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Tesla Model 3 2017

Long Range
11 trips
4 doors
5 seats

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Jason All-Star Host
11 tripsJoined Oct 2017
Typically responds in 1 hour
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First time renting with Turo? How about a $25 credit!? Be the first of your friends to drive the Tesla Model 3! This is a loaded Model 3 with these options: long range (RWD), premium upgrades, aero wheels, enhanced autopilot. Delivery and airport pickups are available (extra fees in some cases). I am offering discounts for weekly and monthly rentals. Included with rental: mobile charging cable, J1772 adapter (so you can charge at most public charging stations). The car is eligible for charging at any Tesla Supercharger. The car will be charged before pick up. If I have at least a day of notice, I will charge it to 100% for you if possible. You may return the car with any charge level at no cost, provided I can get it home. If you would like to purchase a Tesla Model 3, S, or X, this referral link can get you persk such as free supercharging! More info on the Model 3 in general:


Automatic transmission
USB input
Heated seats
Self Parking
Bluetooth Audio
Traffic Aware Cruise Control
Premium sound system
"Leather" heated seats

Parking details

There is free street parking in this area.


No pets, no smoking of any kind, and in general the car should be returned in the same condition it was provided (but do not wash or vacuum the car... just clean up after yourself in general and let me know if something happens beyond that). If there are any questions, please let me know!.


  • How do you charge?
    I *don't* charge fees for returning at a low charge level unlike some other renters! You can return it with any charge level above 10 miles! If you need to charge, a J1772 adapter is in the driver’s side door for public charging stations. If you need other adapters/connectors, a charging bag is in the front trunk. When Supercharging, you just plug in the cable from the station. Supercharging slows down over time, so you can use the nav to understand the minimum/optimal a amount that you need to charge, though keep in mind the return trip. Charging slows dramatically as the battery charges, so shorter charges may be more efficient. If you leave the car at the supercharger after charging completes or stops, I will be charged idle fees. As such, please plan your charging session so there is no idle time. If needed, you can move the car to a parking spot and then go back to whatever you were doing. Make sure to not idle the car in the Supercharger after charging is complete, or else fees will be assessed by Tesla to me and I will forward them on to you. :)
  • How do I enable Autopilot?
    If you decide to use Autopilot, please keep in mind that it is not a perfect system. It should only be used on highways/freeways, and you should keep your hands on the wheel and pay attention at all times in case it loses the road or doesn’t see an obstacle (such as a car only partially in your lane, or a stopped car in the distance). If you don’t keep your hands on the wheel enough, the system may lock you out of Autopilot. To engage autopilot, press the right stalk down twice. It will only engage if there is a grey steering wheel shown on the screen, which is based on the clarity of lane markings. Pressing the right stalk down once engages traffic aware cruise control instead. Pressing the right stalk up once disables both. The right steering wheel allows you to manage cruise control control speed (up and down) as well as follow distance (left and right). A higher follow distance (6 or 7) is recommended for safety reasons.
  • Do I need to clean the car?
    Please pick up after yourself and clean up any messes (napkins are in the glovebox), but please do NOT vacuum or wash the car without speaking to me first. I wouldn't want you to accidentally damage something while trying to clean it, so let's just take this off the table. :) Smoking of any kind is not allowed.
  • How do I use auto wipers?
    Wipers are configured from the second tab of options in the lower-left corner of the screen. It will switch to it automatically if you press the left stalk button in lightly once. The auto wipers may not wipe frequently enough for your taste, depending on the conditions. If this is the case, you can either change the wipe frequency in the interface (safety first!), or just tap the button on the left stalk lightly to trigger a single wipe (a deep press of the button will trigger a wash cycle).
  • How do I unlock/lock the door?
    To unlock the car, hold the keycard in the middle of the B pillar (to the right of the door, below the camera. You can use the same procedure to lock the car. The mirrors will unfold when unlocking and fold in when locked.
  • How can I use voice control?
    To trigger a voice command, press the right steering wheel button. You might say “navigate to Starbucks”. You can also hit the microphone icon on the screen.
  • What's it like to drive?
    As a rear wheel drive (RWD) car, it handles a bit differently than other cars, and being a Tesla, there’s plenty of torque to potentially get yourself into trouble. Be especially careful with the accelerator when going into turns. I have had a really close call on a highway onramp and wouldn’t want you to go through the same (and, of course, Teslas are not cheap to repair!).
  • How do I open the door from the inside?
    To open the doors from the inside, use the button that lights up on the door itself. Only use the manual release in an emergency, as it can damage the door.
  • What about bluetooth or driver profiles?
    Feel free to pair your phone as a bluetooth device if you’d like. I also probably already set you up with a driver profile. If not, feel free to create your own so you can save your own seating position settings!
  • Closing things (front trunk, rear trunk, doors)
    The front trunk must be closed carefully and with two hands - instructions are included inside the front trunk. The rear trunk requires moderate force to close completely. The screen will tell you if it isn’t fully closed. If all doors are not fully closed, the car will not lock. One way to tell if the door isn’t fully closed is if a window is partially open. The mirrors fold in when the car is locked.
  • Can I charge my phone?
    There is a charging dock for phones in the front of the center console. The left is wired for USB-C and the right is a Lightning connector for iPhones. If you have a micro-usb device, there is a cable that you can use - just unplug one of the existing ones from the base of the car and you can plug it into your device, but I would ask that you don’t remove the routed cables that are already in place.
  • How do I use autopark? Basically, when you pull up to a spot, a blue R will appear on the screen. When this happens, shift into R, then hit the button to start autopark. It will generally only show up if there is a single spot available between two cars. Pay attention in case the car is going to hit somebody or something and be ready to take over - it's not perfect!


10 ratings

Jason was very responsive and easy to work with, and the car was sparkling. Great way to try out a Tesla!

Josh H.-Jul 31, 2018

Jason’s Model 3 is perfect! I wanted to drive one before I receive mine and now I can’t wait to get mine around November, I love the car... the car’s range was more then enough to go to Wallace Falls and Discovery Park Lighthouse. Definitely recommend Jason’s Model 3 for Seattle trips and nearby locations. Thanks again Jason :-)

Omar Z.-Jul 7, 2018

Perfect smooth transaction, much simpler and more convenient than standard car hire

John A.-Jun 19, 2018

First time on Turo and rented a model 3 since my reservation came up and wanted to drive the car to make sure I love it and it did not disappoint!

Perrin O.-Apr 17, 2018

Jason’s Model 3 is absolutely the perfect car for a roadtrip around Washington. Jason was extremely helpful before, during, and after our trip. I would rent again from him in a heartbeat.

Jake R.-Apr 15, 2018

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Seattle, WA 98144

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Boeing Field/King County International Airport

Up to 15 miles