments and going out. The car is kind of small when it comes to having more than one person in it (my boyfriend is 6'2 and looked miserable in the passengers seat and incredibly uncomfortable when dropping him at the airport with a large suitcase) but that's relative. For the price everything was perfect and I would 10000% recommend.
Toniesha J. - June 15, 2019
smart fortwo 2009
It was my first time using Turo and my first time driving a Smart car so I was a bit apprehensive but Brittney was super communicative and extremely helpful in explaining how the car works. I loved the car, it’s zippy and fun, it drives great both in the city and on the freeway, and it’s clean and well accessorized. Brittney made it very easy for me to pick up and drop off the car and she and her husband had friendly vibes. Will definitely rent again!
Valentina R. - June 23, 2019
smart fortwo 2016
Andrew was such a nice guy to work with! He was pretty flexible with pick up and drop off so that made it easy! His smart car is well kept & such a fun little sporty car to drive. Would definitely rent from him again!
EmmaLee R. - June 23, 2019
smart fortwo 2015
Let’s just say it’s a smart choice renting with Speed! Good communication allowed for timely and efficient pick up and drop off. Great car for two and light packers alike.
Mason W. - July 3, 2019
smart fortwo 2016
Daniel was great teaching me how to use the car. I have never driven an all electric car before so I was nervous I would run out of battery, but he explained me everything and I felt confident. The car was amazing, it’s so cute and beautiful and drives really well. I completely forgot I was driving an Smart, it’s so spacious and safe. I will totally rent again! Thanks Daniel!
Camile D. - July 3, 2019
smart fortwo 2008
This rental was great and the trip went very smooth! Binh gave us great recommendations for spots to check out while in Portland and the smart car was perfect to get us wherever we needed to go. Highly recommend!
Vivek J. - July 28, 2019
smart fortwo 2009
Quang is an awesome host. He was incredibly flexible throughout the booking process, extremely prompt, and very nice to chat with. He's clearly also a straight up cool guy. There's a reason I rented his smart car for a whole month, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
HASSAN R. - August 1, 2019
smart fortwo 2013
This was my first time using Turo and driving a Smart car, both were amazing! The little guy drives awesome and is so freaking adorable. My boyfriend is 6ft, moderately heavy and he fit well! Mike and his wife were very accommodating when I had to drop the car off early. If I'm back in the area, I will definitely rent from them again!
Amber C. - August 2, 2019
smart fortwo 2009
I rented this smart car for my wifes birthday as she has always loved them but has never rode in one. Dan was very informative and an awesome host. His smart car was just a blast. We started in bayport and took the scenic route up to taylors falls and back stopping for lunch, minigolf, and walk in the bluffs. If you have not driven one you have to try dans out. Its amazing and now my wife wants one so im sure we will return for more rentals of this smart car. She has not stopped smiling yet!
Ryan A. - August 6, 2019
smart fortwo 2014
I absolutely loved driving an electric car. The smart is great for LA driving and parking around Downtown, Hollywood, etc. was easy - I even managed to double down on a parking space behind a Fiat. The host was quick to respond and I didn't have any issues with my weekend rental.
Ryan S. - July 10, 2019