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Honda S2000 2008

22 MPG
2 doors
2 seats

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If you are looking to indulge on one of the sweetest automotive treats for just as sweet of a price, my S2000 is more than capable of bringing out a smile every single mile! To experience a S2000 usually entails buying one or having a *very* generous friend...but now you can have the experience without the substantial financial commitment! Whether you are looking to cross this automotive legend off of your driving bucket-list this weekend, or if you want to enjoy this icon for weeks?....months?.... you can be assured that after you give back the keys, you will walk away with exhilarating memories! As with any 2nd generation (AP2) S2000, you will get to experience: -240 Horsepower from an engine that sings up to 8400 RPM -Agile handling thanks to a legendary chassis, suspension, and weighing in under 2900 lbs -Reputably satisfying and rewarding shifting from a Honda manual transmission (6 speed) -Theatrical open-air experience when you lower the automatic soft-top


Manual transmission
Audio input
USB input


)This is a manual transmission car! You must be proficient in operating a clutch and shifter. Damage due to incorrect operation will result in a repair charge/claim. 2) No smoking or vaping, it is against Turo policy anyways. If this occurs, you can be liable to pay a smoking fee. 3) Please no pets! I personally love dogs, but take my word for it that fur and smells are a royal pain to get out from carpets. 4) Keep the interior relatively clean, i.e just pick up after yourself! If it comes back a little dusty and needing a light vacuum, then you did a good job :) Anything that comes back in the excessive severity of spills, stains, or pungent odors, expect a cleaning fee. 5) DO NOT WASH THE CAR EXTERIOR! Silver cars require extreme care to keep looking great and taking them to a commercial/selfserve public car wash will scratch it in ways that will require me to polish the car all over again and incur a cleaning fee. Returning the car with a dirty exterior is TOTALLY FINE! If you need to remove debris such as bird droppings, it would be okay to spray off, however DO NOT WIPE/DRY. 6)Premium fuel only, please keep all receipts of the refuels. 7) Lastly, I want you to have fun! Please enjoy this car as much as I do! It is a car that is meant to be spiritedly driven and I hope you do! But, please enjoy it responsibly, take it to the canyons, take it cruising, but please drive within your limits and no burnouts, clutch dumps, or any abusive hooning. This car has brought me much joy and I want it to keep doing so for me and the next person onwards.


  • How do you shift into reverse?
    Push down the shifter (towards the floor) while pulling to the back right.
  • How do you open the trunk?
    One of 2 ways: -Use the key on the lock on the trunk itself -Pressing the tiny button located underneath the power plug between the driver and passenger seats
  • How do you start the car?
    Put the key in the ignition, put the car in neutral, turn the key all the way clockwise, press in and hold the clutch, press the red start button on the left side of the steering wheel.
  • How do you open the fuel door/gas cap?
    Located between the driver side door and the driver's seat is a plastic pull plunger which opens the gas door.
  • How do you put the top down/up?
    Down: 1) Make sure the car is stopped and the parking brake is engaged 2) Unlatch the latches located next to the driver and passenger visors 3)Pull back (towards the rear of the vehicle) the switch in the center console labeled "roof" and hold until the top is completely back Up: 1) Make sure the car is stopped and the parking brake is engaged 2)Press forward (towards the front of the car) the switch labeled "roof" and hold until the top stops moving as forward as it can go. 3)Relatch the latches making sure the hooks engage and lock into the catchers


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